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For ten years now I've been sending out regular emails of helpful personal development tips I use when coaching clients and what I've learnt as a passionate student of personal growth and metaphysics. People have often kept them for future reference and passed them on to friends. This newly created page means that people can now easily access these at any time.

If you have any questions, please email me directly at info@psalifecoaching.comor visit my website

If you are considering being coached, I'm happy to give you a complimentary session. This comes genuinely obligation free as this will be the best way to evaluate the benefits of coaching for yourself. This will give you a better understanding of what your next steps might be. At this time I will also give you more details about our premier program, "DARE TO BE YOUR BEST". There are a variety of coaching options, depending on your need and budget. We'll also see how we would work together - an important step in choosing a coach.
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  • 251 No.1 Are ALL really things possible?
  • 250 5000 hours - What have I learnt?
  • 249 What is coaching?
  • 248 Can you make yourself happy?
  • Is happiness
    • Circumstantial?
    • Genetic? (born that way)
    • Purely brain/chemical activity?
    • An attitude?
    • A choice?
    • A combination of factors?
  • 247 Don't talk to strangers
  • Our ability to communicate effectively will always be one of our greatest assets. Effective communication will make or break your career, relationships etc. Successful people are good communicators. They have well developed interpersonal skills and get their message across clearly.

    One of the best tests of your communication skills is your ability to engage someone in conversation. You know the situation: There you are at a business or social function and you end up with someone who you have never met before. Some people get amazingly uncomfortable with this situation because they simply don't know how to start or carry on a conversation with a stranger but it’s easier than you think! Here are some clues.
  • 246 What season is your life in ATM?
  • Seasons are important though: an essential part of growth on the planet and of life cycles. The old proverb says ‘there is a time to reap and a time to sow’.

    Your life also has its seasons. We need our springs, summers, autumns and winters. What season is your life currently in?

    When you are going through a season in your life you need to
    a.) Understand the purpose of that season
    b.) Go with the flow
    c.) Meet the demands that cycle brings
  • 245 Six Things that will help design the life you want
  • Others have done it, so can you.
    1. Choose the best for yourself
    2. Choose your friends wisely
    3. Choose to learn from others
    4. Choose your goals and dreams and put them on paper
    5. Choose to take action
    6. Choose to believe, believe, believe!
  • 244 Seven ways to create more time
  • Time. Would you like more of it? We all have the same amount of time but why is it that some people seem to do more with it? One of the areas that I coach clients on is effective time management. All our modern conveniences are meant to be time-saving devices but in reality, we are so busy that we have even less time than we used to!

  • 243 How to Create your Dreams in Six Simple Steps
  • I was having a session with my coach the other day. Yes, this coach hires a coach for two reasons. Firstly it's good to walk the talk. Secondly all good coaches know that they get more achieved by having a sounding board, objective listener, additional insights and accountability that ensures what you plan to do actually gets done.

    We were talking about how I've created things in the past and applying those principles to some of my current projects. I used the example of how I moved from becoming the leading sales consultant with Optus (tele-communications company) to establishing my coaching business full time. Here are the six principles I identified,
  • 242 I'm not enjoying it any more
  • What happens when the buzz is gone, you've lost your mojo or the passion has died?
    • It could be a job you were once very passionate about.
    • A company you loved working for.
    • A relationship you were once really into.
    • A career that seemed more like a vocation than a job.
    • A project that once highly motivated you.
    But now it all seems like hard work.
    We all experience this at some point in our lives but why?
  • 241 Self-Awareness - al load of ol' bollocks?
  • I know some of my UK friends will have a chuckle at the title of this newsletter.

    The first time I came across the term self-awareness, I was a preacher back in the mid 80's. I remember thinking how weird it was to talk about being self-aware. Of course I was self-aware, I thought, everyone is, how could you not be aware of yourself? Little did I know how unconscious I was of so many things about me.

    For example: Most of my life I wasn't aware that I wrote reasonably well. It wasn't till I began getting emails from readers of my autobiography saying things like 'I haven't read a book since I left school but I've read your book three times' or 'I read your book in one sitting, I couldn't put it down' that I became conscious of a talent. With this new awareness I now write with more confidence and attempt things I'd previously avoid. See how useful self-awareness is?
  • 240 Expecting Something?
  • An expectation is a belief that something will come your way in the future.

    How important are our expectations in determining what happens to us in life?

    Someone once said. ‘Your imagination is the preview of the coming events in your life.’
  • 239 Who's a lucky boy?
  • 238 Secrets of Success -there are none
  • Many self help books talk about the supposed "Secrets of Success". Several years ago a book and DVD called The Secret swept the globe suggesting this very thing. Actually I don't think there are any secrets, just things we are not conscious of yet. It's actually very simple. One of my favourite quotes is "Success is not a matter of chance but of choice". Applying certain principles can lead us to success. Just like a recipe; follow the instructions, then you get the desired result.
  • 237 Good Time Management Questions
  • Regarding time management and overcoming procrastination, clarity and self awareness are essential. With these new levels of consciousness you become empowered to make informed decisions that ensure you work more effectively and feel better about yourself. The following questions will help you get clearer about what needs to change.
  • Procrastination Buster Coaching Program
  • Too many to do's?
    Feeling overwhelmed?
    Time wasters robbing you of precious time?
    Easily side-tracked? Feeling disorganized?
  • 236 Procrastination - 7 simple steps
  • Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried. Procrastination is a behaviour which is characterized by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time.
    When doing an evaluation with my clients, almost everyone admits that the thing that robs them of the achievement of their goals is procrastination. If you suffer from it then you are normal. We all have demands on our time. What you do about it sets you apart.
  • 235 You are amazing - Life Purpose - Destiny
  • Much of what I do as a coach is help people see things differently. Bigger, brighter, possibilities, opportunities, options. This creative level of thinking results in significant changes in their career, relationships and performance. Research has shown that the results people get in their lives are produced by their thinking. In other words what you think you are you are. If you can't see it you'll never be it.
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