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March 2008
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Leaf  The engagement announcement is made and in a nano second, you are bombarded with Ushoods.  What's a Ushood, you ask, it's an unsolicited, well intentioned, sometimes ridiculous and irritating bit of advice from everyone who thinks they are an expert on weddings, events, dresses, etc.  Ushood do this, Ushood do that, oh and Ushood call this person/company, because...(the why doesn't matter). 

Ushood originated from two words, you should.  It morphed into to one, which gives the Ushooder room for more Dogooder.

Now, I know you are thinking, Ushoooders are everywhere, their advice extends beyond weddings and it's not all bad.  Listen, "Let's Get Married!" is based in Ushoodium, and I know you love it.

The Ushooder really can't be stopped, even though you want to say, "Ushood Shut Up!", this is usually not effective.  The best way to deal with them is to say thank you, do your research and then move on.
So I say this with love, Ushood read ahead for great advice.  Enjoy!   

Courtship Stories
Make Them Green With Envy

How did you meet?
How d
id he propose?
Many of us want to know.  Brides and grooms often want to share the magic and memories of
those special times. A videographer can produce your love story to show guests at your wedding reception. You could write a few words for your program. Or, why not let someone else tell your story? In style.
Courtship Stories Wedding Favors and Keepsakes (www.courtship-stories.com) will write, design and print your love story in beautiful booklets for all your wedding guests
. Read More

Courtship Stories
Phone: (888) 427-8584 or (909)499-3429

Ellen Braunstein
Writer and Creative Director
Courtship Stories and Tribute Stories

How Do I Plan The Perfect Wedding

Here's an event where you'll get alot of good Ushood advice.

efyp picture 

Begin planning your perfect wedding by attending Especially For Your Planners, LLC's seminar--I'm Engaged/What do I do Next?
This seminar will take you from Yes to I Do and everything in between.
Come and learn some helpful tips to make your wedding vision a reality.

March 31, 2008
6:30 p.m.- 8:00pm
City College,
138th Street (Convent Avenue)
New York, NY.

More Info: 516-616-5053
or email efyp@mindspring.com

See below for more instructions

Register:  call 212-650-7312 . Print a registration form available at http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/ace/ACEmain.html
fax it in or email it to ace@ccny.cuny.edu.  Registration Code AR119-1ME. 
More info: call 516-616-5053, 917-597-7343 or email your inquiries to efyp@mindspring.com