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Medical Terminology Used to Identify Malingering

Doctors use certain insider terms to indicate a patient may be exaggerating (faking) an injury, such as:

  • positive axial compression test
  • positive trunk rotation
  • positive flip test

These tests should be "negative." Thus when doctors say the test is "positive" they mean patients may be exaggerating symptoms. For example, pressing down on the top of a patient's head does not compress the spine. Therefore, when a patient indicates the test causes pain, the doctor notes a "positive" axial compression test. In "medicalese" the doctor is saying, the patient is imagining or exaggerating the pain; however, an inexperienced or untrained adjuster may think a "positive" test is verification of the injury. It's NOT.

Other terms to be aware of:

  • Inconsistent/invalid effort.
  • Nonorganic/nonanatomic disturbance in strength, sensation or pain.
  • Non-dermatomal/inconsistent patterns.
  • Exaggerated response.
  • Inappropriate tenderness.
  • Facial grimacing.

If any of these terms are found in the medical reports of your claims, you should immediately notify your adjuster or medical director.


Make no mistake adjusters make mistakes!  Adjusters work on different claim scenarios making many different decisions daily on many types of claims. Read on.

If employers and adjusters work together knowing what information is needed and take the time to create personal interest in all wc claims, the whole process is smoother and more efficient. 

There are a lot of ways that an adjuster can suspend or deny a claim, even though it may be compensable in the beginning. What should you look for within each claim?

It is the law in every jurisdiction that the money to pay a workers comp claim is set aside and held separately from the insurer or self-insured's other funds. How are reserves broken down?

Change is in the air! Workers compensation is never going to go away. In order to become more relevant to today's needs, the system has to be updated. Read three trending changes. 

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