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Blue Dot Story 


     I had been diagnosed with cancer and after much research decided that radiation was the best treatment for me. When I went to my doctor, I asked, "Will I now receive the 'blue dots'?" He was surprised that I knew of these blue dots.

     I knew of your work, Sue, and now I appreciate the meaning of the blue dots in a new way.  Now, I also wear the blue dots and am a member of the Blue Dot Society.  

     Thank you, Sue, for making these blue dots a badge of courage for all of us who wear them.

           Name with held by request.  

               Blue Dot Ornament

Dr. Ferenc Scheeren
Dr. Ferenc Scheeren

     The support of My Blue Dots will provide important seed funding for Dr. Ferenc Scheeren for his research on breast cancer stem cells. Dr. Irving Weissman and Dr. Beverly Mitchell from the Medical School at Stanford University identified the importance of this study.  

     My Blue Dots has pledged a gift of  $50,000.00 to Dr. Scheeren for this work and at 

this time $30,000.00 of that pledge has been met. 


Click here to see a more detailed report of Dr. Scheeren's work.   

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Message from
           Sue McCollum
Dear Friends,Sue & Ornament     

Each day it seems another one has joined our "Blue Dot" club and proudly wears their blue dots. (Tattoos you receive when you go through radiation)  As we continue to support each other, in this issue,  I want to invite you to share your "blue dot" story with me.

Also I want to introduce you to Ferenc Scheeren, Ph.D. doing research at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. As a part of our Blue Dot - Chihuly program, we committed to support not only the magnificent Chihuly Chandelier but also the  scientific work being done in stem cell research at Stanford. Dr. Scheeren is an exceptional young man and we are privileged to offer our support to him and his work.

Again, I thank each of your for your continued support.  
              Until Next Time........

      CANCER will be
                           CURED sometime
not NOW?

Blue Dot Society



The Blue Dot Society is a special group

Of strong and hearty folks.

They have all stepped up to take their turn

To be pushed, prodded, and poked.


Their bodies perhaps a bit broken,

But their spirits are strong indeed,

To manage to go through what they must do

To finish this medical deed.


It takes hours to get these blue dots.

The technicians must be precise.

To place the dots just where they are

Is not just a roll of the dice.


After they're placed and the treatments are finished,

You acknowledge what you've been through.

A very tough time, in your book of life,

But it's made you a stronger you.


So be proud of your blue dots - don't cover them up.

Perhaps they do hold the answer.

To rid yourself of that horrid disease

The one they do call cancer.


by Sue McCollum 


(To honor all who have been tattooed with blue dots-

marking where the radiation beams go.)



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Chihuly Chandelier-up colse

Close up of the Chihuly Chandelier located in the Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building at Stanford. 

A gift from My Blue Dots to the Stanford University Medical Center