A Blessed Christmas to You from the

Morris Family! 

two little Santas Christmas Penguins    Grandchildren's tree in progress  

                                        The grandchildren's Christmas Tree Decorating "In Progress"


We have a Morris Christmas Miracle

to Share with you!

(see link below to story)


In the midst of emotionally charged elections, natural devastations and human tragediesChristmas Tragedy ,
The Morris Family was visited with our own little miracle here in Copley Ohio. 
When Christ was born in Bethlehem, announced by the Star above the stable, it was in the midst of political upheaval and human sufferings too. 
Star of Bethlehem
The mystery of suffering and pain and loss goes on throughout the ages,
And yet, the STAR continues to shine to show us the way to the Savior, to hope, to joy, to courage,  and to life in abundance ---
right within our circumstances, our time of life, our desparations.
I hope you will find time to
 read our little story
(See below for link)
 that hopefully will inspire you to
take a look at the Star Star of Bethlehem shining in your own life
and experience the unfathomable love of God for you and those who are dear to you.
This is our Family's Christmas wish for you,

Bob and Sharon Morris

Bob and Sharon  
Joy and Chris    Joseph and Darcy   Father Jonathan  

Mary and Mike      Christine and Bobby     Robert III    Anne Marie




Christopher, Katie, Mikey,

Jack, Danny, Maeve, James, Liam

Maria, Nicholas, Elena, Michael, Ana, Thomas

Ena, Michael

The Morris Christmas Miracle 

Remember Judy in Prison this Christmas. 


Judy Clark Today  


Judy's pardon is under consideration!  From Govenor Cuomo's Office:

"Ms. Clark's case recently has been accepted for review concerning the possibility of a commutation of sentence.  Such review involves a compehensive compilation of information and the assessment of many factors.  As part of that process, your comments will be given careful consideration."


But, the devastating storm in New York has certainly placed the immediacy of the request for a pardon to a back burner. If you haven't taken time to write your note to the Govenor, today might be a great day! There is still time to encourage Govenor Cuomo and to keep her cause fresh in his mind.  THANK YOU once again to all of you who have written a note on Judy's behalf.


There are two other prisoners I personally know that will be spending another Christmas in prison....


Porchai and Gordon MacRae.  I have mentioned them before in my Neighbor to Neighbor Newsletter...and will be posting their plights in my Blog this coming year.  Please remember them in your prayers also.