June, 2009
Special Needs Dobermans Newsletter

A Salute To Doberman Rescue!! 

In 8 years, over a Half Million Dollars for Dobes Raised! $250,000 used to help Dobermans in Rescue!! 

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 Dear Supporter of SND! 

 Summertime is a time for fun in the sun and vacations for all! Unfortunately,  the need for funds to help Dobes in need knows no season and so we ask you to consider adding us to  your donations list.  Special Needs Dobermans helps Dobes in need, one at a time.  We take on the truly special cases that would otherwise overwhelm Doberman Rescues or owners.  We save lives. It is not cheap, but it is  worth every penny!!

In This Issue
A Message from the President
Helping Dobes Everyday!
How SND Helps Rescue
Assisting Rescues With Heartworm Treatment
Senior Dobe Project
Some Words From Rescue
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A message from the President...  and Miss Marlee! 
Marlee!Special Needs Dobermans is entering the second century of the Doberman Pinscher in America with renewed dedication to our dogs and faith in our ability to help those in need. 2009 is going to be a challenging year for many people, and because of that fact it is a fresh challenge for SND. Many are planning to do less. Therefore, we must plan to do more.
We would be nothing without our wonderful volunteers and supporters. You are the heart and soul of this amazing group of people. We come from varying backgrounds and experiences, professions and home countries. We have one thing in common: We are completely dedicated to the health and welfare of Doberman Pinschers, and we do our part by saving the lives of these animals one at a time.
But, there are some things you may not know about SND. Although we are relatively young as an organization, we have already dedicated more than a half-million dollars to helping Dobermans. About half of our support goes to individuals whose dog has had a sudden health problem or emergency that would otherwise financially overwhelm their ability to treat and save their beloved companion. The other half? It goes to rescue organizations caring for Dobermans at risk.
For example, during 2008 alone SND provided support to save the lives of Dobermans in the care of 43 different Doberman Rescue Groups. Dobermans are alive and well today thanks only to the support you gave SND so that we could be a true friend to the heroes operating rescue groups. Many rescuers told us they simply needed more to save more lives. We have accepted the challenge.
Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find a copy of our newly revised policy regarding heartworm treatment. We have been told by several rescuers that they need the immediate assistance that only SND offers to individuals or rescue groups facing significant veterinary costs, and especially heart-worm treatment. Being able to give a veterinarian the immediate go-ahead for treatment rather than awaiting other fundraising or grants means the difference between life and death for Dobermans in need. So, as you will see, we have increased our support of this lifesaving procedure by no longer deducting the amount a rescue group may receive from DPCA Rescue. We work with Doberman Rescue groups and individuals because any friend of a Doberman is a friend of ours. And, many rescuers have told us they are  grateful not just for our monetary support but for the guidance and mentoring we do with each group to enhance their own independent fundraising efforts to help the dogs.
You will also see an update on the Senior Dobe Project. This program is especially near and dear to those of us who have had the great pleasure of adopting an older Doberman. With the help of Doberman Digest, SND proudly carries on with assuring these wonderful senior citizens enjoy their twilight years as they so richly deserve. We believe doing this is a responsibility for any organization who would profess to support the well-being of our breed. I hope you find the message from Senior Doberman Project creator Michelle Lewis as inspirational and heart-warming as we do.
You know what all this means. It means we are going to be asking you to continue and, if possible, increase your support of Special Needs Dobermans. As I said above, this year marks the beginning of the second century of the Doberman Pinscher in America and is a time of unprecedented need. We know you have many organizations asking you for support. But, we also know SND holds a special place in your heart as we save Dobermans one at a time, every day, all year. Every penny goes to the Dobe's care. Our admin costs are next-to-nothing and even those funds are specifically donated for that purpose or they come from sales from the SND Online Store.  They are NEVER taken out of your donations! Our staff is made up entirely of UNPAID volunteers. If you want to help a Doberman in need, you can do no better than to support SND. Our support cannot be boundless - we depend entirely on the generosity of those who care about these Dobermans, who through no fault of their own, find themselves in need of the kind of care the lucky ones get from Rescue Angels as well as Owner Angels. With your help, we will be there for as many of these Dobes as possible.
I hope you enjoy receiving our e-newsletter as much as we enjoy putting it together. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions,  please email me directly at
Thank you for your continuing support of our cause. Thank you for your continuing financial support. And most of all, on behalf of all the volunteers who make up Special Needs Dobermans, thank you for allowing us the privilege of helping the dogs we all love so dearly.
Mars Martin
Please donate, participate in our fundraising auctions, consider sponsorships and even include us in your will. It's all about the Dobes!!
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About Us
Mars Martin, President
Karen Crosby, VP, Secy-Treas
Special Needs Dobermans is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the State of New Mexico.  All donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
Donations by check saves fees and can be mailed to: 
Special Needs Dobermans
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You may also choose to use PayPal 
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I hope you have enjoyed reading our second  edition e-newsletter! 
Please let us know what kind of stories  or other information you would like to read about while we highlight our accomplishments along the way in 2009!! 
All of you are a part of this effort - and that is what makes this great!!  YOU and the SND Family united for Dobes!!
Mars Martin
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Helping Dobes Everyday!

Special Needs Dobermans cares for Dobermans in need, one at a time. We have raised and spent more than a half million dollars to help Dobes. SND is a small group of volunteers backed by an army of people whose dedication, affection and loyalty to the Doberman is unsurpassed. every penny donated to SND goes directly to help the dogs.
About half of our funds are spent supporting dogs whose owners are overwhelmed by the sudden and substantial cost of fighting illness or injury that might otherwise lead to a decision to euthanize simply for financial reasons. The other half goes to dogs being cared for by rescue groups facing the same heart-rending choice.
Thanks to your support, SND is able to offer these dogs a chance at survival and a high quality of life based on decisions made for the benefit of the dog, not an individual's budget.
Many mistakenly assume SND support comes with strings attached. Actually we ask only a few things. First, each case is opened with the completion of a simple application form that details the story of the dog, the nature of the need and treatment recommended by vets. SND often assists the owner in discussing the difficult subject of care costs. Because of SND's extensive combined experience of our volunteers, we are able to assure the owner is getting the best treatment at the most appropriate cost. Approval is usually available within less than an hour. SND commits to the involved veterinarian to help support care.
Then, the SND Army proceeds to publish the story of the dog being helped to raise funds to support its care. Web messages, online auctions and practical advice to the owner on how to enhance fundraising to support the dog are part of the "package" with SND.
There is one string attached, we admit. We want to know how the dog is doing. We want to see pictures. We want to share the joy of knowing how it all turned out when a dog is returned to a happy and healthy life. That makes it all worthwhile.  Here are some recent examples from our email - click on the picture and you will visit their page!
  • Debo!"An update on puppy Debo! He had his surgery which turned out even better than than his Docs expected! Debo is in physical therapy and making great strides including walking!! We're all very excited for the little guy who isn't so little anymore. Wonderfully, the clinic is gave us a 50% discount on the surgery, after comping the MRI. This made things a fair bit more doable and with our and SND's donors Debo has his chance at a wonderful life! Thank you all very much." - Chuck Vaile, DR of Colorado
  • Elijah!"Our extraordinary boy, Elijah, is doing well.  Vicky reports that Elijah has maintained the mobility he has achieved so far with acupuncture treatments twice a month.  Elijah visits the U of FL Vet School at Gainesville once a month for additional treatments, and next week, Vicky will have him fully evaluated to assess his progress and see if he may be helped further. Elijah is very happy and able to play with his Dobe sister, jump on the bed (and get under the covers...) and climb stairs by himself! I am so very grateful to SND for helping my boy maintain his mobility." - Vicky
  • Prince Charming!"Hello everyone. We have some updated pictures of Prince Charming playing outside in our yard with our 3yr old. Prince is really making himself at home and is so loving and caring about us. I was just reading about how clever these dogs are via your posts on how they line up toys and manage to take out 3 toys at once by wrapping them up in blankets and carrying them out to play. These animals are such a special and precious breed of dog. You have been so kind with your comments that I wanted to make sure I keep updates coming..." - Brian, Kate & Kids
  • Rocky V!"Hi, Our adorable little Rocky boy is doing great. He has been recovering very well from his emergency canine equivalent of an 'appendectomy' - He is back to his normal self, wanting to play with everyone even the other 4 legged family members. It's so nice to see him have his energy again to want to do things. These dogs are just amazing and they capture your heart. Thanks again SND and to all that I have chatted with so far - you are all amazing and we are very fortunate to have found the SND/Cafe group" - Susan & Sean & Pack 
Squishy!"Our wonderful boy, Squishy, came back from being paraylzed for a month following surgery for a ruptured disk.  We did everything we could on our own to try to rehab him, and although the surgeon said he could walk at any time, he didn't.  The $11,000 cost of the tests, surgery and boarding did not leave us any financial means to provide hydrotherapy.  Thank goodness we learned about SND.  SND took Squishy's case immediately and from the day he started his first hydrotherapy session, he slowly began to relearn to use his legs and rebuild his muscles.  It's been a long road, and Squishy was left with nerve damage to his back left leg, but although he walks a little sideways, he gets around very well and is living a full life.  June 20th will be 3 years post-surgery for Squishy and we are so blessed and grateful every single day. Thank you SND for giving our boy a happy and active life!" - Wendy, John, Brandy and Mr. Squishy


Misty!Direct Vet Assistance for Rescue Groups 
SND provides direct financial assistance to Rescue groups to help with vet bills.  The rescue group needs to immediately submit an application along with pictures (hopefully before the procedure has taken place and certainly before payment has been made).  Usually $300 can be made available immediately, and additional funding available as it is subsequently raised via donations and/or eBay sales.  SND makes the payments directly to the vet.  This is particularly useful to rescue groups who need the initial infusion of funds for a case, who need to tap into a larger donor base, who can use SND's 501c3 status to collect donations, who can use the funds raised via SND's eBay sales.  SND places the case on the SND website and sets up a separate fund for donations for that specific case.  Each case is for a specific Dobe and medical condition.
Oliver!Senior Dobe Project (SDP)
SND and the Doberman Digest are partners in the Senior Dobe Project which lists those Senior Dobes that are in Rescue.  This listing helps the individual rescue groups publicize those Senior Dobes that are available for adoption.  This not only facilitates adoptions but it also publicizes the plight of the seniors.  
Greta!SAS Payments for Rescue Groups 
The Sponsor a Senior (SAS) program was established to help the rescue groups raise funds to help with the normal upkeep and maintenance of the seniors in their care.  Thus, a person can "sponsor" a particular senior Dobe on the SDP list by sending in a donation ($30 for a month of sponsorship, up to one year) and those funds will be forwarded directly to the appropriate rescue group.  This program encourages the rescue of seniors by relieving the rescue groups of some of the financial burden, it helps with the finances of the rescue group in general, and it permits donors to target specific rescue groups and specific Dobes for their donations.
Yogi!Financial Assistance to Adopters
SND provides financial assistance to privately owned Dobes.  Some of these Dobes are recent adoptees from Rescue groups.  SND will work with the new owners and the rescue groups to help with veterinary costs for extraordinary procedures that the owners may not be able to handle.  By working with the rescue group the hope is not only to help provide the necessary care for the Dobe but also to assure that the Dobe stays in its current home and is not returned to the rescue group due to health issues.
Bandit!Financial assistance to people that might otherwise have to turn Dobe into rescue
In providing financial assistance to private owners SND is not only helping the Dobe but is also providing a viable alternative to the owner who might otherwise be faced with surrendering their beloved pet to a rescue group.  If providing financial assistance will keep the Dobe in its home and the Dobe continues to live with its people, mission accomplished.  Additionally, the local Doberman Rescue group is spared having to care for an additional Dobe in its rescue program.
Orion!Blue Belle!The General!Gypsy Two!
Recent guidelines announced by the DPCA's Rescue Committee state that, in effect, "procedures partially subsidized" by individuals or organizations other than DPCA Rescue must first be submitted to them (DPCA Rescue) in order to qualify for their subsidy reimbursement.  In reality, almost all of a Rescue Group's funds are obtained from donations by individuals and sometimes organizations (other than DPCA) such as SND. 
In practical terms the DPCA Rescue Committee policy means that rescue groups can get a maximum of $100 for a heartworm treatment from the DPCA Rescue Committee but cannot pay for the rest with monies donated for that procedure for that dog unless they apply to DPCA FIRST.  Given the quarterly subsidy submission timetable and since Rescue groups usually come to SND early (when they first take in a Dobe and identify a medical problem) and further, since they have not yet incurred expenses and therefore cannot apply to DPCA, the DPCA policy makes it impossible for Rescue groups to take advantage of funding from both the DPCA and SND in order to cover the entire expense. 
For example, if a Rescue group has incurred a bill for a $300 heartworm procedure and if SND has contributed $200, the DPCA will no longer assist with the other $100 unless the Rescue group applies to DPCA FIRST (usually not a practical approach).  It is up to the Rescue Group to accept our funding for the complete amount, OR, use their own funds to pay for the entire procedure and then get $100 back from DPCA - the choice is theirs - if Rescues can afford to do this, they should.  SND funds are also in short supply. 
To help resolve this dilemma for the rescue groups SND's policy now states:  SND will accept heartworm treatment cases from rescue groups with initial grants of between $300-500 with the understanding that the goal is that the SND support will cover the ENTIRE TREATMENT.  For advanced or difficult cases that exceed this initial grant SND will continue to raise funds for additional assistance.
Private cases presented for HW treatment are still eligible for assistance for a grant and additional fundraising as with any other extraordinary expense.  Private HW cases are almost always Dobes adopted from shelters or rescues with the understanding that HW will be treated.


              Ms. Lewis
Ms. LewisAbout five years ago I realized how awful it was that in every Doberman chat list there seemed to be stories about oldsters being replaced or just thrown out. The oldster was being replaced by the new young puppy, or "I can't keep him or her because they need medical attention..."  so on and so on. 
How can anyone not welcome the gray face and feet, the look in the eyes of these dedicated ones that have helped you through many things in your life, all the good and the bad? How can you even think of displacement for this loyal friend? We all, as we get older, need a tad bit more attention and, sometimes medication to make us have a real good day. The old ones are senior citizens too. They deserve all the wonderful care that I hope you gave them in the beginning to continue as long as they are able to enjoy quality health and life. 
I became angered everyday to see all these oldsters being tossed out like so much trash. I called Steve Martin and talked about my concerns. Steve and I came up with the Senior Doberman Project concept. Now we needed to make it real.  
At the beginning, the Senior Doberman Project was focused on promoting the adoption of these abandoned Dobes. At the time, I worked with for the Doberman Digest and I was able to convince them to give these Seniors page space. The goal was simple; enable the fancy to see the extent of the desperate plight of these Seniors. It worked! Suddenly, otherwise doomed seniors were getting a new lease on life, all thanks to the attention and to people like you. 
I do believe that through the Doberman Digest I worked for then and Doberman Pinscher Magazine where I work now (which gives ad space for the new Senior Medical Project), we have made a difference.  We now have 2 ways to help the Senior's through funds for medical needs, sponsorship, and adoption. Pick the Senior Doberman Project or the Senior Medical Project to support, or better yet, pick both!!!
I was the Editor for the DPCA Pipeline for about 5 years. During that time, they published the Senior's needs in the 3-issues per year newsletter. Unfortunately, the DPCA has decided to no longer support the Senior Dobe Project.  They will no longer allow the Senior Doberman Project pages in the Pipeline. This does matter to me. I so believe in this project that I have resigned as the Editor of the Pipeline, something that was hard to do. I cannot compromise my belief in the Seniors. They need us.
You can make a difference. Now is the time to do it. I challenge you all and your clubs too. Please. Just step up - go to  and sponsor ONE Senior Doberman for as little as $30.00 per month.  Or go to and make a contribution to those seniors with medical needs.  If we all did this, can you imagine the good we could all do to make the lives of the old ones better? They so deserve this. This is NOT about DPCA. It is NOT about SND. It IS about the SENIORS.
Let's step up and do something for the Seniors today. They do matter.
Thank you for your time.  And thank you, SND, for letting me write my thoughts as they come from my heart.
L. Michelle Lewis,
LeMils Dobermans,

ms.lewisIt is with no small sadness that we tell you that Michelle had to say goodbye to her own dear Senior Angel, Am.Int.CH. LeMils Ms. Trial CD, ROM, CGC. Rest easy dear Ms. Your light will always be here - another bright star in the Night Sky! 

In Loving Memory of  Ms. April 5, 1995-April 10, 2009 

Some Words From Rescue...
Liza!"Based on my experience, SND is literally a life-line for Doberman Pinschers. This is an organization that has no agenda other than helping the Dobes. SND is the best national-level Doberman organization in the U.S.  Thank you, SND."
Susan SchionningDoberman Pinscher SOS
"We are better able to do the business of rescue thanks in no small part to the unstinting encouragement and financial aid of SND.  Our relationship and association with them allows us to save Dobes that would otherwise not be possible.  All of us, rescuers and private owners, alike are truly blessed to have such an immeasurable resource and backstop as SND."
Chuck Vaile, Doberman Rescue of Colorado
Gypsy II!
"Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue is so grateful for the assistance SND has provided us.  In the three years we've been in operation we've taken in a few dogs whose medical expenses were more than we could bear.  In all cases it was so comforting knowing that SND was there and could help us out.  It made the difference between being able to rescue the dog, or having to leave it at a shelter to face near certain death.   
Whenever I mention SND to people outside the Doberman community they are surprised that such an organization exists and are very impressed.  I felt the same way when I found out about it.  The Doberman community takes care of its own like no other I know."
Jane Fratesi, Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue 
Cotton"When I was initially made aware of the new endeavor called "SND" I thought it could be quite a compelling and heartwarming cause.  This bold attempt to provide financial assistance to needy owners who could not afford the costs for their Dobe's medical emergencies was a mammoth, noble undertaking.  When I was told that Doberman Rescue groups could qualify, I was thrilled and, understandably, delighted.  There are essential required medical procedures that reach beyond the limited funds that rescue groups have in reserve; without outside support, the lack of financial resources constrains each group's ability to save those Dobes with more severe, life-threatening health issues. I am deeply appreciative of the efforts that SND has made in sustaining the work of DRT -our ability to adopt many Dobes has been greatly enhanced - which might have otherwise exhausted our funds.
Thank you SND!!!"
Carol Fama, Doberman Rescue of the TRIAD
Zeus!"As the President of Northcoast Doberman Rescue, I feel truly blessed to know the wonderful people of Special Needs Dobermans.  They have been a fountain of knowledge, and full of compassion for what they do.  We are grateful for their friendship and financial support that they have given us and our rescue dogs that have been in dire need of help.  We would have never been able to help these dogs without them.  They are very special people with a very special love for Dobies."   
Teka Clark, NorthCoast Doberman Rescue
Misty!"Misty came to Distinguished Doberman Rescue, Inc. when her situation seemed truly hopeless. An abuse case who had already lost one leg and suffered from pelvic damage which made it impossible for here to use the remaining leg. The expenses were almost staggering, but, with SND's help, Misty has had surgeries and PT to try and regain the use of her leg. She will be getting a cart to assist her and give her greater mobility. Again... I cannot express how much SND means to me.  We, the Doberman community, are VERY blessed to have your organization... Thank you for all you do for our beloved Dobies..." Susan Szyklinski, Distinguished Doberman Rescue, Inc.

A Fundraising Plea
By Karen Crosby, Treasurer
Otto Crosby!With the downturn of the economy, I know it gets tiring hearing the media issue reports of gloom and doom everywhere we turn.  As every one of us is feeling the crunch in one way or another, I thought it may be helpful if we provided some actual numbers and percentages to show how desperately SND needs your help in continuing our very important mission.  Rescue groups are faced with increasing numbers of Dobes in their programs, many with health problems beyond the resources of these groups.  Also, we are seeing an increasing number of private individuals who are unable to provide necessary vet care for their Dobes and are, therefore, considering turning them over to Rescue groups. 
As SND attempts to expand our services and assistance to Rescue Groups and private individuals (many of whom have adopted from Rescue) in order to help stem the tide of Dobes being turned over to rescue groups because of medical reasons, we are faced with increasing financial demands, far beyond what we have had in the past.  We recognize that we can't save them all but we do attempt to save them -- one Dobe at a time. 
It is absolutely essential that everyone recognize that SND receives NO government grants, SND receives NO funds from the DPCA National Banquet, SND receives NO funds in any form from the DPCA.  SND is an independent   501c)(3) non-profit organization with the sole mission of helping Dobes with special needs, private or in rescue.  All our funds come from the generous donations from you folks and from our own fundraising efforts such as eBay auctions, merchandise sales and raffles.

SND Rescue Assistance

2009 has started out with a huge influx of Dobermans needing help and the donations keep declining.  A quick study of the chart reveals that we are experiencing a significant spike in the number of rescue cases - up over 28% from last year.  Given this trend we're also projecting an accompanying 44% increase in expenditures to support Rescue Groups.  All of this comes as the economy impacts SND contributions with a projected 20% decline in revenue for the year.  This will present us with a staggering challenge of how to continue the necessary support for Rescue.  SND needs all the help we can get.  No matter how small, every donation does make a difference but we need each and every one of our SND family members to look into their hearts and reach into their pockets and help us continue to save one Dobe at a time!  We can do this!
Donations may be designated for a particular Dobe that we are currently assisting, for the General fund or the Senior Medical Fund or for a particular Dobe listed in the Senior Dobe Project.  A current listing of Dobes being supported by SND is available at and 
Instructions for PayPal or donations by check are available at our website
Donations of ANY size are appreciated - NO contribution is too small!!
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