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from Sofia

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the premiere issue of our long awaited e-newsletter, Suda-Talk!  Beginning with this issue you will be able to enjoy articles from successful entrepreneurs in the salon and spa industry. These creative individuals will be sharing ways to benefit your clients and your business using Sudatonic's state-of-the-art technology.

This past year has been exciting as word of The Sudatonic System™ and the benefits of Infrared Technology have spread literally around the world. Not only have we had a great response in the United States, we are also established and growing in Canada, Europe and Cairo, Egypt with more countries to be added soon to the Sudatonic Family.

Recently, new studies have come out praising the use of Infrared Technology not only as a beauty aid, but as a health aid as well. I will share more about this later, however it is exciting to know that we are truly making a positive difference in the lives of so many.

Suda-Talk will be a seasonal newsletter so we invite you to submit articles, testimonials and pictures (with explanations please) to our editor Gale Simon at gale@theartdepartment.net.  In addition to The Sudatonic System™, you are welcome to mention other products which have benefited your business, as long as you clearly state that if anyone is interested in that product, they are to contact you the individual retailer, directly.

May you and your clients enjoy a life filled with good health and prosperity.
Sofia Higgins
Sudatonic™ USA

Our Featured Spas

Lima Salon & Spa
by Rachel Lima


The Sudatonic™ System and our Wellness products came to our salon and spa at exactly the same time. The one characteristic they both held was that both provided our client base with a detoxification program. Wellness products that we feature at Lima Salon & Spa identify with weight loss, increased energy, enhanced mental clarity and focus with the list increasing to total wellness.

We keep in house case studies that prove that by consuming our Wellness products in association with The Sudatonic™ System, many of our clients have benefited by experiencing double the results! Because of this, our Wellness company now looks at us as "the business model" in how to promote products from within and successfully increase the salon and spa's income immensely. We teach, train and develop surrounding area salon and spas in how they too can capture another income stream within their already successful establishments. The trend in our area is going into becoming "Wellness Salons & Spas." This is a trend that very well reach the trillion dollar mark by the year 2010. This dollar amount is being forecast right now by trend analysts in our industry.

When we at Lima Salon & Spa were first introduced to our Wellness products we had just opened. Vern's health was very poor and I was very overweight. We had just come back from a 3 week cruise in which Vern was rushed to the Emergency Room on board due to his blood pressure reaching 224/119, cholesterol rising to 834 and his oxygen intake was at 33%. The doctors gave him 3 days to live.

We came home to more doctors giving him the highest prescriptions available and stating that he would never die from a clogged artery or a heat attack but from kidney and or liver failure, due to mass consumption over many many years. An industry rep gave us Wellness product samples and in two weeks I lost 12 pounds, with no diet or exercise change. Twelve weeks later I had lost 40 pounds then then another 25 over the next three months. So, over a 6 month period, I lost a total of 65 pounds while Vern lost 37 pounds and cut his prescriptions in half at the same time.

Within that same year Vern was able to go off prescription medication completely. He also lost a total of 51 pounds and I lost a total of 81 pounds! We are now the picture of health! We offer this same achievement ability to all our staff and clients. To take responsibility for your own health is the key in any of our lives, but to be able to make a difference in someone else's life is the greatest gift of all.

Go to our web site and view all of our products available. You are also able to view my "before and after" pictures (I'm the first woman in the short slide show!). I'm always available for answering any and all questions regarding health and wellness. We are also ready to improve any salon and spa's services by offering a total wellness program for present and future clients. Our business is worldwide...anytime, anywhere with anyone!

Living to be Well!

Rachel & Vernon Lima
Lima Salon & Spa
(916) 489-LIMA
(916) 826-6469 Cell

Ageless Body Wellness Center
by Elizabeth Halvax

Hello Everyone,

My name is Elizabeth Halvax. I am a satisfied customer of The Sudatonic™ System and would like to share my experiences with other owners and users.

I established Ageless Body Wellness Center in Osoyoos,B.C. a few years ago where we offer a wide range of holistic wellness services. We had very good results with The Sudatonic™ System in terms of weight loss and as an unexpected bonus we are continiously experiencing medical conditions of all kinds be eased or cleared completely. Just over a month ago we introduced guided imagery in the form of NXTlynk PAD to The Sudatonic™ System and the results are profound. It exceeds even the most vivid imagination in terms of positive and measurable outcomes. The combination of these two systems is manyfold better then each on its own, in other words they have a synergistic effect or psychophysical integration.

The Sudatonic™ System results in weight loss due to it's well known features of increased metabolism and ability to safely remove released toxins from the body, and various other mechanisms that most of you are familiar with. However, at the same time the body/mind is put under increased stress in a relatively short time. This elevated stress level can be registered in the memory as negative stress creating a potential for procrastinating future usage. This is where NXTlynk comes in not only to calm and relax the body/mind but enhance the results as well as the experience created by The Sudatonic™ System. These two systems work together like a Swiss time piece.

What is NXTlynk and what does it do? How does it do it? How do you and your clients benefit by adding it to The Sudatonic™ System?

NXTlynk is a light and sound technology device that helps to achive a state of mind (alpha and theta) in just five minutes where intuition and creative thinking takes place. It is a relaxed, calmed state of mind that Zen meditators achive by practicing countless hours each day. Syncronized light and sound stimulation is inducing interhemispheric coherence which in turn entrains the central nervous system creating holistic integration in the body/mind. In this state of mind Einstein literally copied his theory of relativity by aligning with his creative mind that in his view connected him to the source of all creativity.

Alpha and Theta states correspond to a state of mind where muscles are relaxed. The internal communication throughout the whole mind/body is eased allowing for a harmonized free flow of energy and a flood of brain chemicals supporting positive thinking, improved immune system and liver function, and a feeling of overall well being. Dr.Patrick Porter pchychologist the developer of NXTlynk is adding specialized positive suggestions designed for weight loss, and covering all aspects of weight loss that by itself results in 1-3 lb of fat loss per week.

Our experience is that profound transformations are taking place in terms of weight management using the the two systems together due to a tranformation of negative stress into a positive revitalizing stress. The mind is expecting positive results and it creates positive changes in the body. The end result is a transformed physiology reflecting a trancended image of the body/mind.  An image of beauty, and a wealth of health and vitality.

Your clients are benefitting because they can achive their weight loss goal without strain and negative stress, easier and faster and are keeping it off effortlessly. You can benefit by first of all feeling good about offering something that works, that is backed by countless clinical studies done at well respected hospitals and clinics around the world. You can benefit by using NXTlynk yourself since there are sessions available for various topics including accelerated learning, golf mental coaching, secrets to the manifesting mind, and so on. You can benefit by increasing your bottom line in several ways. 1. Purchasing a unit and incorporating it to The Sudatonic™ System and charging extra for a treatment. 2. Selling a unit to your customer for home use so they can enjoy better, longer lasting results, and most importantly coming back for more treatments wihtout hesitation. 3. Purchasing a professional system accomodating 3-10 clients at the same time and charging them ($30-60) for the session in between Sudatonic™ treatments. This is for clients not wanting or not ready to purchase their own. Either way you can increase your revenue and be well respected by your clients.

For new customers we are offering 4 free downloads in a value of $120.00. Offer expires October/15th/2008.

For more information on the science of NXTlynk or how to use, how to order one and any question about our experience with these systems, or to set up
an interwiev with Dr.Patrick Porter please see below for our contact information.

To receive our monthly newsletter reporting our experiences and new press releases please indicate it by sending a request to: ehalvax@telus.net

Thank you for your attention. We are looking forward hearing from you.

Elizabeth Halvax
Ageless Body Wellness Center
email: ehalvax@telus.net
Web Address: www.newrealitybiz.com/padinfo.asp
New To The Sudatonic™ Family
Congratulations and welcome to The Sudatonic™ Family!

You've made an excellent choice in choosing The Sudatonic™ System, a product on the cutting edge of the health and wellness industry. You will find Sudatonic™ will sell itself as word gets out that you have this desirable system.

We look forward to serving you and getting to know you.

Slim Sure .........................................................................Cairo, Egypt
Urban Body Clinic ...................................................Alberta, Canada
Vermont Laser Medical Spa........................Los Angeles, California
Spa Sole..........................................................San Francisco, California
Emerge Medi Spa.........................................San Francisco, California
Avra Organic Spa.........................................San Francisco, California
Beautiful by Design............................................San Jose, California
Body Tech Med Spa..............................................Danville, California
Angel Presence - Healing Center..................Fountain Hill,Arizona
Relaxing Weight Loss.........................................Henderson, Nevada
Natural Beauty Estethics...................................Las Vegas, Nevada
Gateway to Health...............................................Las Vegas,  Nevada
Melt Away Body Wraps.........................................Richmond, Texas
Houston Body Wraps...............................................Houston, Texas
Luminaire Laser Center..............................................Plano, Texas
Total Transformation............................................Monroe, Louisiana
Longevity Health Center.................................Shreveport, Louisiana
Luminesa Medi Spa............................................New York, New York 

Hear From Our Experts...

Getting The Best Results
 by Christi Wigle

Everyone wants to provide results for their clients, because in this industry, results equal revenue! But many of us question how to make the most from The Sudatonic™ Slimming System. How are other spas getting such fabulous results while others are trying to grasp the purpose?

Getting the best results with Sudatonic™ starts with one simple step: a proper consultation, helping you to know your clients' medical history and everything affecting their ability or inability to respond to the treatments. For example, if your client has IBS and can't seem to lose anything around the mid-setion, or if they are having post-menapausal symptoms with a sluggish metabolism. Each of these medical issues are common and will probably be discussed often with your clients. But the consultation will probably be one of the most important conversations you will ever have with your client.

Never underestimate how powerful this consultation can be to your client's success. Without knowledge, we fail to move forward in life. Without pinpointing the internal factors affecting your client's health their level of results and their satisfaction with your program may not reach full potential. It is important for your client to understand that The Sudatonic™ System will not cure them of their health issues, but it will help their efforts to live a healthier life. Discussing any health concerns will increase awareness of factors attributing to their inablility to reach their wellness goals. Many times addressing those nagging "issues" with their physician will help you achieve greater results in your Sudatonic™ program.

The Sudatonic™ Slimming System can help our clients achieve their goals... but getting the absolute best results starts with your consultation. Make the most of your Client Assessment time to help your client get the most from their Sudatonic™ Treatments. They'll thank you for it!
Please feel free to contact Christi at:
Phone: 423-273-2299
e-mail: dcwigle@yahoo.com
Web Address: www.justforspas.com

 by Christina Morrin

I would like to introduce myself, I'm Christina Morrin, Account Manager for elementals™ Health & Wellness.  We are a young, enthusiastic company dedicated to offering an effective, affordable Body Wellness and Weight Management program.  Our system supports your body inside and out so you can look good and feel better every day using:
         Metabolic Testing which determines the number of calories your body burns at rest each day with 98.7% gold standard accuracy. 
         Customized Online Meal Planning which is user-friendly and created by Registered Dieticians. 
         Premium Grade Nutraceuticals formulated in world-class, GMP-certified facilities using guaranteed potent and pure ingredients.
For more details, visit us on the web at www.elementalswellness.com
If you give me a call and mention Sudatonic™, I will send you a complimentary Meal Plan to try yourself and to learn more about this great tool that is helping people learn how to eat a healthy balanced diet, reach their weight management goals and improve their overall well-being and vitality.

To Contact Christina:
e-mail: cmorrin@elementalswellness.com
Web Address: www.elementalswellness.com
What's In Your Fat?
A Toxic Waste Dump!
Excerpt from Article by Donna Dodier
Donna Dodier's background involves Skincare/ Esthetics in New England and Florida, frequent guest on Health Talk Radio, 20 years of researching alternatives and holistic medicine, nutrition, lectures on woman's health concerns, anti-aging solutions.

Most fat has no circulation running through it to metabolize toxins. The more muscle you have the less places you have to store these awful substances. Muscle is highly metabolic. Cellulite is basically fat, water and toxins with little or no circulation. Feel an area where you have excess fat, the buttocks or the love handles, it is usually colder than say your neck, or muscular area on the leg.  Having a sluggish metabolism will cause areas of body fat that will act as storage houses of ugly little toxic demons. Very bad. Think to yourself, if toxic waste stays in my body then it harbors sickness and disease. Oh, and the final spawn of the devil, it causes us to AGE!!


Infrared heat blankets and saunas are a great addition to spas and wellness centers- for weight loss, pain relief, detox and total body relaxation. As a matter of a fact in 1998 the FDA approved the use of infrared light therapy as a means for pain relief and muscle aches. The reason why it is so good for detoxification is the same reason why it is good for pain relief and circulation - oxygen and blood flow nourish, cleanse and give a better metabolism. In fact, a
Seattle-based neurologist conducted a study to find out just how dramatic the difference is between conventional and infrared saunas. Lab test results showed that the sweat of people using a regular sauna was 95-97% water while the infrared produced 80-85% water, and the non-water portion being cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid!

Utilizing infrared technology can be very satisfying and amazingly profitable. Consumers are more and more health conscious and the baby boomer market wants "feel good, look good" treatments.  It is satisfying to the therapist to offer infrared because of the health benefits.  The latest in infrared technology can boost sales but also offer remarkable means to a healthy detoxification, which in itself leads to health and well being!

Good Health and Wellness to Everyone,

Donna Dodier
Boca Raton, Florida

Donna can be reached at:
e-mail: keywestluv@hotmail.com
Phone: 561-886-8427
The New Best Thing
 by Debbie from Michigan

With weight loss crazes and fads coming and going, it's important to know what works. Many people are trying body wraps and liposuction to jump-start weight loss and get in shape. But there is a new treatment that not only firms the skin, it also detoxifies impurities in the body.

This new system is called Sudatonic™ and I am completely sold. The Sudatonic™ System is known as the one and only fat loss system of its kind. Many times when people are overweight or have cellulite they can't seem to get rid of regardless of how much they work out, it is because of fat isolated from the circulatory system. The Sudatonic™ System works to improve circulation and force the body to use stored fat mass as energy to fuel the body.

Starting with a masage using a barrier cream that makes sweating difficult, the system forces fat cells to release fatty acids in order to provide energy needed to push perspiration through the body.

The New You Body Wraps in Utica is one of the only facilities in Michigan to begin offering
The Sudatonic™ System. Licensed estehtician, Rimma Smelynansky works with The New You providing this state-of-the-art system.
Having gone to The New You previously for a body wrap, I was familiar with the way normal systems are at the body wrap center. Once you're down to your undergarments, Smelynansky gives a full body massage using the barrier cream over your entire body. She then use a cream specific for the trouble areas on the body. I, of course, had her use the specific cream all over!

After all the cream is massaged into the body it begins to stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation. The massage is followed by lying in the FIR System. The Sudatonic™ System utilizes FAR infrared Energy. FIR reactivates normal cell function penetrating deep within the skin, muscle,  bone and organs increasing blood circulation. The entire therapeutic heat system detoxifies the body while increasing body core temperature and even helps with pain relief.

While lying in the Sudatonic™ wrap, I was surrounded by soothing music with the lights turned down. While relaxing it feels like a blanket sauna, I was not only cleansing my body, I also lost four pounds! Jump-starting weight loss has never been so easy and my skin was tight and smooth.

If you're looking for a way to help with weight loss, or just detoxify your system with a relaxing treatment, Sudatonic™ is the thing to try. In combination with body wraps, The New You has been able to transform client's bodies, helping with diet and exercise programs and cleansing the system.

* See The New You below as featured in the Macomb Daily.

To Contact Debbie;


American Spa Magazine


American Spa Magazine featured The SUDATONIC ™ SYSTEM offered by Body Feel Good Studio in New York City, as an effective way to lose inches and reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and sagging skin... "leaving clients looking and feeling slimmer."
Macomb Daily, Michigan

all wrapped up

Sud Girl 5

February - Day Spa Expo...................Las Vegas, Nevada
March - Spa & Resort Expo............Los Angeles, California
- International Esthetics & Spa Conference
...............................................................Las Vegas, Nevada
May & August - Seminars To Showcase Sudatonic™
............Del Ray Beach, Florida and San Francisco, California

We are planning to attend in the upcoming months;
November 2 & 3
- Southern Spa & Salon Conference   ................................................................Hickory, North Carolina
Introducing Gale Simon


At Sofia's request, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gale Simon/Lange and I will be editing and producing the Suda -Talk Newsletter.

Our goal with this newsletter is to have a place where we can share creative thoughts and practices with each other, making your investment in The Sudatonic™ System as fun and rewarding as possible.

If I can be of any assistance please let me know. You are welcome to submit articles and images to me at the e-mail address listed at the end of this letter.

A brief history of myself is that I have been an artist, writer, and designer most of my life. At 12 years of age I was awarded an art scholarship to the state university. In the 90's I opened an art gallery in Old Town Temecula, California and I've had my paintings and sculptures in many galleries, including the Laguna Arts Festival. I have painted murals and created wall treatments for homes, business and churches. My design work is as varied as designing wall sculptures and weather vanes for a blacksmith, to designing children's toys and clothing. I worked for years in the movie industry doing artwork and graphic design. One art piece I did for a Hallmark movie is now in the Hallmark Hall of Fame Museum and another is in the Marilyn Monroe Museum.

I've had three books published, and I've edited, Illustrated and produced books for others. I produced a four color monthly magazine for five years and in 1995 along with my partner (now husband) Don Lange, opened The Art Department, a graphic design and advertising studio. Together we've handled the design work, advertising and marketing for clients from all walks of life. For me, being creative keeps my eyes opened to new possibilities, opportunities... and fun!

Sofia and I met over four years ago when she came to my studio inquiring about graphic design services. Our friendship and my respect for her have grown over the years and I am truly honored that she has asked me to assist her with the Suda -Talk Newsletter.  

Feel free to call or e-mail for a quote on any design, advertising, printing, editing, or writing project you might have in mind. We also handle large format printing.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding Suda-Talk, or in relation to advertising/design services.

Gale Simon/Lange
The Art Department
951-698-1556 Office
Message Board
We are excited to introduce our first Sudatonic™ Message Board. Our hope is that this message board will serve as a valuable tool to interact with other Sudatonic™ Spas and allow you to ask questions about getting the best results for your clients and business.

If you have specific topics that you would like covered on the Sudatonic™ Message Board, please send an email to the Suda-Talk Editor, Gale Simon at gale@theartdepartment.net.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make Sudatonic™USA such a success.

We hope you have enjoyed our premier issue of Suda-Talk. Look for the Winter edition in December. Go to gale@theartdepartment.net to submit articles, suggestions, products or topics. We will be happy to hear from you. Together we can make this newsletter as helpful, interesting and fun as possible.

If you don't have The Sudatonic™ System and would like to learn more about it, you can go to www.sudatonicusa.com or e-mail us at: sudatonic@msnm.com.
We will gladly answer any questions you may have and if you mention the Suda-Talk Newsletter, we will give you a 10% discount on your Sudatonic™ System Purchase.

If you are already a Sudatonic™ System owner and you would like some help improving your business, then send your questions and comments to us at: sudatonic@msn.com. We will contact you and assist in any way we can.
Sofia Higgins
Sudatonic™ System