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Decorated Bridal Shoe

Shoes here were a plain strappy sandal. Feathers were added to create this high fashion shoe that can be worn again and again.

Have your plain bridal shoe turned into a high fashion accessory. Cassandra Bromfield's Company will decorate your bridal shoe with feathers and crystals creatively. This will turn a ho hum shoe into "Where did you get those shoes!". Email cabcomp@aol.com or call 212*502*5277. Starting price at $50 a pair.

Shoes play a big role in the wedding. We all know about the tying of shoes to the back of a car. This seemed to evolve from the Tudor custom where guests would throw shoes at the newlywed couple. It was considered lucky if they or their carriage were hit. I really don't see how this would be lucky for anyone and it is understandable why this is no longer practiced. I have read in the Hebraic history the groom and the bride's father exchanged shoes at the wedding to symbolize her transfer into a new home, OK this one is more palatable. Here is another custom that just could not stand the test of time. In Anglo-Saxon marriages, the bride's father takes the brides shoe and hands it to his new son-in-law. The groom then becomes the bride's new master, see where this is going. He then holds the shoe up and taps the head of the bride three times to demonstrate his new authority, now we have a problem.

These above customs are a bit whacky by today's standards, but one ancient custom from the Sudan is still practiced today. In Sudan, mehndi is displayed primarily by married women on their hands, fingertips and feet. This is the art of body decoration through henna design. The designs can be very elaborate on the hands and feet. Designs give meaning to peace and kindness will also be worn during births and other celebrations.

So as you can see feet and shoes have a lot of meaning to the wedding, but today we just want a fly shoe to match a fly dress. This can be a tough search and I want you to put your best foot forward. Ahead is a list of shoe companies with wide widths, hand painted, and just off the chain fabulous shoes. This is the start to your big step down the aisle.

And Now Fancy Stockings for those Fancy shoes:

Now Get to Steppin'

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Pictures in this issue by Macintosh Smith. Flowers by Bed of Roses. Headpiece by Beauloni 718*452*2920. Hair by Khamit Kinks

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