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The "Stacked Steps" of Post Injury Response

hen an employee is injured, the middle manager (or designee) contacts the triage nurse, medical clinic or doctor. If triage is used, the nurse will determine the level of medical care needed and make a referral to an appropriate provider. If triage is not used, the supervisor will tell the clinic or doctor the employee is en route. 

The "Stacked Steps" outline injury procedures by participant role. Employees can flip quickly through the "Stacked Steps" to see a specific procedure and contact information for each participant, i.e., the adjuster, supervisor, medical doctor, etc.


Remote employees keep the Stacked Steps in their brief cases or glove compartments.We call them "Stacked Steps" because they are a set of instructions on graduated-size pages, usually laminated. Like any effective communication piece, Stacked Stepsmust be kept where they can easily be located.


Learn more about the "Stacked Steps" in the 2012 Workers Compensation Management Program book, a resource to implement and design a workers compensation management program.  


Employers often wonder does the workers compensation agent or broker work for them or does the agent / broker work for the insurance company? As both insurance agents and insurance brokers sell insurance to the public, many people use the terms "agent" and "broker" interchangeably. There are some subtle, but important differences between an agent and a broker.

Litigation cost control is much more than negotiating the hourly rate and whether or not there is a charge for postage. The Litigation Management Best Practices can be broken down into easy to measure performance goals.The following questions will assist you in determining if your current litigation program is fully controlling cost.

Two published studies in the Spine Journal in 2007 and 2008, by Dr. Eugene Carragee of Stanford University, showed that injured people do not always report a pre-injury condition to the medical provider. While Dr. Carragee's study was based on automobile accidents, its results are applicable to workers compensation. How?

"Workplace homicides" are not crimes of passion committed by disgruntled coworkers and spouses, but rather result from robberies." And the majority of workplace assaults are committed by healthcare patients.Those are just some of the findings from a recent report by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).

Self-insured employers purchase excess insurance coverage to limit the risk of exposure to catastrophic injuries. This is often accomplished by having a workers compensation policy with a high deductible. The self-insured employer needs to carefully analyze the amount of risk that is financially feasible before deciding on the deductible for the excess insurance.

LexisNexis Communities Offer This Week WC In Review.  The Workers Compensation Law Community Powered by Larsons on LexisNexis offers three great pieces this week. And WCRI is to Participate in Rx Drug Abuse Summit. Read on for this week's WC news. 

A California roofing contractor was sentenced recently to one year in jail and was ordered to pay $510,000 in restitution for failing to provide workers compensation insurance for an injured employee and failing to pay insurance premiums for unclaimed employees, who were paid in cash. Read more. 

OK Attorney General recently charged two men with workers compensation fraud. An Austintown (Mahoning County), Ohio man was sentenced recently for workers comp fraud after Ohio BWC investigators caught him on video entertaining partygoers and bar patrons as a disc jockey. 

Could this be the next asbestos-type product? Research for the Nanoparticles from Printer Emissions in Workplace Environments report examined particle emissions from laser printers in office environments. Their findings ahead.

WorkSafe Victoria construction inspectors are staging a blitz of domestic housing sites in Melbourne's west, according to a WorkSafe report. It is the first of a series of statewide campaign visits targeting basic safety issues. 

Two companies from Taranaki, New Zealand have been fined a total of $71,500 after an employee suffered serious injuries when the hired machine he was operating rolled down a slope, pinning him underneath.

New summaries for "drug testing and workers compensation state laws" for every jurisdiction are NOW posted on our website. Click on the link above to check it out.

Don't gamble when it comes to Medicare/Medicaid Compliance!  

Gould & Lamb, LLC gather together some of the industry's most respected leaders and experts to provide attendees with 2 full days of compliance education and training, as well as an exciting look into the future of Medicare/Medicaid Compliance.

RIMS Conference and Exhibition is the largest industry conference. If you are new to workers compensation or experienced there are seminars to teach cost containment techniques.

In this widely acclaimed SEAK program, the nation's leading workers' compensation professionals, occupational physicians, occupational nurses, and attorneys will join together to discuss cutting edge issues. Frank discussions and lively question and answer sessions will complement each presentation.This conference is currently the largest and longest-running national workers' compensation and occupational medicine conference of its kind in the United States.

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