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  • 2008 Newsletter Archives
  • Studio A November 08 issue  (11/7/2008)
  • A Dream WE BELIEVED in...and helped become REALITY! - A new era unfolds with renewed hope & faith...Faith is defined as the assured expectation of things hoped for and realities though not beheld, believed to be true. This election demonstrated faith in action. Faith is more than a spiritual concept; it is a STRONG BELIEF in ANYTHING in the absence of proof.
  • Studio A October 08 issue  (10/3/2008)
  • Are You Making the Best Use of Your Time?
    Trim the fat and focus - Sometimes I sit in my den and stare out the window and daydream...or space out! At first, I used to think it was a waste of time, but I later come to realize that was my way of 'decompressing' and then, conversely, 'creating.'
  • Studio A September 08 issue  (9/5/2008)
  • Dreamz do come True! - AIC welcomes new St. Paul salon to the Family St.Paul, MN-What happens when you quit your job, walk on faith and open the salon of your DREAMZ? Magic! That's exactly what happened when St.Paul native, Felicia Winkler, mother of 3, decided to take a bite of the entrepreneurial pie!
  • Studio A August 08 issue  (8/1/2008)
  • How Well Do You Communicate? - Do you ever find yourself 'lost in translation' even though you're both speaking in English? Do you ever send emails and get a response that doesn't really address the questions raised in your email? Have you ever played 'telephone tag'?
  • Studio A July 08 issue  (7/11/2008)
  • ANIKA! Welcomes VISION THIS! To the family!!! --Baton Rouge Salon Owner official distributor of ANIKA International Cosmetics! During the grand opening celebrations held Saturday June 21st, owner, Christa Wright welcomed AIC creator, ANIKA ROBBINS with open arms, warm southern hospitality....and crawfish for days!
  • Studio A June issue  (6/6/2008)
  • Did You Forget? Honoring our past by creating a brighter future--'Y'all musta forgot'....lyrics from a boxer-turned-rapper; his name escapes me ( I guess I forgot!). But his song keeps popping in my head as he makes frantic pleas for people to remember who he is and all the titles he won. Everyone wants to feel like they made a difference.
  • Studio A May issue  (5/2/2008)
  • Never Miss the Water til the Well Runs dry Living with Appreciation & Gratitude...Our souls are like wells that run deep into the earth with a seemingly endless reservoir of resources at our disposal. Oil-rich countries seem to enjoy the benefits of a seemingly endless supply of oil; and yet the masses go without basic necessities. What would happen if the oil were to dry up and no other resources were cultivated? Here in America, we've never REALLY experienced what it might be like to go without. No really, you haven't.
  • Studio A April issue  (4/4/2008)
  • Spring into action by living stress-free! -- April is stress awareness (and reduction) month. It is also Irritable bowel and alcohol awareness month as well. I find these more than mere coincidences as they all relate to each other.
  • Studio A March issue  (3/7/2008)
  • Pretty Things - Little girls grow into beautiful women who like PRETTY THINGS! I sort of envision myself an Angelina Jolie 'Lara Croft-esque' type of girl meets Josephine Baker. Able to open up a can of 'whop-ass' if need be, but I'd rather be spreading my 'fairy dust' around the globe!
  • Studio A Feb issue  (2/1/2008)
  • Nurture Your Heart :: Feed Your Soul...'To feel pain, is NATURAL. To overcome, is natural. To be loved is natural. It's the way of the way of the woman. To heal the wounds of another while you' steady nursin' your own is NATURAL. To overcome is NATURAL. To be loved, is natural. It's the WAY OF THE WOMAN'
  • Studio A Jan issue 08  (1/5/2008)
  • I Wish...I Will -- The New Year always brings feelings of renewal, a chance to do things better, stronger.

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