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January 28, 2011

* * * SND 2010 Donation Receipt Anouncement * * *

We are sending this letter to let you know that shortly you will be receiving a second email in plain text which is your personalized tax receipt for donations you have made in 2010.   As SND grows each year, so does the number of letters that we send out and the cost to generate snail mail becomes more and more significant.  Sending most letters via email saves us at least $700 every year!  We think of costs in terms of how much money it takes to help a Dobe in need.  On average, we designate $300 from the SND General Fund to get Dobes initial help.  So, these emails will save us enough money to get help for at least two Dobermans!  We hope you will agree that email is the right way to go - Saves $$, Helps Dobes!!

Dear SND Donors!


Thanks for supporting our Special Needs Dobes this year - here's what you made possible for these precious ones this year!

General AssistanceFor most of 2010, it looked like the economic downturn was going to seriously hamper our efforts to provide financial assistance for extraordinary medical expenses.  Because of your generous support during December, we are very gratified to report that Special Needs Dobermans enjoyed another successful year helping Dobes in need!  Because of our year end carryover from 2009, we were able to disburse approximately $91,000 and we hope to continue this trend for 2011.  Donations are slowest at the beginning of any year as people recover from the holidays and begin planning for their encounter with the Tax Man in April. 


As we completed our ninth full year of operation, our programs continued to expand in order to assist the ever expanding number of Dobes in Rescue and those that are privately owned.  With the economy affecting more and more people, the financial needs of Rescue groups and of privately owned Dobes became even more acute.  This has meant that the workload for the SND volunteers has increased proportionally as they strive to process the applications and increase the fundraising efforts.

Assistance to Rescue GroupsRescue Groups have been particularly impacted adversely by the ever-increasing number of Dobermans finding themselves dumped at local pounds.  For some, the economy has become a self-fulfilling prophecy and at times an excuse to give up their responsibility to their Dobes.  Because of this situation, SND has continued to shift additional resources in support of Rescue Groups.  During 2010, 76 of 100 cases assisted by SND were Dobermans in Rescue - 76%!!  Indeed, SND will continue to focus the majority of our efforts to assist Rescue Groups with non-routine extraordinary veterinary expenses.

Assistance to SeniorsSenior Dobermans are the target of two wonderful programs now.  The Senior Medical Assistance Program is a joint project of SND and The Doberman Pinscher Magazine.  The funds raised in this program make dollars available exclusively for the care of Senior Dobermans in Rescue or privately owned. The Senior Doberman Project,  which provides a "clearinghouse" website listing Seniors in Rescue seeking adoption and the Sponsor-A-Senior (SAS) program, is a joint Project of SND and the Doberman Digest.  Because of the hard work of our SDP Manager, Debra McMahan, more Seniors were listed by Rescues and more sponsors were found for these Seniors than had been in a very long time.  Rescues submitted 82 of their Seniors this year! There were 44 adoptions of Seniors in 2010 - the highest number since 2004!! At the end of December, 48 Seniors were seeking adoption and sponsorships and of those, twenty Dobes still needed sponsors.

In spite of the dire predictions based on the economic times, SND has thus far been able to adapt to meet these additional needs.  Because of your help, we were able to assist these Dobes needing assistance with extraordinary medical expenses!!  We hope you will continue to support Dobermans in need in 2011 as the SND team continues efforts to keep these programs in motion.  Remember to take a moment to visit the SND website at to get the latest SND news, the status of the Dobes we are helping, the Seniors in the Senior Doberman Projectand the latest eBay auctions.


THANK YOU for your support and a Happy New DobeYear to you and yours!!


For the SND Family,


Mars Martin


Special Needs Dobermans