Volume 10

 art with science

to create

healing, hope
and health

Dedication photos

Tre Stelle di Lapislazzuli Chandelier

by artist, Dale Chihuly
Dale, Sue, Irv

Irv Weissman,MD, Sue McCollum,
Dale Chihuly

Tre Stelle di Lapislazzuli Chandelier was a gift to the Stanford University School of Medicine

from the
Friends of
My Blue Dots

Bob, Dennis, Sue, Lloyd

Bob McCollum, Dennis McNeil, Sue McCollum, Dr. Lloyd J. Ogilvie


Sharon Heights

Golf and Country Club

Menlo Park, CA.

Blue Dot Golf Tournament


Sue Speaking SHGCC

Sue speaking about the meaning of the Blue Dot Ornament


My Blue Dot Trees

Neiman Marcus
Stanford Shopping Center
Palo Alto, Ca. 

Neiman Marcus Tree

My Blue Dot Tree
1st Floor

LaBelle Day Spas and Salons

LaBelle Tree

36 Stanford Shopping Center
Stanford, CA.
95 Town and Country Village
Palo Alto, CA.

Stanford University Medical School Event

Under One Umbrella

Under One Umbrella

Display of our Blue Dot Ornaments at the Under One Umbrella event

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Message from

          Sue McCollum

Dear Friends,Sue & Ornament 

     What a wonderful year it has been for My Blue Dots and I want to thank each of you for your support.

     This has been a year of making dreams come true. First, by bringing the talents of Dale Chihuly to the Stanford University School of Medicine
with his magnificent Tre Stelle Di Lapislazzuli Chandelier demonstrating the importance of combining art with science for healing, hope, and health. We thank all of you who have participated in this project and you will hear more about this next year.

     We were delighted to participate with the Ladies Group at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club with their Blue Dot Golf Tournament honoring all those who wear the blue dots as well as specifically honoring one of their members. The proceeds from this event will be going to Dr. Albert Koong for cancer research at Stanford.

    This year brought My Blue Dots a new partner in displaying and selling our ornaments. To start the holiday season Neiman Marcus, at the Stanford Shopping Center, hosted a lovely Cocktail Holiday Party honoring My Blue Dots and we thank them for doing that. We also thank them for their beautiful trees displaying our ornaments as well as selling them throughout the holiday season. All of the money from the sale of these ornaments goes directly  to My Blue Dots for cancer research and we appreciate this generous gift.

     It was also a pleasure to be a part of the Stanford University Medical School Event, Under One Umbrella. We displayed and sold our ornaments and gave the proceeds of these sales to Under One Umbrella to support the new Woman's Cancer Center being build at Stanford.

      We never forget our old friends and thank LaBelle Day Spas and Salons for again carrying our ornaments at the Stanford Shopping Center as well as Town and Country Village. They have been our partner for over five years and we appreciate their support.

      Most importantly, we also want to thank each of you for your time, treasure, and talents in supporting My Blue Dots. Life is done one step at a time and we appreciate each step that each of you have taken with us to strengthen our organization, support those going through their cancer experience, as well as supporting cancer research. Life is not done all alone so thank you for joining us in this journey.

               Until Next Time........

      CANCER will be
                           CURED sometime
not NOW?


The Same Message


Glass is fragile and so is life

That's why we do what we do.

If it's the magnificent Chihuly chandelier

Or a small ornament made just for you.

Each piece is distinctive one-of-a-kind

Dazzling in all its glory.

Just as each of you are very unique

And your life has a special story.

So large or small it's the same message

A beautiful piece of blown glass to see -

Representing a life of one we have loved

Sparkling and bright as it can be.

The events we've been involved with this year

Have the very same message at the core.

Combining art with science for hope, healing, and health

That's what My Blue Dots stand for.

Sue McCollum



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