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By clicking on our archived documents below, you will be able to enjoy articles from our past newsletters, press releases and print articles.  In Suda-Talk, our E Newsletter, you will hear directly from Sofia Higgins, SudaTonic's founder, on the latest company news along with articles by associates who are experts in various aspects of SudaTonic™ technology and marketing.

Along with our experts, you will also have access to articles by successful entrepreneurs in the salon and spa industry who graciously share their ideas on how SudaTonic's state-of-the-art technology will benefit your clients and your business. 

If you have an idea to share or a story regarding SudaTonic's benefit to your clients or your business, please let us know.  We invite you to submit articles, testimonials and pictures (with explanations please) to our editor Gale Simon at 

From all of us at SudaTonic™ USA, we hope that you and your clients enjoy a life filled with good health and prosperity.

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SudaTonic™  Far Infrared Systems are based on sound scientific principals using Infrared heat to increase metabolism.   Toxins are flushed out of the body as our exclusive  4-zone Far Infrared Blanket is used in conjunction with our signature SudaTone Creams.  With the SudaTonic™ Infrared System, improvements are also notable in skin appearance and texture, weight loss, reduction of cellulite and stretch marks, along with the benefits of a totally relaxing experience for our clients.

SudaTonic™ USA also offers Far Infrared Body Wrap Systems (Self Service) for Tan Salons.

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