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Sorry that we have not sent out our March newsletter as was our plan. A few months back we came to the conclusion that our site was "dated" and in bad need of updating. This turned into a much larger project than we expected.


Judy has spent many long hours in redesign and we are still not finished. We will get a real newsletter "in the mail" soon.


We do want to give everyone the opportunity to see our latest new and very inexpensive recovery resource though (see "Get Help Right Now" below).


Our "Ten Toughest Questions" DVD can now be emailed to anyone's inbox instantly for only $5.95. This professionally produced twenty-three minute jam-packed streaming video answers the questions our readers have been asking for years.


Please take a look, click on the link for more info and please forward to anyone you think might benefit from this valuable information.

Keeping hope alive,

~ Joe & Judy Herzanek  


Help with having that

most difficult conversation


Sort Intervention 

Joe has just finished developing what we call a "soft intervention". Have you tried unsuccessfully to bring your loved one to see the light?  


Is it a conversation you dread and keep putting off, even though you know how important it is?  


Are you unable to keep the emotion and drama under control?

If so please call us for details. Joe is able to step in for this crucial first step in the journey of recovery.



(303) 775.6493

or Email:  


[email protected] 



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Feedback from you:

We are extremely thankful
to each and every one of you
for your heartfelt comments.

(All feedback is posted with permission from the sender. We have changed enough details to protect their anonymity
when requested.)


I think the best option will be via phone counseling with Joe. I'm reading your  book on my Kindle till the order gets here.Thank you and your wife again; I thank God for people like you--who really care."
~Dana T. (Chicago, IL)


". . .  this book is SO clear and SO compassionate. The disease of addiction is getting worse 'out there' and this book needs to be in the forefront of the arsenal of help we counselors give to both the afflicted and the affected.
As a counselor in the field of addictions, I give it an "A+++" rating!"

~Diana D. 

Alcoholism & Family Counselor (PA) 


"Everyone--young or old needs to read this book. After 25 years of drinking it has saved my life."

~ Craig Meek (New Philadelphia, Ohio)

"Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all the info in the book. It has been my bible for about 4-5 months. It has saved my sanity a lot. We are not even near a normal life with my son. I just keep on hoping tomorrow will be the day. It all started 3-4years ago as a drug addict by prescription and has excelled from there into heroin and many other drugs that can be shot up. I ready from the book every day."
~Dottie (Moline, IL)

"I can't begin to express how much I appreciate your Newsletters.  When I am having a tough time I revert back to the newsletters you've sent and I have saved. The interview that you had with KHLT Recovery Broadcast was awesome.  


I'm very Thankful for people like you.There are a lot of people out there that are hurting and do not know how to handle situations they are not familiar with. The insight Joe gives to people is amazing. He has been there, done that . . . Keep up the Great work!"
 ~Celia Wright (Lodi, CA)   


"I have found this book to be life-changing for people! I have shared copies of this book with families in profound fear and pain; their feedback was that it clarified so much of what they didn't understand! I have had a sister of an addicted brother tell me that reading this book changed her whole family; helped her parents take action to help themselves and to support her brother. Others have shared that it gave them direction and awareness of what they were in the middle of with their loved one; what steps would be helpful to take. I supposed with any book, 'many' people will find it life altering and some may not; all I know is what I am hearing about it; what I have found in it-- Clarity, Direction, Insight and HOPE! If you are asking the question; "Why Don't They Just Quit?", then this book is for you; the answer is there..."
~ Donna S. (Denver, CO) 


"Thank you for featuring our outreach magazine, Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism 2011 on your blog today. I also looked over other features of your Web site and blog. Your support and referrals of Al-Anon Family Groups is greatly appreciated. Forty-six percent of our adult Al-Anon members reported being referred to Al-Anon by professionals such as yourself . . . thank you for your referrals to Al-Anon."

~ Claire Ricewasser
Associate Director Communications-Professionals
Al-anon family Group Headquarters, Inc.  

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"Tried everything?

Nothing is working?"

Substance Abuse Phone Counseling for Families

Joe Herzanek #6LR
Joe Herzanek CAP

One-on-one phone counseling.

Providing substance abuse counseling to families in need.

Over 30 years of real-life, hands-on experience and success, saving you money, time and unnecessary heartache.

I specialize in  tough, "seemingly impossible" situations.

Serving clients across the USA by phone, or in person.
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Call anytime:
(303) 775.6493

or Email: [email protected]


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~Sylvia Robinson


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