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Hello Friends,


Starting the New Year in our Las Vegas headquarters was truly exciting, but my trip to Hong Kong in February was an experience I'll never forget!  As you may know, our Sudatonic™ Infrared System uses the famous French creams developed and produced by La Rose Blanche™.  I've been to the La Rose Blanche™ headquarters in France, so I was extremely interested in also visiting their Hong Kong division.


La Rose Blanche™ Skin Care is extremely popular in China, Japan and a growing list of other Asian countries. On a tour of the La Rose Blanche™ headquarters in Hong Kong I was excited to learn more about their products and was graciously treated to a facial and other products on the LRB™ skin care line. Was I impressed!  

I could really see the difference happening to my skin right before my eyes!


Please take a peek at the pictures I've included below of the festivities for the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, hosted by the Hong Kong Division of La Rose Blanche™.  I had a great time on my trip, met many wonderful people and came home with an increased knowledge of the great work being done by La Rose Blanche™.


It surprises me sometimes how fast Sudatonic™ USA is growing, and how once the general public uses our system they get so excited about the results, ease of use and affordability of treatments, that they start asking for it wherever they go.  Often spa owners contact us about purchasing the Sudatonic™ USA system because they have clients asking for it after trying the system just once somewhere else!  No matter what the country or language, that translates to great profit potential!


Since we are on the subject of countries, we've recently added three new international clients to our family; Wrap & Roll Body Styling in Vienna Austria, Europe, Elite Beauty Spa in Sierra Leone, Africa and Tanu Health & Beauty in Mumbai, India!  The Sudatonic™ experience is once again available in new and exotic locations!


As you know, Spring is "our time" of the year in the health and beauty industry.  Typically it brings us more business since people everywhere are anxiously preparing to look and feel their best over the Summer and Fall vacation seasons.  This Spring, our Sudatonic™ USA team is busy preparing for the "Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa" trade show in Las Vegas, (Yea!, our hometown!), June 18th - 20th at the  Las Vegas Convention Center. Please look for us at Booth #1131.  


This year we'll have some terrific surprises for you as well as the extra special treat of La Rose Blanche™ joining us as exhibitors for this show.  To find out more about the internationally acclaimed La Rose Blanche™ product line and to meet some of the company's talented people, visit Booth #1133.


In closing, I'd like to thank all of you who tuned in to watch our first Webcast which aired on Tuesday, April 19th. (See the article below).  If you missed it don't feel left out, just watch your e-mail for our E-Blasts which will announce the next "Spa Business Builder Live Webcast" sponsored by Sudatonic™ USA.  If you would like to join us as a guest speaker to share your marketing secrets or techniques, or if you have any suggestions of someone you would like to hear from as a guest, just give us a call or e-mail us at info@sudatonicusa.com.


As always, thank you for your interest in Sudatonic™ USA.  Please contact us any time with your thoughts, questions or comments.


Talk to you soon,



Sofia Higgins
Sudatonic™ USA



Sofia in Hong Kong February 17, 2011,

with Peggy and John of La Rose Blache™,  and associates


ap11HK collage 

Sofia attending the   

La Rose Blanche™ event in Hong Kong




On Business Watch TV!  


video shoot

On April 19th we were honored to sponsor the first in a series of webcasts dedicated to helping your business stay at the cutting edge of marketing and informed of new and exciting developments in the spa and beauty industry. 



Produced by Global Visibility Media Group of San Diego, and hosted by Jennifer Venable, our first broadcast featured two interviews with a focus on spa marketing and social media marketing.


Jerry Harpin, the founder of Caboodle, an on line social media marketing company, graciously consented to be our first guest. He  shared with us how our businesses can expand using social media and how Caboodle can help you build an online presence quickly and without having to spend countless hours away from running your business.


Our second guest was Paul Rhines, owner of Global Visibility Media Group.  He has a long history in marketing, and training sales people with a focus on the spa industry.   


Paul has been instrumental in helping Sudatonic™ USA to become a well known brand name, and he relayed to us how critical it is for spas to develop an on-line video presence.  It was encouraging to hear that the process is fairly easy to accomplish, even for those of us who find the internet still a bit foreign.


Our hostess, Jennifer Venable, may look familiar to many of you. She is our beautiful and talented spokeswoman for the Sudatonic™ USA website, and hosted the Sudatonic™ USA Conference in Las Vegas last Fall.   


Please check out our newly re-designed website where you will see Jennifer in a brand new, video greeting and introduction.


We hope you will be watching your inbox for announcements of our next webcast.  Please remember to add www.sudatonicusa.com to your address book to avoid our messages landing in your junk folder.


Thank you!  Hope you'll join us for our next webcast! 



Las Vegas IECSC Trade Show

Class by Donna Dodier  


Infrared Body Treatments and Wraps   

Low Investment - High Profit  

Sunday June 19th 12-2 PM


Donna Dodier  

Sudatonic™ Presents ~

Infrared Body Treatments and Wraps  

Low Investment - High Profit


Infrared Body Treatments are creating a buzz in the industry. For independent estheticians, a resort with multiple rooms, day spas, massage therapists, or wellness centers, don't miss out.  


No wet rooms/showers needed, completely portable, no messy bandages, stows away conveniently. Addresses pain, stimulates lymphatic system, releases toxins, reduces cellulite, lowers body fat, and facilitates weight loss.


Join Donna's Class on Sunday June 19th

12-2 PM



Congratulations and Welcome to

The Sudatonic™ Family!




June Tradeshow In Las Vegas!

B o o t h  #  1 1 3 1




LV June Trade Show





Thank you to all those who have stopped by to say hello to us at the various trade shows. We truly enjoy hearing from you and hope you will continue to stay in touch.  Please visit us also on Facebook and check out our newly re-designed website at www.sudatonicusa.com!

                                                                                                                       - Sofia