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October 2011


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see opportunity where others  

do not.   


Listen to the concerns of others.  


(They may have thought of something you haven't.)   


But, trust your own judgment and believe in  

your own idea.    


If you don't,  

who will?  

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Hello Friends,


Can you believe how fast this year has gone? It seems like just yesterday that  we were packing up our booth from the June IECSC at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  We gave demonstrations, answered questions, passed out our marketing materials, and had loads and loads of FUN!   


One of the best things about the Sudatonic™ business is the people we get to meet from all over the world.  It is exciting and humbling at the same time to know that we are all really so much alike, whether we wake up in Cairo or Colorado Springs, New Deli or New York.  Men and women all over the world want to look and feel their best, no matter where the economic rollercoaster may be at any give moment.  After all, the healthier we are, the more effectively we can handle or even avoid many of the stresses in life.   


As you know, we moved the Sudatonic™ headquarters to Las Vegas last year, and last month we moved into a new building in Henderson, NV.  Even in economic times like these Sudatonic™ is growing because people from ALL walks of life are discovering more and more about the benefits of infrared heat and "the word" is spreading.


Exciting news!  Start making your plans now to come to this year's Sudatonic™ Conference at the fabulous M Resort and Casino. It will be for two days only, October 23rd and 24th. Registration is limited because we are going to have hands on training and certification for everyone.  You'll learn the latest tips, techniques and best practices so you can leave feeling confident in your ability to provide clients the utmost in benefits from their infrared sessions. 


Sudatonic™ will continue to offer quality products as long as people still want and need to take care of themselves. We work hard, and take pride in not only having the best in infrared systems available, but also in our excellent customer service.  Please feel free to call, email or write to us anytime. We would love to hear how you are doing and how the Sudatonic™ Infrared System is working for you.  


Remember to set aside just two days in October for a bit of luxury, learning and good times with like-minded people. 


Talk to you soon,



Sofia Higgins
Sudatonic™ USA

1. two days

Wine tasting, restaurants, spa, incredible views, gaming, entertainment. . . and the  

2011 Sudatonic™ Conference. .. at the new, beautiful, amazing, M Resort & Casino!


This year we'll focus on providing "hands on" training and skill building sessions for  

administering the Sudatonic™ treatment, with certification, and lively discussions  

regarding best practices and marketing strategies.


More details on this event sent to you in the next few days. Registration is limited to  

this event so start making your plans today! See you soon!   

Call 702-589-4733 to reserve your spot.

Watch for Details on This  

Very Special Engagement!



Sudatonic™ USA Office Building

We are truly excited about our new location... it's beautiful and practical!  

If you are ever in town please give us a call and stop by to see us. 


 LRB-USA, Inc.  

(Sudatonic's Parent Company)


2831 St. Rose Parkway  Suite 220

Henderson, NV 89052


Office Phone: (702) 589-4733

Toll Free: (877) 684-5044

(24 Hour Answering Service)


FAX: (702) 589-4734 


good times

We had so much FUN at the Las Vegas Show! It was great to meet so many wonderful people, some of whom have been our clients for years!  Now we can place some faces with the names!  Below are a few pictures from the show, including our friends in the adjoining booth,  John, Peggy and staff from LRB Hong Kong. They carry the wonderful La Rose Blanche Skin Care Line that is well known in Europe and the Orient. John can be contacted via email at:   


June 2011Collage  



spa list

markt tiops


Fall is the perfect time to review your annual marketing plan to make sure you're spending your practice-building dollars effectively.


You can't achieve a goal until you set one. It may sound obvious, yet all too often, practice owners implement marketing ventures on a whim without a clear picture of a desired return. With a few months to spare before the start of 2012, this is the perfect lime to develop an annual marketing strategy and budget for the coming year that spells out your practice-building goals, what you're willing to spend to achieve them and how you'll track the results.


A well-rounded marketing plan encompasses a wide variety of marketing, PR and paid advertising ventures, including:


A Practice Website. Your website is a virtual brochure for your practice that, also functions as a virtual yellow pages advertisement. It is the key element in a consumer's decision to try your practice. Therefore, you want your listing to be easy to find and you want your site to be a dynamic, evolving representation of the best your practice has to offer. To make the most of this practice-building tool, aim to update and refresh your site's content on a monthly basis.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your practice website doesn't, appear within the first five to 10 search engine listings, it likely won't be found. Consumers generally accept first-page listings as sufficient, to their needs. You cannot effectively grow your practice without an effective SEO program.


Keyword Advertising, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Keyword advertising, including Google Ad Words and Facebook advertising, is the most common and effective form of SEM, because it is so easy to track. If is the single most mensurable marketing tool available. You will know at a glance if your keyword investment is generating a positive ROI.  


Here's how it works: You purchase a specific search term for a specific geographic area. Then, when someone in your market area uses that term for a search, your link will appear. If the user clicks though to your site, you are charged a fixed and specified fee. If you have chosen your key words well, your click-through users will be well-qualified prospects, leading to new patients and new business.


Online Social Networking. Social networking sites-such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube-require two elements in shared priority: content (reasons for people to come to your social media page) and conversation (reasons for people to become and stay connected). These take time and effort to hone, but social networking will not succeed without a generous measure of both content and conversation. One of the best things about social networking is that, unlike advertising or other types of print marketing, it does not require a significant monetary investment. However, it does require a time commitment.



Cheryl Whitman

CEO, Beautiful Forever
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