March, 2013
Special Needs Dobermans Newsletter

We Salute Doberman Rescue!! 

Over the last 12 years, we have continued to pursue the milestone of One Million Dollars for Dobes Raised!!  As we begin our 13th year, we stand at over $860,000 raised to help Dobermans in need with your help!!

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Dear Supporter of SND!


As we move into Spring, our thoughts turn to Summer and fun in the sun and vacations for all!  Unfortunately, the need for funds to assist Doberman Rescues fulfill their mission never knows a season.  And so, we ask you to keep remembering these Dobermans by keeping us on your donations list.  Special Needs Dobermans helps Dobes in need, one at a time.  We take on the truly special cases that would otherwise overwhelm Doberman Rescues.  We help save lives. It is not cheap, but it is  worth every penny!!


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A Message from the President
Program Changes
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Senior DobeGent Gunther!
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A message from the President...  and Miss Marlee! 

Having passed another anniversary of helping Dobermans with extraordinary medical needs, Special Needs Dobermans is preparing to move into a new phase of its life. Over the last 12 years SND has raised over $860,000 for Dobermans in rescue as well as privately owned Dobermans. SND must now face the reality of these economic times and adjust our programs in order to assure that we make the best use of available funds to help the most needy Dobermans in need. SND's donations in this last year have decreased to less than 75% of previous years. The harsh reality is that we cannot continue to help all comers under these conditions. After careful examination and long deliberation, we have determined that the best course is to now narrow our focus for our financial assistance and fundraising efforts.

SND's response to this situation is to increase support toward the rescue community in two ways - by focusing on the Senior Dobe Project and continuing to fund special needs cases for Rescue groups as long as funds are available. The rescue community has been taking on much of the load as owner turn-ins have increased when owners decide they no longer will continue to care for their own - for myriad reasons, some more pressing than others. Meanwhile, Rescue groups are faced with the same increasing difficulty in raising donations that SND has faced. The economy has become a self-fulfilling prophecy for some, for others it means we have to redouble our efforts to try to assure some kind of security for Dobermans faced with illness and/or abandonment.


In order to accomplish increased support for Rescue, direct financial assistance to private owners of Dobes will be discontinued. Although there is no doubt that privately owned Dobes still have desperate needs, the landscape for private owners to fundraise has completely changed! With the advent of Facebook and other social media outlet, private owners can reach out to their friends and families in order to meet the needs of their Dobes. There are also a plethora of online ways to raise funds as well as to shop for less expensive vet care. For private individuals we will still offer the advice, fundraising alternatives and referrals that we currently do.


As most all of our donors have and/or provide for their own Dobes, while sometimes making their own sacrifices for their own, it seems as the majority of their donations are aimed at the Rescue Dobes faced with the most dire needs.


All of us at SND sincerely appreciate the financial sacrifices our many donors have made over the years and we hope that their support will continue as we enter this new phase. We look forward to a new and stronger relationship with the Rescue groups and hope that the private individuals understand the circumstances that have brought about these changes.
I hope you enjoy receiving our e-newsletter as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to email me directly at Thank you for your continuing support of our cause. Thank you for your continuing financial support. And most of all, on behalf of all the volunteers who make up Special Needs Dobermans, thank you for allowing us the privilege of helping the dogs we all love so dearly.
Mars Martin
Please donate, participate in our fundraising auctions, consider sponsorships and even include us in your will. It's all about the Dobes!!
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Special Needs Dobermans is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the State of New Mexico.  All donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
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Program Changes


For the past 12 years, SND donors have contributed generously and volunteers have tirelessly given their time, energy and focus to one cause - helping as many Dobermans as possible to see a better life. These Dobermans were introduced to us via rescue organizations, shelters and individual pet owners looking for financial support. We have spent many hours begging and pleading for dollars to bridge the gap from medical bills and amount of grant money.


SND began operations in 2001 by raising just over $1,000 that first year. Activity quickly increased so that by 2005 SND was raising over $100,000 annually. That level pretty much continued for 5 years but has now decreased to approximately $75,000 annually. This is VERY significant when you consider helping MORE Dobermans with LESS available funds.  SND is now approaching a lifetime total of $860,000 - a total for which we can all be proud.


SND, like everything else, has been hit hard by the prevailing economic condition which has become a self-fulfilling prophecy for many.  It has been very difficult and close to impossible to maintain the same level of fundraising activity, especially in light of the reduced donations.


SND conducted a close examination and evaluation of its fundraising activities, the distribution of support for private versus rescue cases, and the manner in which SND volunteers devote their time. Additionally, SND discussed the financial needs of the rescue groups with many of the rescue groups we assist to determine what challenges they were facing in finding adequate support funding. To assure that the reduced available funds would help the most needy of cases, SND management concluded that there needed to be a more focused effort to support rescue. The fundraising landscape for private individuals has changed dramatically over the last 12 years. The increased use of CareCredit for veterinary expenses, the advent of Facebook, and the growing use of "social media" by individuals seeking support for their Dobes have come together to provide many alternatives for individuals to raise funds where once only SND was available.


Like many other non-profit organizations, we have been forced to evaluate our future with honest eyes and put forth a new roadmap that we can follow which will allow us sustain Special Needs Dobermans, albeit smaller and more focused.



PRIVATE CASES: SND will discontinue providing financial support for private cases. The funds coming in from the owner's sources do not begin to cover their needs. The General Funds can no longer keep this arm going. This has always been a disproportionate time and energy drain on the entire SND group. Few private owners assist in their own fundraising to offset what grants have been provided. Some merely do not wish to incur debt on behalf of their Dobes as many of us already do. This change places the responsibility back in the hands of those who now have the resources to reach out and fund their needs. It's easier for people to ask friends and family for help than it has become for an organization like SND to raise funds from strangers for strangers.



RESCUES: SND is changing the manner in which we manage rescue cases.   We are reorganizing our website so that each rescue case will be summarized on the front page. The extensive individual write-ups and updates will be eliminated since our current experience is that the extensive write-ups are very work intensive and not productive for fundraising. When the General Fund is depleted, we will no longer provide initial grants. We will, however, continue to provide a place on our website for people to donate to specific Dobes to assist the rescue groups with medical expenses.


Our support remains strong for the hardworking Rescue groups. These Rescue groups need all the assistance they can get. We believe providing an active national listing for their special needs cases gives them the necessary exposure to raise additional funds. Coupled with SND providing a fundraising focal point for them we believe the Rescue groups will be in a stronger position to finance their operations.


SENIORS IN RESCUE: The Senior Doberman Project will continue its role as the only national focal point that lists Senior Dobermans in rescue and provides a platform for raising funds to assist the rescue groups in rescuing the seniors. This will become a major focus of SND - helping Senior Dobes in rescue. The rescue groups have found that rescuing senior Dobes can create a real financial burden. With the help of generous donors, SND's program will continue to provide monthly support to the rescue groups to help with maintenance expenses for these seniors.


While these changes seem drastic and significant, we are excited to start this journey. We believe that the revised structure and more focused efforts will allow us to do what we do best - help the most needy senior and special needs Dobes - those in rescue. There is still a core group of people that believe in this cause and are willing to put forth their best effort to help these Dobes in need.



Miss Karma

Direct Vet Assistance for Rescue Groups via the NEW General Fund Page 


SND continues to provide direct financial assistance to Rescue groups to help with vet bills for specific Dobermans in need. Rescues submit an application along with pictures (hopefully before the procedure has taken place and certainly before payment has been made). Usually $500-$600 as an initial grant can be made available immediately, and additional funding as it is subsequently raised via donations and/or eBay sales. SND makes all payments directly to the vet. This is particularly useful to rescue groups who need the initial infusion of funds for a case, who need to tap into a larger donor base, who can use SND's 501(c)(3) status to collect donations, who can then use the additional funds raised via SND's donations and eBay sales. SND places the case on SND's website on the General Fund page and sets up a separate fund for donations for that specific case. Each case is for a specific Dobe and medical condition. The Senior Medical Fund makes additional grants to Seniors to augment the General Fund grants.
Oliver Twist!
Senior Dobe Project (SDP)
SND continues our support of Seniors in Rescue even though we no longer have our former partners. The Senior Dobe Project lists those Senior Dobes that are in Rescue only.  This listing helps the individual rescue groups publicize those Senior Dobes that are available for adoption or only in need of Sponsors so they may enjoy extras which aren't always available.  This not only facilitates adoptions but it also publicizes the plight of the seniors.

Mr. Jullian
SAS Payments for Rescue Groups


The Sponsor a Senior (SAS) program was established to help the rescue groups raise funds to help with the normal upkeep and maintenance of the seniors in their care. Thus, a person can "sponsor" a particular senior Dobe on the SDP list by sending in a donation ($40 for a month of sponsorship, up to one year) and those funds will be forwarded directly to the appropriate rescue group. This program encourages the rescue of seniors by relieving the rescue groups of some of the financial burden, it helps with the finances of the rescue group in general, and it permits donors to target specific rescue groups and specific Dobes for their donations. 

The Misters Clark -- Gunther & Bob

Seniors enjoying life!!

 by Kathy Shearn 

Senior only in years accrued, young-at-heart Gunther has found his personal paradise. But it wasn't always so; Gunther's tail may be short and stubby, but his TALE to happiness is long. Gunther, 9 years old, was surrendered to a shelter, covered in lumps and bumps; no longer wanted, disposed. His "owners" left him with neighbors while they went on a "vacation," a vacation from which they did not return. They callously abandoned this sweet dog and did not look back. 

Gunther was rescued from certain extinction by the good folks at North Coast Doberman Rescue and then transferred to Forever Dobes Rescue. One of the lumps on this guy was diagnosed as a degranulated mast cell tumor--a big name for a potentially serious condition. The tumor was removed, not without a scare, as Gunther did a lot of bleeding from the surgery. Post-surgery, Gunther was nursed back to health, and went on to live with a foster family. Things seemed to be going well for our Blue Guy; he was loved, got to sleep in the warm house, began a close, serious relationship with the living room know, just like any other heat-seeking Doberman! But, it was not long after that, Gunther found himself being passed between foster homes...not easy for the youngest of dogs, and especially hard on our wonderful Seniors.
Here's where the paradise comes in: After putting out the call for a foster home for Gunther, a DobeAngel by the name of Bob made the commitment to our Blue Guy. Bob's house was already home to two Dobies and two Min Pins, but he decided to help Gunther. Folks who knew Gunther B.B. (Before Bob) can attest to the wonderful changes in Gunther since he's been in the care of his newest Dad: he's put on needed weight, he's made friends with the other dogs, he's better at the dog park. Bob says Gunther is the UltraSticky variety of VelcroDobe, and follows him everywhere. Gunther now lives in the country, near a river, gets lots of romps, has begun a new couch romance, and whoohoooo! he gets to sleep under the covers. See!! PARADISE!

And just when paradise is so near....Gunther was diagnosed with degenerative heart valve disease. It's not exactly that Doberman enemy, cardiomyopathy, but close enough. His prognosis is guarded, he's taking that long list of cardio meds that we DoberLovers sadly know too well. His rescue person, and also Bob, say he's doing well, but cardio is an expensive regime--with medication, X-rays, travel. Gunther's doing well--his last checkup showed very little backflow in his heart. He runs and plays (and irritates) the other dogs in his house. He adores Bob, and is adored back. Apart from the Green Fog (Gunther's propensity for, ahem, being a bit, ahem, gassy,) this special DoberMan has finally found the paradise he so deserves.

Let's hear it for our Senior Dobes! Let's hear it for Senior Dads like Bob!! To Sponsor Gunther, and for more information about him and the other Seniors, visit us at and visit Mr. Gunther here:


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Who needs a Dalmation?? 

Meet Mr. Boone Vaile!! Mr. Boone is the loving and loyal companion and Pilot Dobe for Chuck Vaile of Doberman Rescue of Colorado. He is by Chuck's side as he runs his busy and successful Doberman rescue in Denver.  Mr. Boone is as fine an Ambassador for the breed as you will ever see - as were his three Pilot DobeLady predecessors - the Misses Torrie, Tammy and Willow!! Mr. Boone is currently helping out by teaching some of Chuck's latest rescues, Misses Queenie, Missy, Nikki and Messers Bosley and Logan! Professor Boone is a VERY busy DobeDude!!  DRCO and SND are helping Mr. Logan and you can help too - both ways!  Click here for DRCO and here for SND's General Fund link for Mr. Logan

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