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  • Sticky Fingers; 3 New Cakes  (4/21/2009)
  • Jolly Roger, the swashbuckling chocolate cake,
    Mitzi, the sugar rush toffee torte
    Paulette, the passion fruit frosted 'hot mess'
  • Lasagnarama!  (4/15/2009)
  • Gina Lollobrigida, the Aussie bloke's lasagna,
    Dolores Del'asagna, the south of the border lasagna,
    Spa-sagna, the Hollywood starlet lasagna alternative
  • Love in a Lousy Economy  (2/11/2009)
  • Quick roast chicken dinner,
    Crispy goosey 'taters,
    Molten chocolate cake
  • Three Little Pigs  (12/22/2008)
  • 3 different stuffed pork tenderloins blanketed in bacon,
    Cranberry chutney
    Roast pork with quinces
  • A Magic Pudding  (12/12/2008)
  • Traditional Christmas Pudding
  • The Turkey Whisperer  (11/18/2007)
  • Roast turkey,
    Bollywood turkey breasts,
    Roasted butternut rarebit
    (and more!)
  • Frightfully Delicious!  (10/25/2007)
  • Spiced pumpkin cookies,
    Giant cookie with rum, maple and caramel,
    Boozy Bea, the pumpkin, rum and maple fruitcake
  • Thanks For Waiting  (11/26/2008)
  • Pumpkin 'twinkies' with meyer lemon filling,
    Roast pumpkin and porcini mushroom stuffing,
    Parsnips roasted in parchment
    (and more!)
  • Tainted Love  (10/10/2007)
  • Hot buttered blackberries with buttermilk French toast,
    Blackberry, creme fraiche and brown sugar ice cream,
    Blackberry, chevre and crispy pancetta salad
    (and more!)
  • A Hot August Night  (8/31/2007)
  • The mighty Mannix mai tai,
    Nectarine and apple slaw,
    Mai Tia grilled pork chops with grilled pineapple
    (and more!)
  • Bun Fun  (4/4/2007)
  • Hot cross buns,
    Smoked seafood salad,
    Cauliflower rarebit
    (and more!)
  • St Patrick's Day  (3/15/2007)
  • Stout braised beef,
    Beer and cheddar biscuits,
    Whiskey toffee sauce (and more!)
  • Cheeky Little Tarts  (3/13/2007)
  • Strawberry buttermilk tart,
    Spinach, Gruyere, pancetta and egg tart,
    Chevre and pistachio filo rolls
  • The Christmas Quincidence  (12/20/2006)
  • Do Re Mi quinces,
    Rosy, the thrice blushing roast pork,
    Fried panettone with quince, blood orange and marscapone
  • Crangerina Jolie!  (12/19/2006)
  • Cranberry, tangerine and Campari sauce,
    Crangerina Margarita,
    Cranberry upside down cake
    (and more!)
  • Peachy Keen  (8/31/2006)
  • Peach and blueberry pie,
    Spiced stone fruit cake
    'I Do!' Blueberry pancakes with peaches
    (and more!)
  • Go Figure!  (8/13/2006)
  • Fig and date tart,
    Fig jam with lemon and ginger,
    Figgy roast piggy
    (and more!)
  • Muhummara-mia!  (7/18/2006)
  • Muhummara dip,
    Ali Baba roast lamb with orange, fennel and olives,
    Haricots Saffron
    (and more!)
  • Filo Me Up!  (7/2/2006)
  • Aphrodite, the topless tart,
    Bacchus' booty,
    Colossal prawns in filo with spicy mango salsa
  • Kate's First Carrot Cake  (6/26/2006)
  • Galileo, the bionic carrot cake,
    St Clements cream cheese frosting
  • Chocolate Malted Cheesecake  (6/20/2006)
  • Chocolate Malteaser cheesecake
  • Second Best  (5/3/2006)
  • Bubble & Squeak,
    Saffron prawns with peas,
    Grilled chicken and roasted pepper frittata,
    (and more!)
  • Better The Devil You Know  (2/7/2006)
  • Diablo, the red velvet devil,
    Mr Lash, the choc-cherry demon cake,
    (and more!)
  • My ,Oh Meyer  (1/30/2006)
  • Flourless meyer lemon cake,
    Chocolate cake with lemon icing
  • Roxie, The Chocolate Harlot  (12/23/2005)
  • Roxie, the chocolate harlot cake
  • Kiss My Fattoush!  (12/4/2005)
  • Pomegranate fattoush,
    Sticky pomegranate prawns,
    Persephone's pomegranate cosmo
  • Love is a BOO!tiful Thing  (10/19/2005)
  • Pumpkin and bacon soup,
    Pumpkin and truffle ravioli,
    Gingerbread and butter pudding
  • Accidents Do Happen  (10/10/2005)
  • lots of stories...
  • Adam's Ruin  (9/28/2005)
  • Cinnamon pavlova with apples, caramel and toffee,
    Spicy spiked apple pie,
    Pumpkin molasses tart
  • Get Cracking!  (8/26/2005)
  • Connecticut lobster roll,
    Lobster and mango potstickers,
    Lobster salad with wasabi dill dressing
  • Mile High Club  (8/7/2005)
  • Mile high bloody mary and canapes
  • The Only Shoe That Fits...  (7/6/2005)
  • Shelley's Rhubarb wonder cake,
    Rhubarb, blueberry and cream cheese cake,
    Spiced strawberry and rhubarb syrup
  • A Cake By Any Other Name  (6/23/2005)
  • Beethoven the Rolo-ver chocolate cake,
    Rizzo, the flirty raspberry cake,
    Ellen, the choc-malted cake
  • It's Not Easy Being Green  (6/8/2005)
  • Golden beet, cucumber and rare beef salad,
    Sausage, bean and escarole salad,
    Tandoori chicken salad
    (and more!)
  • Mannix Plays With Matches  (5/21/2005)
  • The Mannix burger
    Grilled corn with cotijo, lime and chili,
    Banana's foster
  • A Trifling Affair  (5/8/2005)
  • Classic sherry trifle,
    Dev'lish chocolate trifle,
    Red velvet trifle
  • Salty Women  (4/26/2005)
  • White asparagus, radicchio and meyer lemon salad,
    Grilled salmon with Hawaiian pink salt,
    Devilled eggs with prawns
  • Kumquat May  (4/9/2005)
  • Kumquat and prosciutto wrapped duck breast,
    Italian crumbly cake with caramelised kumquats,
    Kumquat and creme fraiche ice cream
  • It's What's Inside That Counts  (3/29/2005)
  • Pancetta and porcini ravioli,
    Turkey, fennel and pine nut ravioli,
    Pumpkin and kaffir lime potstickers
  • Turn On The Sun  (3/9/2005)
  • Boquerones & Arugula Brushcetta,
    Baby calamari stuffed with cannellini beans and preserved lemon,
    Pancetta wrapped scallops
  • All About Eve  (2/9/2005)
  • Pork tenderloin braised in cider with apples and lentils,
    Morbier salad with apple and rhubarb dressing
    Apple and calvados upside down cakes get 'bit' today
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