Thanksgiving, Weddings, and Peace

Staying sane through the holidays

It's the 4th Thursday in November and for us in the USA our families gather together and give thanks. Now you have the added feature of planning your wedding, AGHHHH! You're going to get an earful of advice. Some good, some bad, but most tacky,wacky, and ugly. Smile politely, take notes, but Monday you'll be looking for adoption papers because no way are you related to these knuckleheads.

Now as I make light of family imperfections you must pay close attention at these gatherings. They are great sources of information.

  • You see your cousin who is over weaved, under dressed and over aged. Trust, her wedding outfit will be even worse.
  • Who drinks too much, then wants to get into a cussing match with a 3 year old.
  • You are sure his sister mated with the devil because her 5 year old is possessed.
  • Some family members have special needs, like dietary, handicapped, or they're just idiots. What ever the case, make the necessary adjustments.
  • Can't we all just get along? No, and don't try to solve a feud that's been going on since God left Chicago. Seat them as far away as possible, even if it is your mother and father.

The above advice is meant to make you giggle, laugh out loud, and take a look at your family with love and understanding. Remember, they created you and you are a well adjusted, balanced, and sane individual. Getting married means you are well on your way to creating your own pathological legacy. Just wait your time will come.

Thanks For Reading and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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