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It's just a few days before Christmas and yet we're sending out our "Fall" Newsletter!  I know it might seem strange, but we wanted to cover our 2nd Annual Sudatonic™ Conference which took place in October at the M Resort in Las Vegas and some exciting events that have taken place in the last few months.


We are happy to announce that Barbara is back full time with Sudatonic™ USA in a new and expanded position.  She will be calling everyone soon to update your information along with asking you a few questions so that we can find out what your expectations are concerning Sudatonic™ and how we can add value to our connection with you. Please be sure to answer when Barabara calls, or you may contact her at Sudatonic's main office (702-589-4733).  Any of those who can't be reached will of course be removed from our data base and website spa locations.


Our goal is to be a useful resource for your business.  And this coming year's plan is quite ambitious, but exciting for us all, because we're going to join forces with each of you to promote your business in your own particular area!  And, with the help of our expanding marketing team, we'll be utilizing many types of social media in new and exciting ways!  There will be more about this in the coming months, but we'd like to start by contacting you with a choice of free marketing materials for "Liking" us on Facebook! 
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Another addition to our Sudatonic™ team is Andrea Walker as our public relations specialist.  Find out more about her in the article below. Andrea has worked with many businesses both large and small and included in that list is helping one of her clients be featured on "Dr. Oz's" program!

We've already lined up some events for 2012 which are listed below, but I'd just like to put a plug in for our 3rd Annual Sudatonic™ USA Conference. When you get your new calendar or personal planner for 2012, please mark "October" as Sudatonic™ month!  We'll be giving you more details on it throughout the year, but jot us down and make plans now to attend.

In our next newsletter we'll be introducing the entire Sudatonic™ USA Team and also give you all the details on a secret that we've been working on..... the Grand Opening of our Sudatonic™ USA Training Center in Henderson, Nevada!

Thank you to all who have helped make Sudatonic™ USA such a growing and positive business.
I'd like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season.

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Sofia Higgins
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Walker PWS

Marketing Solutions, Social Media, Public Relations 



Walker PWS is a publicity firm committed to designing strategic public relations campaigns for today's businesses, individuals and organizations.  


Launched in 2007 by writer and former newspaper editor, Andrea Walker, the firm   

now represents small to mid-sized businesses,  national offices, individual talent and

nonprofit organizations.   




Andrea Walker 

Walker PWS, LLC





Detroit: 248.200.9006

New York: 212.726.1283  




Our Conference at the M Resort was WONDERFUL... with lots of hands on training, great speakers, gifts, good food, laughter, and the opportunity to learn about each other and form friendships!  HERE ARE SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS IN PICTURES...

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Make Your Plans Now To Attend!
Hope to see you there! 

New Clients List

Welcome to the Sudatonic™ Family!
Fall Spa List 2011

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Excerpts from Dermascope Magazine  

Dec. 2011  

Wellness, cleansing and detoxification are common treatments steadily appearing on spa menus. The one treatment that is winning the spa industry's attention and is utterly amazing for offering a cleansing on every level of the mind and body is infrared technology. 


Finding Your Star Treatments
As aestheticians and massage therapist, we are relentlessly in search of fresh, exciting, and profitable treatment modalities. The equipment or new treatments we stumble upon must yield desirable results, fit into the relaxation/wellness/de-stress or anti-aging category, be cost effective and most of all - have validity.  I stumbled upon my star treatment that has given that "wow" factor to all my clients on many levels. I now train and educate in the field on this new multi-faceted technology. Welcome the infrared body treatment backed by true science, cleansing the mind and body. Get ready to refresh, renew and feel fantastic.

MY Love For Infrared
My love affair with infrared began five years ago with the Sudatonic™ Thermal Sudation Method. I was in searcgh of equipment or a treatment protocol that could be creative with to build many types of packages and so called "add ons" to my menu. In our current economy, spending high amount of money on "one new treatment" or one piece of equipment that had limitations was not something that was going to work for me. I was price conscious and wanted my new star to be under $3,000. It needed to be easy to learn, able to create client retention, have multi-usage, and posses the ability to gain back investment within a short period of time. I came to find out that my money was well spent. My treatment/equipment met all my demands as well as my clients. If you ask yourself the questions below and say yes to one or more, than infrared body treatments will be a great addition to your business whether you are a single aesthetician or a large resort.

* Are you looking for a modern treatment modality backed by science to offer to your clients for anti-aging, health, wellness, longevity, fat loss, weight loss, pain relief, stress relief, cellulite reduction and detoxification of skin and body?

*  Do you believe your specific clientele would want treatments that address the above issues?
* Are you looking for a treatment to offer that has high client retention?
*  Are you looking for a treatment that can be paired with other treatments like reflexology, facials, facial massage, cellulite treatments, mud wraps, scalp treatments, et cetera to make various treatment packages for various price ranges? All with less stress on your working body?

Far Infrared (FIR)
Far infrared is the warming sensation that the sun radiates minus the damaging UV rays. It is energy that is part of the natural light spectrum and thermal energy that is essential and beneficial for all human beings. The thermal effect from infrared penetrates within the deep layers of tissues and causes blood vessels an capillariies to dilate, promoting better blood circulation.  This heat penetrates more deeply than any other conventional heat method and facilitates the body's ability to rid it of excess toxins and metabolic wastes. Medical communities worldwide, NASA, sports medicine facilities, hospitals and the military all utilize infrared for its many positive effects for wellness, warming and detoxifying and healing. This technology has finally entered the spa and wellness industry, accepting with open arms its powerful positive effects for the mind and body.

What Infrared Can Offer  Your and Your Client
For The Therapist -
A new vein of profit all on its own. Infrared provides an opportunity to be creative in designing treatment packages on different price levels. Its portability from sauna room to room or spa to spa, in addition to being a wellness treatment that "helps" people feel better and look better is a plus. It is a feel good, look good treatment.


For The Client - It is a treatment that addresses many concerns such as fat loss, weight loss, skin and body detoxification, water retention relief, skin cleansing, stress relief, cellulite reduction, toxin purging, muscular, rheumatoid and arthritic pain relief, enhanced immune system, cardiac conditioning and stimulation of the lymphatic system.     


Different Menu Options  

Skin and Body Purifying Session - This is for the client who want to purge toxins on a regular basis, who eats healthy, exercises and lives a healthy lifestyle, or the client that wants to begin a detoxification and healthy lifestyle.The client is in the system generally 45 minutes at a moderate heat.  Price Suggestion:  $55 to $85.


Pain Relief Session/Muscle Fatigue/Arthritis - This weened treatment is for the weekend warrior, the athlete, the gym guru, the client that suffers from stiff joints and muscles. The client can be in the system for 30 to 45 minutes. Price Suggestion: $35 to $45.      


Fat Loss Weight Loss - This is the most intense and purifying of all infrared treatments. This is the infrared body wrap. Weight and fat percent is measured, followed by a series of steps including an applicaton of aromatherapy essential oil serums and a deep sweat. Watch the fat percent and scale drop even after one session. The results are best seen with a treatment package series and can be dramatic. This new method is leading clients to a slimmer, more toned body with all the added health benefits infrared offers. The application of aromatherapy elimination compounds are vigorously applied to jump start the circulation. The client lies comfortably, falls into a deep state of sedation, detoxifies their body and burns their fat for fuel (lipolysis) all in a cozy cocoon. Price Suggestion: $95 to $85.


De-Stress and Relaxation - Drift away 30 to 45 minutes in a penetrating, low to moderate heat with a very light sweat to aid in relaxation prior to other services. This treatment places you "in the mood" and far away from the outside world. Should be charged as an "add on" to other services. Price Suggestion: $50 to $85

Prices above are merely suggestions and will vary by location, setting or having either a small spa or resort style setting. Set pricing according to your own menu. These are simply guidelines. The above mentioned treatments can all be sold in packages.
Move Over Troditional Sauna -A New Kid's In Town  
Although any type of infrared is beneficial, its application is no longer a large box of heat but a horizontal "lay down" system with a French method using FIR technology and a series of aromatherapy elimination compound creams that promote fat breakdown. Infrared can now be presented as a treatment and not a "hands off" session in a hot box. There is an advantage of having infrared closer to the body compared to the conventional infrared sauna because it is a deeper penetration. FIR is a pleasant warmth, unlike other conventional heat methods and its lower heat range is much safer than conventional saunas.
In a thermal sudation treatment, a client relaxes in the gentle heat; the body is actually hard at work producing sweat, pumping blood, and burning calories. With an infrared body treatment, the head and face is exposed for upgrades such as facials, cold stone face massage or scalp massage; while the lower portion can be opened to conveniently administer a reflexology session for a versatile detoxification with many health benefits. Results can be felt and seen immediately with the fat analyzer readings. This gives the client the incentive to come back often and even purchase a series or package of treatments. A little massage, aroma therapy, deep penetrating infrared with health benefits ... all in a single treatment.         


Marketing Know How
You can be the most talented massage therapist or the most respected aesthetician, but if you cannot market yourself or your treatments efficiently, your business will suffer greatly. In my travels as I educate therapists on retailing and marketing, I stress that this is possibly the most important aspect of their businesses. Educate the client as to why they would want or need a service, what benefits it offers, and educate yourself extensively on your treatments. Use visual loop DVDs and articles on the benefits of your services.


No matter the treatment, because of fierce competition in our economy, therapists must stay on the cutting edge offering state of the art treatments options. The market trends of today address anti-aging, wellness, stress relief and detoxification issues of the skin and body more frequently than ever. Infrared addresses all of these trends and can offer many options for both the client and the business owner. Remember that your possibilities are limitless with the right equipment, mindset, education and successful marketing. Be creative, work from the heart, let your passion be your guide and your success will ultimately follow.   


Donna Dodier
Aesthetician, Educator, Writer, Lecturer and Consultant


E-mail   quasarbeauty@hotmail.com


We'd like to wish you  

Happy Holidays & Seasons Greetings  

once again.  And, may this coming year be happy, healthy  

and properous for each of us!


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