Volume 4

My Blue Dots
mission statement:
           to honor .....
  to inform ...
  to give 

Blue Dot Ornament

Blue Dot Ornament
This is the original ornament, the 'classic' that we have sold for ten years.

Thank You



Life is not done all alone

This we know is true.

It's also true with My Blue Dots

We would not exist without you.


You have stepped up to support us

In many different ways.

With your time, talent, and treasure

And for us you also do pray.


Each thing is very important

So I want to acknowledge you,

To thank you and to tell the world

How you have helped us too.


So in this issue I want you to know

That acknowledged you will be.

To let you know how very important

You each have been to me.


This list has grown from a very few

To a much larger list today,

And it will continue to grow and change

For the Dots grow day by day.


So I want to thank each one of you

For the support you've given to me.

For we know someday in the very near future,

This world will be cancer free.



Sue McCollum


Sun Valley Lodge Gift Shop
Sun Valley Lodge Gift Store

We thank the Sun Valley Company in Sun Valley, Idaho for selling our ornaments as well as our books for many years.

For more information about the Sun Valley books, please visit: www.suemccollum.com

We Bloom Where We are Planted

The money we raise in each community STAYS in that community to support their cancer programs or their research.

The Village Inscriber
74921 Highway 111
Indian Wells, Ca.

The Village Inscriber 2010
We thank The Village Inscriber for their support over many years.

This is the best stationary store in the desert. Visit it and you'll find many special and unique items.


La Biscotteria Italian Bakery
La Biscotteria, Italian Bakery
Redwood City, CA.

We thank La Biscotteria for their very generous support of My Blue Dots.

Their Italian treats are not to be missed. Please visit:


Future Events

*Christmas in July

*Installation of the Chihuly Chandelier at Stanford
late in August

Chihuly Chandelier
Chihuly - in Building

*Blue Dot Golf Tournament
Sharon Heights Golf Club
October 26th

*Lecture by Dale Chihuly
at Stanford
November 5th

Thank you for your support of
My Blue Dots

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a registered 501(c) 3
non-profit organization

My Blue Dots
P.O. Box 60725
Palo Alto, CA  94306

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Message from

          Sue McCollum

Dear Friends,Sue & Ornament
            This year we are celebrating the  Ten Year Anniversary of My Blue Dots. Because of your gifts of time, talent, and treasure, My Blue Dots exists today. Thus, this issue is to acknowledge all of you who have contributed to making My Blue Dots the organization it is today.
             Ten years ago, many of you were with me and supported me when I received my blue dots. This was a very challenging time in my life and for all of you who were there, I thank you.
              Others have supported My Blue Dots giving  their time to help package the ornaments and decorate the trees. Many others have prayed for us and encouraged us along the way. For this I am very grateful and I thank you.
              Hospitals and companies have displayed our ornaments and books for years. They have sold my book, Moving On...before and after cancer as well as the ornaments. Both were sold to support those going through their cancer experience and for that, I thank you.
              Many of you have given of your treasure to support cancer research and the cancer programs we have been involved with over the years. Without your gifts, this could not have happened...and I thank you.
              This Newsletter is dedicated to all of you with my heartfelt thanks for your support, love, and encouragement during these past ten years.

                 Until Next Time........

      CANCER will be
                           CURED sometime
not NOW?

      Thank You

This is a partial list of those of you who have been with us over the years. You cannot make a list out and not forget someone, so for any of you that I have overlooked, please forgive me and know that you too are appreciated and I am grateful for your support.

Ginger Ackerley
Chip Atkinson
Ray Azadan
Roberta Barron
Carrie Bell
Damian Bisch
Angela Bonasara
Karen Bossick
Barbara Boswell
Bobbie Burns
Tai Burns
Travis Burns
Christie and Jon Callaghan
Colleen Canning
Helen Carter
Jerry and Jeanne Casilli
Patti and Geroge Cavender
Beverly and Bob Chell
Dale Chihuly
Maya Chorengel
Maya Clark
Gail Cottle
Patty Cranston
Ann Danis
Judie Dodson
Dr. Sarah Donaldson
Adam Elias
Ashley Emmett
Joan Fantazia
Kimberly and Jay Fulcher
Hilary Furlong
Julie Garcia
Mary Goerz
Daniel J. Good
Gary Grandmaison
Jennifer and Michael Halverson
Tess Hawley
Buzz Hefti
Pastor Bob Henley
Pat and Bob Hershock
Diane Ho
Sherri and Jim Hodge
Merleen and Dale Hodgson
Helen and Kevin Jenkins
Laurie and John Jenks
Britt Johnston
June and Peter Kalkus
Libby Keating
Carol Kersten
Cindy Lawson and Bob Kesting
Allison Kim
Nancy Knowlton
Dr. Albert Koong
Steve Kozar
Sharon Kristensen
Carol and Jim Krueger
Dr. Paula Kushlan
Michael Landes
Samantha Landy
Sandra Laughlin
Don Leonard

Marty and Jack Lynd
Alhili Maahs
Jim Milgard
Bob McCollum
Tessa and Dave McCollum
Jodie and Jeff McCollum
Mary Lou and Ron McCollum
Misty and Michael McCollum
Maura McGinnity
Melinda and Bob Mobeley
Lea Morrison
Elaine Murray
Pat Myser
Ellie and Ed Nelson
Kathy Noverr
Greg Ocasek
Dennis Ochi
Dr. Lloyd J. Ogilvie
Joan and Mike O'Neil
Denis O'Sullivan
Sherri and Mike Page
Nicki Page
Chiyo Partaen
Kathy Pena
William Phillips
Erin Pinder
John Plummer
Myrna Porter
Stu Porter (in memory)
Jeff Price
Erik C. Rausch
Roger Raymond
Denise Roberge
Ronile Robinson
Amber and Ken Rohl
Linda Romley-Irvine
Margaret Rotzin
Marilyn and Jim Russell
Ed Sall
Helen Salzman
Annette Sand
Gail Sanderson
Bella Scheinder
Andy Schlauch
Jane Wooster Scott
Marnie Sharp
Chris Shay
Sally Shoemaker
Ursula Shorn
William Smyth (in memory)
Steve Stern
Shirley Studebaker
Lorna Van Linge (in memory)
Joe Vargas
Brenda Viglienzoni
Geri Walsh
Sandy Walton
Phyllis Washington
Dr. Irv Weissman
Cheryl Welch
Donna West
Judy and JD Williamson II
Christen Wise
Jan Worthey
Carol Wright
Paula Zappettini


Over the years we have had the privilege to work with the following businesses and hospitals. We are thankful and grateful for all of their support. Many have been with us for many years, some for a shorter period of time but we are thankful for each of you.

La Belle Day Spas and Salons
Palo Alto - Stanford -  San Francisco

La Biscotteria, Italian Bakery
Redwood City, Ca.
Chihuly Studios
Seattle, WA.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Palo Alto, Ca. 

Stanford Hospital and Clinics: Gift Shop
Stanford Main Hospital - Main Floor
www.stanfordhospitalandclincsgift shop

Town and Country Village
Palo Alto, Ca.

Helen Salzman Boutique
Stanford Cancer Center - Stanford University

Gentry Magazine
Menlo Park, CA.

Sharon Height Golf and Country Club
Menlo Park, Ca.

Prodigy Press
Palo Alto, CA

Rims and Goggles
San Francisco, Ca.

Trader Joe's
Town and Country Village - Palo Alto, Ca.

Peet's Coffee and Tea
Town and Country - Palo Alto Ca.
Homer Street - Palo Alto, Ca.
www.peets.coffeeand tea.com

Town and Country Village - Palo Alto, Ca.

18 Hole Women's Golf Group
Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club

St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center
Ketchum, Idaho


Ketchum Kitchens
Ketchum, ID

Chapter One Bookstore
Ketchum, Idaho

Atkinsons' Market
Ketchum, Id.

Sun Valley Gift Shop 
Sun Valley, ID

The Open Room
Ketchum, Idaho

Express Printing
Hailey, Idaho

The Village Inscriber
Indian Wells, Ca.

Ketchum, Id.

Iconoclast Books
Ketchum, Id

Tully's Coffee 
Ketchum, ID.

Phillis Washington Maison Felice Antiques
Palm Desert, CA

Denise Roberge Art Gallery,  
El Paseo Palm Desert, CA.

Eisenhower Medical Center
Lucy Curci Cancer Center - Rancho Mirage, CA

Barry Peterson's Jewelry Store
Ketchum, Idaho

Supporting Others

       As we all know, those going through this cancer experience need our love and support all year long.  These hand blown ornaments are one of a kind and are made to honor those who wear the blue dots. (tattoos you receive that mark where the radiation beams go)
       They also stand as a symbol of a world free Blue Dot Ornamentof cancer.

        If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful hand blown ornaments, please visit our website at:


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