Volume 11

 art with science

to create

healing, hope
and health

Neiman Marcus

Stanford Shopping Center

Gary Gutherie

Gary Gutherie Vice President

and General Manager  

of Neiman Marcus

presenting a check to Sue McCollum to support the work of My Blue Dots.  


Neiman Marcus displayed and sold our ornaments over the holiday season. Please click here:

 Newsletter: Volume 9 

to see photos of their beautiful display

of the ornaments.  

To view the installation
click on the photo
Rick Working

We thank the Visual Art Services at  Stanford University for filming this installation and for the creative way

they put this wonderful video together.


It will be a treasure for all of us to enjoy  

for years and I thank all of you who

joined us in this endeavor.  


Sharon Heights  

Golf and Country Club

Menlo Park, CA.


We thank the ladies golf group for their gift to support the work of

 Dr. Albert Koong, Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology at the

Stanford University Medical Center. 


True Beam Radiation -  Stanford 

Dr. Albert Koong  

 Please click here


Dr. Albert Koong

Dr. Albert Koong with Sue McCollum at the Chihuly Dedication

November 3, 2010 

We thank you for your

on going support


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My Blue Dots
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Message from
           Sue McCollum
Dear Friends,Sue & Ornament     
We are delighted that we can now
share this video of the Tre Stelle
di Lapislazzuli Chandelier being installed at Stanford with you. It
was quite an experience watching this in real time so I know you will enjoy watching this video.

We want to thank and acknowledge Neiman Marcus for their very generous donation to My Blue Dots this year. They displayed our ornaments and sold them during the holiday season and we do appreciate their support.

The ladies at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club held a golf tournament to support the research work of Dr. Albert Koong at the Stanford University Medical Center.  My Blue Dots has been supporting his work for  over ten years and we are proud to be a part of his support team.  


We would also like to acknowledge and thank each of you for your encouragement and support. 

              Until Next Time........

      CANCER will be
                           CURED sometime
not NOW?


Chihuly Installation Video



Tre Stelle di Lapislazzuli Chandelier

Dale Chihuly, 2010


If your were not at Stanford - you missed it,

But now you have a chance to see-

The installation of the Chihuly Chandelier

Being hung very carefully.


Our thanks to Stanford and their talented team

For putting this video together.

Now we'll have this stunning record

That will be with us forever.


Capturing the talent and expertise it took

Even after the pieces were blown-

To box it, truck it, and assemble it again

Impressive engineering skills were shown.


So do enjoy this fascinating video

And I thank all who have been on the team.

The creator, artists, engineers, and donors

Creating reality - from what was a dream.



Sue McCollum



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