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Below you will find links to archive e-newsletters, providing a record of our latest news and activities. Click on the links below to get an overview of our recent work, and for links to our downloadable policy briefs, reports, podcasts, and other website resources.
  • August 2016  (8/31/2016)
  • As the UK debates its future direction post-Brexit, we present a series of reflections on the referendum and offer some possible ways forward. Plus we've a round-up of recent events examining judging in the 21st Century, latest publications, and news of an architectural award.
  • June 2016  (5/31/2016)
  • We have two exciting events coming up in June. Both are free and all are welcome. Further details can be found below and on our website.
  • April 2016  (4/20/2016)
  • Welcome to our Spring round-up of news and events. All of our lectures and workshops are free and open to everyone. If you can't attend but are interested in the topics, do visit our website for news, summaries and podcasts of events, policy briefs and reports.
  • February 2016  (2/16/2016)
  • The FLJS now has a full and interesting programme of events in place for March.
    These events are free and open to all. Registration is recommended to secure your place.
    We look forward to seeing you.
  • November 2015  (11/3/2015)
  • Over the coming weeks, we have a lecture on Putin's Russia; filmic explorations of the migrant crisis; and debates on employment law, Edmund Burke, and regulatory reform. Plus there's news from the Max Watson Memorial Lecture and all our latest podcasts.
  • September 2015  (9/25/2015)
  • With the start of the new academic year, we invite you to join us for a full programme of events, plus there's news and opinion of recent Supreme Court decisions, and an exciting opportunity to contribute to our work.
  • May 2015  (5/13/2015)
  • This Trinity term, we invite you to a conference on Sharia law, a discussion of how imagery can inform our thinking about the law, plus there's all our latest news, opinion, and publications.
  • March 2015  (3/2/2015)
  • In our March newsletter, we invite you to a lecture on Freedom of Speech by Prof Sir Richard Sorabji, and bring news of a Parliamentary meeting to discuss our latest policy brief, as well as all our latest news and podcasts.
  • January 2015  (1/23/2015)
  • In our first newsletter of 2015, we announce a new programme of events, plus there's details of all our latest publications and podcasts.
  • November 2014  (11/19/2014)
  • This edition of our newsletter has invitations to events exploring new approaches to democratic governance and secession in Ukraine. We also announce our new summer school and round up all our latest podcasts.
  • Sept 2014  (9/24/2014)
  • To mark the beginning of the academic year, we invite you to join us for our new programme of events, and bring news of our latest publications.
  • July 2014  (7/30/2014)
  • With only 50 days to go before Scotland votes on independence from the UK, we have podcasts from our debate on the implications for the UK and Europe, along with a round-up of all our latest news and publications.
  • May 2014  (5/27/2014)
  • As the dust settles on the European elections, we invite you to our debate on an independent Scotland's membership of the EU, our Annual Lecture in Law & Society, plus there's a round-up of all our latest news and podcasts.
  • March 2014  (3/26/2014)
  • Our investigation into the implications of life in the digital age opens a full programme of events over the coming months, and we have a round-up of all our latest activities and resources.
  • January 2014  (1/15/2014)
  • We begin the new year with two very different critiques of the public-private divide, seek out Machiavellian inspiration, and challenge the liberal consensus over the rise of populism.
  • November 2013  (11/27/2013)
  • In this issue there's all the latest on our two new lines of inquiry into law, film and literature and international development, plus future events and latest publications.
  • September 2013  (9/17/2013)
  • This month we announce a new season of events opened by top legal scholar Prof Akhil Amar, and offer an Op-ed on Syria and a policy brief on women's rights in the subcontinent.
  • July 2013  (7/31/2013)
  • Our summer newsletter covers issues from tax fairness to press regulation, water rights to Sharia law. Find out more and download our free resources from the links below.
  • May 2013  (5/14/2013)
  • This month we invite you to join us for a lecture and workshop on Sharia law, plus there's all our usual free resources, covering issues from the Leveson reforms to water rights.
  • March 2013  (3/27/2013)
  • In this issue, we've news and podcasts on banking reform and environmental regulation, upcoming workshops on the Leveson proposals and Sharia law, and a report on experiences of law in today's Russia.
  • January 2013  (1/30/2013)
  • Our first newsletter of 2013 includes details of this year's events programme, our latest publications, and news of a forthcoming book.
  • November 2012  (11/22/2012)
  • The last e-news of 2012 brings video of Martin Wolf's warning for the eurozone, a contribution to the debate on press freedom, podcasts from prominent judges, and our mobile-friendly new website.
  • September 2012  (9/20/2012)
  • For the new academic year, we have a full programme of events including lectures from Martin Wolf of the FT and Andras Sajo, Judge at the ECtHR. Plus all the latest news and publications.
  • July 2012  (7/20/2012)
  • The summer edition carries policy briefs on the Leveson Inquiry and collective litigation, a podcast of the Annual Lecture 2012, and analyses of the factors that determine a nation's success.
  • May 2012  (5/11/2012)
  • This issue addresses the implications of the ongoing phone hacking inquiry and carries insights into the UK's influence in Europe and the US.
  • March 2012  (3/27/2012)
  • We are pleased to announce a new venture with Wolfson College, plus our latest news and resources covering prospects for Europe, the Arab Spring, and Russian legal culture.
  • January 2012  (1/25/2012)
  • Following David Cameron's speech to the Council of Europe, we publish podcasts by Council members on the CoE and the ECHR; plus, on the anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, news of a new project on Constitutional Revolution and the Arab Spring.
  • November 2011  (11/29/2011)
  • In the last e-news of 2011, there's a report on today's new EC legislation on consumer disputes, latest publications and video, and ongoing inquiries into constitutional developments around the globe.
  • September 2011  (9/20/2011)
  • Autumn ushers in a host of new events, plus news and publications from our recent investigations into media influence, sentencing policy, and regulatory oversight.
  • July 2011  (7/6/2011)
  • This month we are entering the ongoing debate over media influence on the judicial and political process, with the help of a former Appeal Court Judge and government Director of Communications. Plus all the usual publications, news, and podcasts.
  • May 2011  (5/19/2011)
  • In this issue of the newsletter, we are looking ahead to two different perspectives on the origins of constitutions; there's also a policy brief on the Berlusconi trial and news from our Spring events.
  • March 2011  (3/22/2011)
  • This month's issue carries a video of our Public Debate on the Role of Courts in a Democracy, news of forthcoming events, and all the latest research and resources.
  • January 2011  (1/13/2011)
  • To start the new year, we are offering the opportunity to join an Oxford Debate on the proper role of courts in a democracy with Joshua Rozenberg, Charles Clarke, Lord Justice Dyson, and other experts.
  • November 2010  (11/2/2010)
  • The last newsletter of 2010 carries invitations to our next lecture on Constitutionalism, an inaugural workshop on Financial Regulation, and early notice of a Public Debate in February hosted by Joshua Rozenberg.
  • September 2010  (9/28/2010)
  • The start of the academic year brings news of autumn workshops, our summer school students, and the first publication from the European Civil Justice programme.
  • July 2010  (7/22/2010)
  • This summer sees our Social Contract Revisited programme draw to a close, and the inception of new programmes over the coming months.
    Read on for all the latest news and publications.
  • May 2010  (5/25/2010)
  • This month's newsletter offers an invitation to our Programme Appraisal at Gray's Inn, a podcast of our Annual Lecture on the politicization of judicial review, and an upcoming CSLS workshop.
  • March 2010  (3/18/2010)
  • The first FLJS newsletter of 2010 brings news of our Annual Lecture in May, as well as the latest news and resources from our collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies.
  • November 2009  (9/11/2009)
  • As President Obama re-enters the debate over healthcare reform, this month's newsletter carries an Op-Ed on this issue, as well as news of our forthcoming lecture on welfare reform, and our latest publications on equality and personal reponsibility.
  • July 2009  (7/30/2009)
  • This month we bring news of our Annual Lecture by the former President of the Israeli Supreme Court, our new programme on the Social Foundations of Constitutions, latest publications, and the 2009 Summer School.
  • May 2009  (5/14/2009)
  • This first newsletter carries news of a lecture by former President of the Israeli Supreme Court, plus our latest publications and podcasts
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