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Let's Get Married! is a monthly newsletter filled with wedding ideas, tips, and links.  I have been writing Let's Get Married! since 2003.  My goal was to market my business, but what I found was that many businesses like my own had little to no advertising budget.  I then included links to many other wedding related businesses (some not).  Some which had special services that are rarely highlighted in the magazines on the newsstands, now I could tell the world about the  all the fabulousness that fell between the cracks.

If you missed any letters, can't remember that link, or you want to see what the fuss is about, you stopped at the right place to check it out.
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 A Reminder: Because the Newsletters are archived some links or businesses may have moved or dissolved.  Also you will find an abundance of spelling errors, it will either amuse you (I hope) or  !%##&X ? .  What ever the case, sorry about that.
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