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November 2005

Did you know, that the term “honeymoon” refers to when a man would capture his bride and then hide from her parents before marrying, or I should say prosecution. They would remain in hiding for a cycle of the moon after the wedding. During this time the kidnapped victim, I mean happy bride, drinks honey wine. He even has the nerve to drug her too. This sounds too much like a crime! In ancient times in Scotland, women with milk in their breast would prepare the marital bed to encourage fertility for the couple. I think that’s just too much information. There are many more wedding night customs from around the world. Some leave you squeamish, while others have you wondering who would put up with this stuff. Well Thank Goodness things have changed and couples are free to make their own decisions. Ahead, are some sexy ideas for your Sexy Nuptials. A word of caution, Quick Links are filled with lingerie companies and may be unsuitable to open at work.

Let's Get It On!
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  • Intimate Essence
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  • Intimate Essence

    Games, Toys, Fun, and children are not welcome! Intimate Essence is a company dedicated to bringing you fun in the bedroom, kitchen, airplane, park bench, OK you understand what I mean. They are keeping the passion alive in all of us.

    Did you know that in Ireland a laying hen was tied to the bed (Alert PEDA Please) on the first honeymoon night in hopes that its’ fertility would be passed on? I think an Intimate Essence party could work better. They have games, prizes and a consultant will demonstrate for you, oh get your mind out of the gutter, it’s clean sexy fun. Although bridal showers are for the girls, try a coed party. Give the couple a basket of toys and leave the chicken in the hen house. The Intimate Essence consultants make everyone feel comfortable, even your moms can come and play along. Well, that may be too much, but it will be a fun time.

    Creating a beautiful relationship does include a healthy sex life together. Get yourself on the same passionate track.

    Creme de la Creme

    Foot Massage, Milk Bath, Seaweed Body Wrap, any of these and other Spa treatments will set the mood. Spas today now include couple treatments, so you both can feel the love at the same time.

    But if you're new to the game of full body massage, Turning Heads owner Shannon Ayers- Holden, says start with pedicures. She says most men are a little more comfortable with this treatment. Click Day Spas and find one near you, inquire what's available for the both of you.

    Still there's the Honeymoon and that's the time to get busy. Many hotels in the warm climate locations offer complete spa treatments, like The Atlantis and The Ocean Club in Paradise Island, Bahamas have on the beach massage for couples. This heavenly treatment is such a popular feature I would recommend you make an appointment at the time you make your reservations.

    Of course if you want to DIY (do it yourself), there are companies with wonderful lotions, potions, to put you in motion.

    Upcoming Bridal Shows

    Cowrie Shell Garter
    Cowrie Shell Garter in Sizes Small, Medium, or Large. Perfect for that touch of culture. This garter is so cute you may not want to toss it!
    Price $ 22.00 USD
    Shipping Cost $ 5.00

    Just Add A Little Cowrie Shell

    See how the above bride celebrated her culture. Photo by Macintosh Smith

    How do you add cultural ideas to your western style wedding? Very creatively, more and more companies are adding cultural items to their list of accessories that it is getting easier every day. Here is just a small list of creative things to do.

    1. Wear waist beads under your wedding dress. Asante women will wear waist beads under their clothing and when a man wants to express his interest in her, he will touch her waist to feel for the beads. Women will even walk in a way to make the beads audible, so they will be wearing more than on strand. This will be fabulous for the honeymoon night. Cassa ndra Bromfield makes one with Blue Glass beads. Any size waist for $35.00
    2. Give little broom magnets as favors. Also include a card that explains the broom ceremony.
    3. Toast with Honey Wine instead of Champagne. Te’j is considered one to the first wines and is the wine that became legendary through out Queen of Sheba’s kingdom. From what I understand, it has an aphrodisiac ingredient which is kept secret. Find out more about this wine Sheba Te'j.
    4. Use Adinkra symbols as table numbers. Find out more about the symbols and their meanings: Adinkra Online and Adi nkra Symbols of West Africa. Also see how cupcakes, made by Heavenly Crumbs, used an Adinkra symbol.
    5. Give your guest a taste of the Mother Land. Fill a raffia, jute, or cotton bag with herbs or spices, include a recipe and the region of Africa the spice is from. Find bags at Bliss Wedding Market.com and spices at The Herbal Collective
    6. The invitation will set the style of the wedding. There are many companies that have included invitations with a cultural style. Check out Keative Kreations, Kemse and Company,

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