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Welcome to the RMS Newsletters Archive! 
Here you will find the RMS Newsletters and AdvancedCare e-mails that have already been sent.  Click on an RMS Newsletter link to view it.  RMS is a comprehensive software package for short-term property management.  Our newsletters help users stay informed about the latest updates and discover new applications for RMS in their business.  
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Resort Management System Newsletters Archive
  • RMS Summer Newsletter  (7/26/2016)
  • RMS helps you communicate with integrated letters. Learn about Lock Integration in this issue.
  • Spring Newsletter 2016  (4/6/2016)
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness with these tips. Find out what's next for RMS
  • Happy New Year  (1/6/2016)
  • Get Ready for 2016, Reviewing your Web Presence and Correspondence
  • Thanksgiving Newsletter  (11/25/2015)
  • Thank your guests for coming with the "After Reservation" letter.
  • RMS Back to School Newsletter 2015  (8/29/2015)
  • RMS Math 101 and How to get an A integrating with a Listing Partner
  • RMS Summer Newsletter 2015  (8/4/2015)
  • Changing the guest name on a reservation, Deposit Reporting
  • Spring 2015 Newsletter  (6/1/2015)
  • Learn more about our listing parters.
  • Winter 2015 Newsletter  (2/19/2015)
  • Add the Deposit Report to your daily routine. Learn about the Vendor Login. Get ready for Leap year!
  • Fall 2014 Newsletter  (11/25/2014)
  • Read and see a preview on what the next update will do for you!
  • Summer Newsletter 2014  (7/29/2014)
  • Learn about seasons and rates in your RMS. How do you stay connected to other vacation rental managers?
  • RMS Spring Newsletter 2014  (3/19/2014)
  • Check your update version, meet our new partners and learn some RMS Housekeeping Tips!
  • RMS Holiday Newsletter 2013_2  (12/23/2013)
  • AdvanceCare members receive an update, more information about File Manager, end of year checklist.
  • RMS Fall Newsletter 2013  (11/20/2013)
  • Check out the new links and information on, view a quick demo. New HTML Editor available for Custom Letters.
  • RMS Summer Newsletter 2013  (7/9/2013)
  • Read about the an easy way to upload your pictures to your RMS. Check out some quick demos and meet our new partner, MYVRMS.
  • RMS Spring Newsletter 2013  (4/2/2013)
  • New OLB Features, Meet our new partner Vacation Storebuilder, Managing your pet friendly units.
RMS Quick Tips
  • Sending Owner Memos  (9/2/2016)
  • Learn how to get a quick message out to your owners
  • RMS Tip 110  (6/18/2014)
  • How do you balance RMS with your bank account?
  • RMS Tip 109  (6/11/2014)
  • How do you pay your cleaning vendors? RMS is able to create payables to various cleaning vendors. Find out more....
  • RMS Tip 108  (6/4/2014)
  • Find out what's new on the Departure Listing Report.
  • RMS Tip 107  (5/29/2014)
  • New Merge Tags were included in the latest update. See a quick demo on how to insert a merge tag.
  • RMS Tip 106  (5/20/2014)
  • HTML owner statements processing improved in the update. Not sure of your version?
  • Reservation Guest Portal  (3/26/2014)
  • Add the ability for guests to pay the balance of their reserrvation online...check out this demo.
  • RMS Tip 105  (1/29/2014)
  • Print your 1099s in RMS. Check out this demonstration!
  • RMS Tip 104  (10/31/2013)
  • The RMS Housekeeping Module has a new feature.
  • RMS Tip 103  (10/24/2013)
  • The Integration Report Menu was added to RMS in your last update.
  • RMS Tip 102  (10/17/2013)
  • Cell phone numbers now display on the Tape Chart.
  • RMS Tip Week 1  (10/10/2013)
  • Learn about setting up auto-correspondence in RMS.
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