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January, 2015

* * * SND 2014 Donation Receipt Announcement * * * 

This is an advanced notice to donors that their 2014 personalized tax receipts will be coming to their inboxes before the 31st of this month!   With postal rates increasing yet again, sending most letters via email saves us at least $900 every year!  We always think of these costs in terms of how much money it takes to help a Doberman in need  - Saves $$, Helps Dobes!! Because you made a donation in 2014, you will be receiving a personalized plain-text email from which contains your receipt - please be sure not to delete this email. Please keep in mind that the IRS does not require special documentation for any donation made which is under $250 (any single donation, not your aggregated or total donations) - your check, PayPal email or receipt from the SND Online Store for any donations is all you need. For specific advice, please consult your accountant or tax preparer. If you have any questions, you can write to us at

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear SND Supporter! 


Another year of SND activities in the record books and as usual, we bring you our noteworthy news as we close our 2014 activities! Because of your support and donations during 2014, this is what we were able to accomplish together for our Dobermans!

2014 - SND Year in Review 

Secret Santa's 2014 Ride through Doberman Skies!!   The Francine Case Memorial Bequest made the Second Annual Secret Santa Ride in Francine's Honor a memorable one! Santa matched a record amount of donations this year - over $21,000 for SND Direct assistance to rescue cases and Senior Sponsorships! WOW Francine!! You continue to touch the lives of so many Dobermans - just as you did in your short life! As some of you may know, Francine had been one of SND's Secret Santas while she was alive and so in her passing, she saw to it that she could do this even from beyond - and so she did!! Well done Francine!! Thank you so much dear Lady Doberman Angel! Your star twinkles so very brightly!!
Assistance to Rescue Groups.  Rescue Groups remain the most impacted by the ongoing economic climate in our country. We all face the consequences of our times and so, our plan is to continue to support Rescue Groups with dollars and resources we have at our disposal - thanks to YOU!! For Rescue Groups, it remains their daily nightmare - how to save as many Dobermans as they can with their declining resources! Because of this continuing situation, SND will also continue to use ALL of our financial resources in support of Rescue Groups. For 2014, over $43,000 was paid out for extraordinary veterinary expenses for Dobermans in the care of Rescues!!
Assistance to SeniorsSenior Dobermans in Rescue will remain the target of two wonderful programs. The Senior Medical Assistance Program (SMAP) and the Senior Doberman Project (SDP). SMAP finances extraordinary medical needs and the SDP lists Seniors awaiting adoption and/or seeking sponsorship. Because of the hard work of our SDP Manager (and 1st VP), Debra McMahan, and thanks to your generous donations approximately 88 different Seniors in the program were sponsored - many of them receiving more than one Sponsor during the year. In 2014, you provided over $19,000 for the care of Senior Dobermans in Rescue! A total of 32 of those Seniors were adopted during the year!! What a WIN-WIN for our precious Seniors!!
Assistance to Private OwnersWe will continue to respond to private owners with information regarding financial assistance, individual fundraising, saving money on medications and disease or injury-related information as well. We will also continue to refer private owners seeking to surrender their Dobermans to the geographical Rescues in their vicinity.

Looking Forward... In 2014, and only because of your generosity, we were able to continue to assist Dobermans needing assistance with extraordinary medical expenses!! We hope you will continue to support Dobermans in need in 2015 as the SND team continues efforts to keep these programs in motion - we will continue with our focus on assisting Dobermans in Rescue! Remember to take a moment to visit the SND website at to get the latest SND news, the status of the Dobermans we are helping, the Seniors in the Senior Doberman Project, the SND Store and our intermittent special eBay auctions and raffles.


THANK YOU for your support and a Happy New DobeYear 2015 to you and yours!! And, by the way, 2014 was indeed the year in which SND surpassed the million dollar mark in its fundraising for our precious Dobermans since its inception in 2001.

For the SND Family,


Mars Martin


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