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April 2008
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We've seen kids cry at the end of the aisle, dump flowers in the middle, and never make it down the aisle because they are screaming in terror.  Let's face it walking down the aisle amidst a chorus of OOHS and AHHS is pretty terrifying.  Weddings are a festive time but kids can get over stimulated, excited and cranky.  That's when the fun begins. 
Boy crying

Adults will let children know how important their role is in the wedding. 
Whether they are carrying the ring or dropping flowers on the white runner.
They are happy being the center of attention.
Activities Director
As the bride prepares for the big day Sherri Hobson (Beauloni Style), keeps the girls busy with games and coloring.  Kids have really short attention spans and with a house all a flutter they need something to do.  Give a teenager the job to take care of the little ones and even pay her a little fee for a job well done. 
It is easy enough to buy coloring books but make it personal by making your own coloring book.  Use family photos and write a little family history.
Corel has instructions on How To. 
Flower girls love the girlie stuff so give a little gift for their job well done.
 J Blossom has perfect gift sets for the perfect flower girl. The all natural products include fun scents like Strawberry Banana Smoothie Natural Shower Gel and Great Grape Bubble bath.  Your little flower will love bath time and she will always remember her special day.
Give the kids (7 to 12 ages) their own disposable cameras and watch what develops.  Their size gives them a different perspective  than adults and the shots may work out to be really good.  Plus they will have something to do.
For My Readers Only

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