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November  /  December  09
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Where did the Summer go? Colorado is a "Winter Wonderland" as I look out the window. Again, we've spent some time carefully putting this newsletter together for you. I hope you take a minute to check out our article on siblings, a completely revised Resources List, a new Ask Joe, "Should my husband back off?" and please scroll all the way down to listen to a nice music video titled "Last Call To Alcohol."

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Siblings: The Forgotten Ones
How siblings get hurt

I was blind to how
my actions were affecting
my brother and two sisters.

--Joe Herzanek

Siblings often find themselves caught in the middle of the recovery process. In the story of the prodigal son, a father waits and watches expectantly for the return of his wayward child. The boy left home and not only squandered his inheritance, but also wasted a big chunk of his life. But there is so much more to the story. As we take a closer look at the entire family, we see that "the rest of the story" can apply to families and siblings today who are struggling with the early stages of recovery.

I know from firsthand experience how siblings can suffer. During my addiction, I was blind to how my actions were affecting my brother and two sisters. Actually, the entire family did not understand what was happening. Even now, more than thirty years later, some members of my family remain bitter, and we have never been able to resolve those hard feelings.

There is only so much time in any given day and when there is one high-maintenance family member, often the other children are neglected. Parents have a limited amount of energy for each day, and then they reach a point of exhaustion. In my case, which again is not unique, I received more than my share of attention. I, like many other addicts, was a very needy person. My life was one crisis after another. There were many occasions when I needed money. I drained my parents of their finances as well as their time and energy. Who suffered? At the time, it was far from obvious, but as I look back it is clear that my brother and sisters--basically good, low-maintenance kids--were the innocent victims. Read more*

*NOTE: We've been having trouble with the above "Read more" link-for PC users. If you have a problem getting to the rest of the article, click on one of these links "Why Don't They Just Quit?" or "Changing Lives"  and click on the BLOG button. Scroll down to the article (it's about 3 or 4 articles down). Sorry for the problem (clearing your cache can sometimes take care of the problem as well).
This article is excerpted from the book "Why Don't They JUST QUIT?"

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"It's better to light a candle
than curse the darkness."

~ Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady

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"I will never forget when we met and prayed together."

Below is a nice note I recently received from a woman who was leaving the Jail. It's this kind of encouragement that "makes my day."

Chaplain Joe Herzanek

Dear Joe,
I've read your book "Why Don't They Just Quit?" and it's the best self-help informational, motivational and daily reference book I've ever read. I would greatly appreciate it if you could get me one that I can take with me when I leave the jail. I leave on Sept. 29, 2009 and I want to carry your book with me everywhere. I've "got it" and recovery is now my main and only priority when I get out of Jail.
I'm going to meetings, treatment and doing testing daily. Your book is such a positive influence on me, very impactful and it will help with my recovery on a daily basis. It's one of my "must haves"! I want to use it for continuous reference, relating and support--kind of a daily devotional recovery book for me.
Thank you so much for all you do. You have been so positive for me and I will never forget when we met and prayed together. I would also like to do that again if you have time.
Thank you so much.
Hope to see and pray with you one last time before I go. If not, please pray for me.

~ Melissa

". . . for wisdom (discernment)
is more precious than rubies,
nothing you desire
can compare with her."

~ Proverbs 7:11
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~ Last Call To Alcohol ~

Last call for alcohol

Last call to alcohol. A story of addiction and recovery.
A goodbye letter to my alcoholic past.

Emphasizes how to move to new steps
and celebrates finding tools to recovery.

Video shot at Seabreeze Tavern at Rio Del Mar Beach, Aptos.
Original music written and composed by Keaven Shine.
Video by Denise Gallant, Video4.

Dedicated to the alumna group of CHOMP in Monterey and Make My Day group in Watsonville and Stag 11 Aptos.

Watch now . . .

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"Be kinder than necessary,
for everyone you meet
is fighting some kind of battle."

~ Unknown
Issue: 5
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Siblings: The Forgotten Ones: How siblings get hurt
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I will never forget when we met and prayed together.
Two New Radio Interviews
~ Last Call To Alcohol ~ Music Video
Ask Joe: "Should my husband back off?"
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Ask Joe

Tiny Joe Smile

Q  Dear Joe:
 My son went to rehab for 30 days and just got out of jail (45 days). He is back living with my husband and me. My husband calls him constantly during the day to see what he is doing, He averages at least once an hour.  When my son gets ready to go out for a walk or a bike ride, my husband right away is on him with 20 questions.
Am I wrong to think that all the questions and constantly checking on my son is pushing him back into trouble? When my son went to jail, he had a
fight with his dad and ended up getting caught doing drugs. He ended up getting arrested and we did leave him there for the 45 days (His drug of choice is heroin).  I feel that my husband needs to back off or my son will be back to the drugs. How are we supposed to treat our son?
I have read your book and really learned a lot from it. I even passed it along to a friend of mine that was going through her son's problem with vicodin and alcohol.
Walking on eggshells in Illinois,

~ Julie E.,
Chicago, Ill


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Letting go

Letting go.

Today I will practice detachment by letting go of things I can't control.

Detachment means standing back and looking at a situation without having a hand in it. Watching fireworks is practicing detachment. Flying a kite is not. Allowing friends the freedom to have their own opinions is practicing detachment. Feeling compelled to change their minds is not. Watching a child create her own drawing is practicing detachment. Holding her hand while she draws is not.

I can't control other people, their actions, or their beliefs by forcing them to act or believe as I do. Detachment helps me see the big picture, since I can see things more clearly from a distance.

Today, and from now on, I will practice taking care of myself by detaching from people or situations that aren't good for me. Today I will pay close attention to when I am trying to force the issue, and I'll remember that my time would be better spent leaving it alone

These words of wisdom came to me from the "There is always hope" Facebook Fan Page.

Chaplain Joe Herzanek
Changing Lives Foundation
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