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Special Needs Dobermans cares for Dobermans in need, one at a time.
Since SND was founded in 2001 and until now at the beginning of 2014, we have raised and spent almost one million dollars to help Dobermans across the country.  We hope to top the 1 million dollar mark this year. This fundraising success reflects the generosity and caring of the many donors who support SND and its mission. In response, SND's commitment is that Every Penny donated to SND goes directly to help the Dobes.
We are staffed with unpaid volunteers dedicated to helping provide the financial assistance necessary to bring care to Dobes in need, one at a time, while assuring that our donor's intent for the funds entrusted to us is fulfilled.
Because of tough economic times, donations have seen a real decline.  As a consequence of this reality, SND has discontinued financial assistance to private owners.  Fortunately for them, tools for private individual fundraising have become much more available and we encourage owners to use these means when they need help. We will still provide information on how and where to apply for assistance by other means when requested. 
SND's financial resources are now being used exclusively for the use of Doberman Pinscher Rescue Groups.  Rescues have faced the same and even worse impact from the economy as private owners give up or abandon their Dobes.  The Dobes in their care are faced with many medical conditions, sometimes worse as they are pulled from shelters or abusive/neglectful situations. Rescue Groups must immediately alleviate the suffering and restore the health of those Dobes in order to get them ready for adoption in forever homes.  When they can get some financial assistance from SND, they can save more Dobermans!!  Please read our Winter-Spring 2013 Newsletter for more of the story - click on it below! It's almost a year old now, but the information has not significantly changed.
THANK YOU for your support of Special Needs Dobermans!!

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