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"Simply and Beautifully Woman Newsletter":
highlights women who exemplify the simple and beautiful aspects of being a woman.  It is a place where I write heart to heart with women about issues that impact our lives, and the spirituality that influences the outcome of even the most difficult of circumstances.  I am a Catholic woman whose writings are read by my good Jewish friends and women from all denominations because our journeys are so common, though our paths to get there might be different. We have so much to offer one another!  
"Simply and Beautifully Woman Blog Site":
is where you get a chance to respond, ask questions or tell your story.  While this blogsite will be a weekly event, the Newsletter will be written when I meet an especially inspiring woman that I want you to meet also, when happenings in the world especially impact us women, or when I choose to do a series on a certain virtue or attitude or concern that women face as they try to get to that "simple" and "beautiful" part of being a woman.  Hope that you can join us by subscribing to the Newsletter or by checking in now and then to the blogsite!
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