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Other Indemnity Cost Containment Services: Work Hardening 

Sometimes the extent of an employee's injury is such it requires a more hands-on approach to returning to work. If you cannot get the employee into a transitional duty assignment, consider other options.


One of these is work hardening, *a re-conditioning program usually taking place off-site in a job-simulated environment.*


 As a rule, work hardening is facilitated by members of an interdisciplinary team including physical therapists, vocational rehabilitation counselors, occupational rehabilitation specialists, and, often, psychological therapists.

  • Physical requirements of the injured employee's job description are simulated.
  • The employee engages in the job simulation until regaining a certain level of proficiency.
  • At some point, depending on the team consensus, the employee is ready to return to work either in a transitional duty or full-time position.
  • Work hardening is adapted to keep pace with the employee's changing medical restrictions.
  • During the work hardening program an employee follows normal work rules and work schedules; for instance, the employee arrives at the work-hardening facility dressed for work at the time he/she would normally go to work

There is a negative stereotype attached to "clinic doctors" or what many workers call "the workers comp doctor." Contrary to popular belief, these doctors do not work for the insurance carrier.

When reviewing the workers comp claims of employees, there will be five established criteria in the handling of the claims which helps create uniformity in the claim. Read on.

Get the facts, be proactive and make the call! What is the correct plan for the employer? 

The best settlements start the day of the accident. Factors affecting the settlement can be evaluated individually and combined to determine the overall settlement value. What does this entail?

Learn more about the STAR ankle treatment and why Kansas and Texas are early adopters in this now medicare covered solution. 

A Danish study of female employees is offering further evidence that cumulative night-shift work increases the risk of breast cancer, prompting calls for more advice for employers and further research on the issue.

The #1 selling cost containment book for workers compensation is our 2012 Workers Compensation Management Program: Reduce Costs 20-50% manual. This 181-page guidebook helps assess company or clients' workers comp programs, design program materials, roll out a program to the organization, and monitor and manage the program once implemented. SPECIAL BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ENDS JULY 31!

New summaries for "drug testing and workers compensation state laws" for every jurisdiction are NOW posted on our website. Click on the link above to check it out.

In this widely acclaimed SEAK program, the nation's leading workers' compensation professionals, occupational physicians, occupational nurses, and attorneys will join together to discuss cutting edge issues. Frank discussions and lively question and answer sessions will complement each presentation.This conference is currently the largest and longest-running national workers' compensation and occupational medicine conference of its kind in the United States.

The 2012 14th Annual Federal Workers' Compensation Conference brings together professionals from multiple Federal departments and agencies. This is the only National Conference in the country devoted exclusively to the management of job-injured employees covered by the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA).

Don't gamble when it comes to Medicare/Medicaid Compliance!  

Gould & Lamb, LLC gather together some of the industry's most respected leaders and experts to provide attendees with 2 full days of compliance education and training, as well as an exciting look into the future of Medicare/Medicaid Compliance.

For 20 years, the National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo has been the industry's leading training event. And this year's event is taking it to the next level - making it the best ever! November 7-9th 2012.

For the first time in almost 40 years, multiple efforts are underway to modernize the federal workers' compensation system. The 2012 event kicks off with an Opening Keynote dedicated to the future, explaining how the various reform proposals would affect the federal workers' comp landscape and giving you the tools necessary to handle the changes coming your way. November 7-9th 2012. 
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