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          Wedding Tips Links and Ideas October  2007
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It's getting kind of scary out there.  You've got no reception hall, you don't like the flowers and your mother is getting on your nerves.  BOOOOO! It's the Rocky Horror Show, for real!
Planning a wedding is like haunting , I mean a daunting task.  The maid of horror, um I'm sorry honor, is always missing.  Everyone is acting strange.  Talking about the wedding puts them into a strange zombie like trance.  Your even thinking of having no kids at the wedding because Children of the Corn are not cute.  Even your fiance` is starting to look like Herman Munster. 
I could go on with more metaphors but you get the picture.  Planning a wedding is a Monster of a job, but have no fear, this issue has some picture perfect ideas.  Read on the paparazzi is waiting. 

 You're Life In Pictures 

 By now you must have seen the very moving proposal video "Remeber The Ritz".
This was really well done, you are pulled into the story just through still pictures.  This was a journey of love.
Well I know many of you out there are budding directors and I found a way you can create your own movie online. One True Media has made it simple.  I even made one myself.
Click on

Creating your own video this way can also save you money.  This is a cool way to also create a montage of photos for family gatherings (you know the holidays are right around the corner boo!).  Make gifts of DVD's for every one.  Its less if you buy in bulk.   Show the video at the rehersal dinner or the wedding.  Show off your talent, the next thing you will have an new income for creating video montages for family and friends. 
Meet and Greet
At a recent Brides.com event, all the guest were encouraged to meet and greet other industry folks.  You know how it works, "Hi how are you, what do you do, blah blah blah, nice to meet you, NEXT!"
I approached one young man who looked as perplexed as I felt. His business was Images Weddings, film and video.  Talking to him we had the same feeling about wedding videos.  Most are cornball, badly filmed, filled with unnecessary graphics (doves flying in, animated doors opening to the reception, yee gads if you can't make it look like Disney STOP).
I asked how long should a wedding video be, his suggestion is 45 minutes.  They have had clients that want it longer but you have to remember it can get a but boring.  He also said that time and time again couples have told him guest have come asking to see the "Wedding Video", years after the event.
It was great talking with him, but the proof is in the pudding.  I checked out the site and WOW!  The sample is beautiful.  Take into consideration the couple is gorgeous and the video is very stylish, but you get an understanding that this company loves film.
Check it out for yourself

Creative Memories
This is a good time to start getting those pictures together.  Gather up the family's old photos, find your's and his baby pictures and make a nice book for everyone to view at the wedding. I know you need help, sorting, shuffling, and you have that you were the cutest baby.
Creative Memories will help you do just that.  With layout choices, paper, albums, your individuality will be preserved.   And your snooty cousin will be green with envy because not only are you cute you have the best looking album, so there. 
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