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Xarlene Choi
Doubled Her

In One Month!

"My girls are

happy because

the (Sudatonic™)

service is to much

easier to do; and

I'm happy

because clients

are buying

packages and we

are super busy!"
















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from Sofia

Hello Friends,

This spring was very busy for Sudatonic™ USA, which is the main reason for this newsletter getting out to you so late in the season. Word about the amazing benefits of Sudatonic™ is spreading, creating growth for our company not only across the USA, but now we are also expanding quickly into the international market. 

Recently I spent a wonderful week in Cairo, Egypt, consulting at the Slim Sure Salon, located in a very busy, exclusive shopping center called City Stars.
Slim Sure offers the Sudatonic™ System, a big hit among the middle eastern people who love the French Wrap!
Slim Spa lobby
               Slim Sure Salon Lobby

Among the new additions to our Sudatonic™ Family are salons in England, Sweden and Singapore. And as always our Canadian friends love the results they get from this treatment, as well as the increase in business.

Last April brought increased awareness and interest in the Sudatonic™ System through the International Aesthetic Cosmetic Trade Show.  We met many people who were interested in the infrared technology used in the Sudatonic™ System and were surprised at how affordable the system is and how easy it is to incorporate it into an existing business plan.

Please read the testimonial below under "Hear From Our Experts".  Paulette Long shares how her salon quickly sold 1600 pre-paid Sudatonic™ treatments by using the GroupOn site. A few of our salons have now tried this and every one of them have had incrediable success in generating pre-paid customers.  For example, a salon in San Diego sold almost 600 treatments, a salon in San Francisco sold 800 treatments and a Bay area salon sold 900 treatments . . . that's impressive!

Here is a discription from the Groupon site;

"Groupon started in November 2008 as part of The Point, a platform for collective action. We started Groupon to make it easier for people to enjoy the great things in their community. We do it by offering daily deals at unbeatable prices through the power of group buying."  If you're not familiar with it, go to for more information.

I'm so excited because in our next newsletter we will be telling you of great news and many wonderful changes which Sudatonic™ USA is in the process of implementing.

Talk to you soon,    


Sofia Higgins
Sudatonic™ USA

Our Featured Spas

Sudatonic™ Success
My Story!
by Xarlene Choi

I had been racking my brains trying to figure out how to turn my business around since the recession started.  I was heavily invested in the Mineral Body Wrap and could not figure out how to make my business profitable with that as my primary service.  Months went by, and I was adamant that the Mineral Wraps was still going to see me through this recession.  It didn't.

I had had the Sudatonic™wraps for years, but it was always a secondary service that I did not promote. However, one of my girls who had always raved about the Sudatonic™had lost a significant amount of weight. When I asked her about it she told me she had lost 20 pounds and it was all because of the Sudatonic™Wraps! In shock, I decided to sell the service to some of my clients. - They got great results and raved about how much better it was versus the mineral wrap. They loved how it was warm, relaxing, and they not only got inch loss, but also weight loss!

From a business prospective, it was so much easier to do than the Mineral Wrap. No more mess, no more bandages, no more extensive training of new staff; and no more cold exercising clients!

I renovated my shop to accommodate my 2 Sudatonic™beds in February and DOUBLED MY INCOME ONE MONTH! I now have 3 beds and a 4th one ordered. Business has been booming!

Our clients also love the Sudatonic™Wrap. Our average inch loss with the Mineral Wrap was about 10 inches. The Sudatonic's average inch loss is 12 inches, with a pound average weight loss! Most of our clients are losing weight an average of 2-4 pounds in between wraps as well! The statistics are phenomenal!!!

One particular client, April V. started the Sudatonic™wraps on February 9th. She has done one wrap a week on average, just a total of 3 wraps. Her waist line has gone down significantly, her cellulite has gotten visibly lighter, and she's lost a total of 7 pounds... without doing anything else different.

I'm such a happy Sudatonic™shop owner. Clients love returning and getting visible results each and every time; My girls are happy because the service is so much more easier to do; and I'm happy because clients are buying packages and we are super busy!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on
how I was able to turn my shop around!

Congratulations and Welcome to
The Sudatonic™ Family!

You've made an excellent choice in choosing The Sudatonic™ Infrared Therapy System, a product on the cutting edge of the health and wellness industry. You will find Sudatonic™ will sell itself as word gets out that you have this desirable system.
We look forward to serving you and getting to know you.

Welcome To Our International Clients;

Annica@ Q-rera Hud Och Halsa......................Gothenburg, Sweden
Mozhgan.................................................................Winslow, England
Jasmine....................................................................London, England
Pin Ling ............................................................................Singapore
Marilyn@Gym for Women....................................................Kuwait
Spa Espace Nomad................................................Monreal, Canada
Yvonne@ Core Solutions....................................Gatineau, Quebeck
Elena@Essence of Energy ....................................Calgary, Canada
Elizabeth Armitage LMT ......................................... Kanata, Ontario

Welcome To Our New U.S. A. clients;

Lyla@The Palm Salon & Day Spa ..............Charleston, West Virginia
Theresa@Future of Health.....................................Fort Dodge, Iowa
Acra Medical Aesthetics............................................Miami, Florida
It's Permanent........................................................Monroe,Louisiana
Bella Vita Med Spa .........................................Los Angeles, California
Revive Med Spa....................................................Millbrae, California
Ave Laser Spa...........................................................Sioux City, Iowa
Shelby Twp, Michigan
Sharon Massage...............................................Cleveland, Tennessee
Janai Relaxing Solutions....................................Las Vegas, Nevada
Ginger@Slender Smith....................................... Destin, Florida
Lisa@ Body Tox..................................................Troupe, Texas
Joni@ Instafirm ......................................................Michigan
Changez by Chris
........................................Orange County, California
Tracy@Glamour Spa
Reno, Nevada
Kerry Massage.........................................West New York, New Jersey
Jamie@Skin & Body Studio...................................Southlake, Texas
Nelda@The Kneaded Body...............................Shawnee, Oklahoma

Sud Girl 5

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

iecsc logo

Florida trade show 2010

Thank you to all those who have stopped by
to say hello to us at the various trade shows.
We enjoy hearing from you and hope you will
continue to stay in touch.
- Sofia


Massage Magazine
March 2010
by Phyllis Hanlon
Excerpts from;
Promote Clients' Physical Wellness
 Infrared Therapy
Wrapped in Infrared

The Sudatonic™ System, a blanket that delivers infrared heat much like a sauna, is often used as a weight loss device, but it also relieves pain and muscle tension. According to creator Sofia Higgins, the blanket, together with a natural barrier cream and plastic sheet, promotes perspiration and re-energizes the body within 40 to 70 minutes. "It's like going on a treadmill to boost your metabolism and to sweat." she says.

Higgins recommends a series of six treatments: three in one week and three the following week, to obtain the most benefit. Thereafter, once monthly treatments will maintain those benefits, she adds. Full body massage prior to the infrared wrap enhances the experience, Higgins notes.

Pregnant clients or those who have pacemakers, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, skin diseases or joint replacements should consult their physician before undergoing infrared blanket treatments.

The initial investment for the Sudatonic™ System is $3,300 and includes an infrared blanket, 50 plastic sheets, a series of concentrated creams that last for 50 treatments for the average-size client, a step-by-step instructional DVD, manual, portable body-fat analyzer and marketing materials.

Massage therapists who purchase the Sudatonic™ treatment are listed on the company's website, so clients can easily find them.

Higgins suggest therapists who offer infrared blanket treatments charge the same amount for this type of session as they would for a massage session.

"The good part is you don't have to work the full 90 minutes," she says, "since the blanket does most of the work." Higgins points out an unexpected benefit: some clients might come initially for the infrared blanket system as a healthy way of reducing weight and may then become a regular message client.

Your Success With Sudatonic™

For the Beginners or Experienced Sudatonic™ Owner

 by Donna Dodier

Sudatonic™ Infrared Body Treatments are making its way into the hands of day spas, wellness centers, med spas and independent contractors in the massage therapy and skin care world. It does not matter whether you are in a large facility or a cozy little relaxation haven, the success of your treatment is individual to each and every client. Your success is our success.  Pain Relief, Fat Loss, Weight Loss, Cellulite Reduction, De-Stressing of the Body......all in one!!

Marketing Efficiently-
The marketing loop DVD we provide is an excellent tool for the waiting area, relaxation, or meditation room. The visuals will prompt curiosity and thereby promote your treatments. A small LCD viewing screen is available and is not expensive if you cannot afford an actual TV and DVD combination. Brandsmart and other electronic companies sell smaller 7 and 10 inch screen DVD mini players. The Toshiba SDP72S around $118, and the Philips 7 inch Model PET702 for $79.00. These are small but are a cute addition to an area where clients have idle time to see the advertisements.

More Ideas: advertise in your local Bridal Magazine Guides.Brides to be: get skinny, lose weight for your wedding and honeymoon.  After cruising weight loss. We know how easy it is to eat all that great food on cruises or on any vacation for that matter. Market your treatment for pre-vacation weight loss and post vacation weight loss. Pre and post holiday weight lossgoes without saying. Contact your local newspapers for a free press release on a unique slimming treatment. Invite the editor/writer to get a complimentary treatment to tell "all" in your community. Hold a spa gathering with wine and cheese to talk about your unique treatments, anyone signing up that evening gets a discount! Local Weight Loss Clinics and Centers-pair up with these people. Let them promote your treatment as a catalyst for their weight loss programs. Their client's are on the perfect eating regimen that will make the Sudatonic™treatment work even better. See if they have newsletters that you can advertise in, cost would be minimal but your reaching the exact client you would want!

Weigh-In and Fat Analyzing-
Make sure you document each client's weight and fat % before and after each treatment. Make sure you have a good quality digital scale and keep it in the same place on a level hard floor for accuracy (if placed on carpet it is not as accurate). Replace batteries as needed. A scale with rave reviews : Health O Meter HDL 820-18. You will pay $25-$50 for a high quality scale. Try eBay, Amazon, or Target. Also make sure the client is weighed with the same clothing each time (before and after), or with a disposable panty. This can make a difference between a lb. Some robes weigh a pound and some towels weigh a lot as well. If they weighed in with a towel wrap, make sure they weigh out with the same exact towel wrap.

The Treatment-
Getting through the treatment may be comfortable and easy for most-some love heat. For those that want to see results but have a hard time staying in the system because they do not like heat, make sure the last 10-15 minutes you are cooling face with cool cloths turning them frequently, have a light fan on the face after they start to perspire but not blowing hard as this can be annoying, make sure a little towel is underneath their heels, ask them during treatment if they are comfortable-communicate with them. This communication will make you be able to make this wonderful treatment an experience they will want over and over again. They need to trust that you are present for any reason they need you. Staying outside the door is fine, give a facial massage in the middle of treatment-cool stones are a nice treat. A mini facial is fine but leave the peels and microderm for separate treatments due to the heightened circulation to the face. Heat and exfoliation on a deep level will make them too red.

Give yourself 90 minutes from when client comes into room until end.  Massage therapists: the creams are "applied" Do not go into slow massage mode once your applying creams...this will take up too much time. You should spend 15 minutes, if that , when applying creams #1 and #2 making sure to stimulate lymph nodes.   Some clients start to perspire sooner than others so 90 minutes give ample time - this is not a rush- rush type of treatment.  We found that the rush made therapists forget to give client a large glass of water before treatment, or even forget  to weigh them or analyze the fat,  or forget to apply cream #2.  This especially happens with beginners-you are so eager to do everything right and get results and the client is also talking to you, you lose train of thought and watching the clock.....

Tip on Water- 
Room temperature or cool water is fine but very cold water can shock the system-just remember this tip. Especially if they want to sip water afterwards...they are very warm and the cold shock of ice cold water can cramp the stomach.

The fat analyzer (OMRON) can lose accuracy is client does not have efficient time to cool down. So remember to end the treatment by shutting off system, open blanket and give client time to cool down. Let them proceed to the bathroom, weigh them, apply cream #3 and then take their fat percentage.

Pre and post treatment-
As the saying goes try not to re-invent the wheel. The best results we see are with those that follow these instructions. Two bites of a protein bar is not good enough for a marathon runner or someone walking briskly for 3 miles-which is what the calorie expenditure is like with a sudatonic treatment. Iterate to them that they need clean healthy food/meal before -but not a meal that stuffs you. Soda and alcohol impede fat loss because the body will use these empty calories as energy first before tapping into the fatty acids. Coffee affects insulin levels as well and it is best to drink decaf the days of the sudatonic treatments. Encourage healthy eating habits: lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of water to flush toxins.

Promote your client's Success-
We get so many letters and testimonials of all your success stories. Document these success stories and spread it around the spa in a frame or a book. You must not forget to ask the clients permission with a release form. Photos speak. Take a before photo of the stomach, hip and thigh region- a front view and a back view. Do this again after their last treatment and place their weight/fat loss progress beside their photos!

Some potential Sudatonic™ buyers are going to local spas in various parts of the US that offer Sudatonic™ so they can experience the treatment before they purchase for their business. You may or may not have been aware that they were future buyers, they may have just come in as a regular client.  We have found that a few situations were not conducive to our trademark treatment and need to share some of the findings.

 We are getting word that some Sudatonic™ Owners are using other non-sudatonic creams/lotions/oils.  We have made these Sudatonic™ Creams specifically to break down in the correct manner with infrared. So in saying that, a client can possibly get a reaction to a substance in other non-sudatonic creams. The other oils or lotions may not be suitable to use with heat, cause damage to the surface of the blanket, or cause a skin reaction.

Some facilities are NOT giving a consultation or health consent form we have provided.  Everyone should have the utmost safety and concern for their client- this is just staying within professional guidelines. You cannot guess by just looking at someone that they do not have health issues, metal rods or pins, or any contraindication. Please have them fill out form and sign.  Although Sudatonic™ is effective and safe for most, there are safety measures to adhere to.

Another note is the fact that some therapists are not checking in with the wrapped client. This will not create a high client retention, they may not come back at all.  This is not the type of treatment to just leave the client absolutely for 30-45 minutes. Some may feel to warm, need to have head raised, cool towels and fan on face.   A client alerted us that one therapist did not offer ANY cool towels or fan and left them alone. They said they would not go back to that facility. This is not acceptable.  It also hurts you because some clients will not say anything, they just will not come back.  That would hurt your business.  We just want everyone to adhere to common sense practices. It is for your safety and the safety  and comfort of your client.

Please continue to share your success stories and any tips or tricks you have found so others can benefit!!!

Donna Dodier-Licensed esthetician in New England and Florida,
Educator for Skin Care Schools, Published Writer and Lecturer on Wellness and Anti-Aging.

Ms. Dodier works both in conventional spas and med spas, educates students in skin care schools, travels the trade shows educating therapists, and is a frequent guest on Health Talk Radio.

New Method of Infrared Application
Thermal Sudation -Less Work- Better Profit

by Donna Dodier
Excerpts from "Hands On Trade"

Part 1 of 2

Today, clients are more discriminating in the treatments that they chose to spend their money on. It is the "look good, feel good" services that sell in our modern times of the Dr. 90210. Whether you're a spa owner, an independent massage therapist or wellness guru-you are seeking the latest modern treatment to spruce up your treatment menu; a treatment for health, wellness and longevity.  It has to yield a new vein of profit and create high client retention, and offer less strain on your hands and body. Does this sound like something massage therapists have been waiting for?  We are speaking about the Infrared Body Wrap Treatment and it is creating a buzz in the bodywork industry like no other.

Body Wraps-Here to Stay

We are all familiar with mud wraps, seaweed wraps or the mineral wraps that make you feel like your back in time with Nefertiti.  Most wraps have not been scientifically tested or do they have the many health benefits that infrared touts. Yes, mineral body wraps have their place as a quick fix for inch loss but can be uncomfortable for the client not to mention the tape measuring, messy bandages and it may not be considered relaxing to many. There is usually no weighing or fat analyzing either.  Imagine offering your client a cocoon of deep therapeutic penetrating infrared, a 15 minute application of aroma-therapeutic creams that melt into their body as they actually lay on the table.. candles lit, soft music and best of all facilitation of weight loss, fat loss,  pain relief of muscles and joints, stress relief, metabolism increase, reduction of cellulite, improvement of skin texture detoxification of the skin and body and more ! (see below)  Once your client has one treatment, trust me they get addicted. The best part for the therapist is there is no wet room or shower needed, no messy bandages or tape measuring. It is portable with low maintenance, has a low start up cost and yields a high profit margin.   

Move over Traditional Sauna-A New Kid's In Town

Although "any" type of infrared is beneficial, its application is no longer a large box of heat but a horizontal "lay down" system using Far Infrared technology with a series of elimination compound creams that promote fat breakdown. It is now offered as a treatment with a hands on therapist not a therapy leaving someone in a box for 30 minutes. This new method is leading clients to a slimmer, more toned body with added health benefits. An application of cream is applied, and the client lies comfortably, falls into a deep state of sedation, detoxifies their body and burns their fat for fuel (lipolysis) - all in a cozy cocoon. The thermal sudation (sweating through thermal heat) does not make fat "leave" the body. Instead, stored fat is converted into fatty acids and used by muscles for energy. The heating of the body and need to cool down through perspiration must be fueled by energy, this fuel comes from the converted fatty acids (now energy) that was released by the fat cells. Not only is there fat loss and cellulite reduction but many added health benefits such as muscular, rheumatoid and arthritic pain relief, enhanced immune system, cardiac conditioning and elimination of toxins. There is an advantage of having infrared closer to the body compared to the conventional infrared sauna because it is a deeper penetration.  The conventional sauna can cause discomfort while sitting on hard wood surfaces, creating boredom, and for some, breathing in warm air in an enclosed device can give a boxed in feeling. There is also only so much you can charge for a "sit in the heat" session which is not really a treatment, but an "add on service."

In thermal sudation treatment a client relaxes in the gentle heat, the body is actually hard at work producing sweat, pumping blood, and burning calories. According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, "in a single sauna session you may burn as many calories as you would rowing or jogging for 30 minutes". Saunas have traditionally been used by European beauticians to help eliminate cellulite. Since the radiant heat of the Infrared Sauna warms three times as deeply as conventional saunas, it is significantly more effective at reducing cellulite.

With the new infrared body treatment the face is exposed for facials, cold stone face massage or scalp massage while the lower portion can be opened to conveniently administer a reflexology session for a double whammy in detox and health benefits. Results can be felt and seen immediately with the fat analyzer. This makes the client come back and purchase a series or package of treatments.   A little massage, aromatherapy, deep penetrating infrared with health benefits-all in a single treatment!

What Exactly Is FIR?

"Give me a fever and I can cure any disease"-Hippocrates
FIR infrared ray energy is a part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight, minus the skin damaging UV, which is why NASA spacecraft have utilized this heat. In Asia and Europe it has already revolutionized health and beauty products.  Far Infrared ray is a form of light energy from the sun. It falls within the same family of Infrared Rays in the light spectrum, but due to its longer wavelengths the human eye, just like Ultraviolet Rays, cannot see FIR. The energy is ESSENTIAL & BENEFICIAL for all human beings. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate, promoting better blood circulation, and the heat produced helps to get rid of body toxins and metabolic wastes through sweating.

The infamous cardiologist and anti-aging guru Dr.Oz recently appeared on Oprah stating that "infrared helps support health and longevity".  Doctors and health experts tout infrared for weight loss, pain relief, relaxation, chronic fatigue syndrome, detoxification and so many other health benefits.  Dr. Oz also stated that "infrared saunas increase blood circulation and that one session can burn up to 700 calories." He also seemed ecstatic on the detoxification these invisible wavelengths of light delve out of the body, not to mention the cardiovascular benefits for anyone, including those that may be disabled or simply could not exercise. The anti-aging and beauty industry is no longer questioning infrared's abilities to enhance their treatment menus.

Profit Tool for the Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist you are a special healing entity in our stressed, overworked, wired and tired society. Your hands and healing soul are your tools.  Utilizing infrared body treatments will enhance your bodywork, create a new vein of profit, offer a treatment that reduces stress on your working body, yet offer a new, modern treatment for your health conscious clientele. Whether you are in a chiropractor's office, med spa, day spa or wellness centers-adding this new method of infrared treatment will create a new pathway to success. Consumers are more and more health conscious with the baby boomer having a desire for the "feel good, look good" treatments for anti-aging, health and wellness.

Watch for Part II in upcoming issue - The Infrared Body Treatment Step by Step and Marketing to your Clients

Donna Dodier's background involves Skincare/Esthetics in New England and Florida, Health Talk Radio, researcher in alternative/holistic medicine, anti-aging through esthetics and nutrition, an educator, lecturer, and writer on Thermal Sudation and Photorejuvenation LED Light Therapy for acne and anti-aging of the skin.

For more pertinent information including science, referrals from those using Suda-Tonic method and marketing strategies on how to incorporate this method into your facility please call Donna Dodier 561-886-8427 or email

Hear From Our Experts...

A Great Marketing Idea
For Your Sudatonic™ Business

The Groupon campaign for our slimming treatment using the Sudatonic™ System was a hit.  We received 1600 pre-paid customers. The quality of the customers has been outstanding.

There seems to be a major market for slimming treatments offered at a good price.

Many of the clients are continuing to buy packages at the non-discounted price after they have experienced miraculous results, losing an average of 3" cumulative inches or more and reducing body fat in one session.

I strongly recommend discounted marketing programs using the Sudatonic™ System to get new clients into your shop, salon or spa.

For more information about GroupOn contact:

Paulette Long
Cellulite Center at Luminesa Medi-Spa
New York 

We received this great marketing idea from Paulette Long
of the Luminesa Medi-Spa, New York.
We'd love to share your ideas also... please share them with us.
by Sofia
Hello Everyone,

Have you ever desired a way to increase your business using the web, yet aren't sure how to attract more people to your site?  Perhaps you even have a video showcasing great treatments you offer, such as Sudatonic™.  Well, we have some great news for you! 

As a video sharing site, will make it easy to find a spa for those who are looking for one in their area, or who would like to find a spa near their vacation or travel destination.

So, get your videos ready!  Drop Paul Rhines an e-mail at: or call (760) 814-3255 if you are interested in participating, and be sure to mention Sudatonic™.  If you need help in creating a video for your spa, his company, Global Visibility Media Group, will be glad to help.

Sofia Higgins
Sudatonic™ System

Go to to submit articles, images, suggestions, products or topics.  Please put Suda-Talk on the Subject Line.

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The Art Department
951-698-1556 Office 

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