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"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it...

Albert Einstein"






















































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Enjoy the holidays and still be swim suit ready! 



















































































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The Beauty Beast Radio Show 



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Sorry, couldn't resist!

In our newsletter below is a quote from Dr. Albert Einstein about energy. We can attest to the truth of his statement based on our growth as a company during the past two years, first by moving our offices to Nevada, adding to our staff, developing new products and by increasing our presence in the home, tanning and massage industries. As always our goal is to stay aware of how the market is changing so that our products and services will help the "bottom lines" for you, your clients and us!

This past August took us to San Diego for the first Beyond Esthetics Trade Show where we were able to cool off a bit!  Neveda is great, but nothing beats balmy ocean breezes! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to say hello! We made some new friends and connections which is exactly what we wanted to do.

After the San Diego Show, we got home just long enough to acclimate ourselves to the desert when we headed out again... however, this time not quite so far.  We participated in the World Massage Festival held here in Las Vegas at the Tuscany Suites & Casino. We met many interesting people, dedicated to helping others and living a healthy lifestyle.

We have found that sharing the benefits of Infrared Heat with people from so many industries (health, wellness, beauty and tanning) is truly exciting and rewarding for us, because we so passionately believe in our products. SudaTonic™ works well as a stand alone system or with your already established equipment and services and can actually enhance their effectiveness. Clients love SudaTonic™ Infrared Sessions because they can usually see and feel results right away, and just being wrapped in the infrared heat is so relaxing, they'll be coming back for more!

If you have a story on how the SudaTonic™ Infrared System has been of help to a client or to yourself, please send us a few short paragraphs describing the situation and any before and after pictures which we could use. Make sure to include all of your contact information so that we can feature your spa or business in our next newsletter!  We can't wait to hear from you and let others know your story.

Finally, the 3rd Annual SudaTonic™ USA Conference is less than two weeks away!  Tempus Fugit! This year's conference is going to be at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Our lineup of speakers are from the tanning, nutrition, and pharmaceutical industries, along with Donna Dodier sharing new and exciting directions in marketing.  We also have new products to preview, hands on training and certification and ... Food!  We'll be sending out more information on the conference this coming week. 

We'll miss you if you weren't able to attend this year, so please put us down in your new 2013 day-timers and calendars for this same time next year in Las Vegas. . . our 4th Annual SudaTonic™ USA Conference! 

Au Revoir!
Talk to you soon,

Sofia Higgins
Sudatonic™ USA
Office:  702-589-4733

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Summer is all tucked away for most of us.  
The beach ball is deflated, the suntan lotion is under the bath cabinet, and the crisp autumn air will soon abound. With the farewell kiss to summer we now come to shorter lengths of daylight, different food groups and a little more sedentary lifestyle. This all adds up to inevitable circumstances : weight gain, depression and sluggishness. We tend to be less active in the colder months and with the holidays amazing goodies in abundance such as the sweet hot toddies, cookies and home made gravies...what a disaster for our diets. BUT it does not have to be!  
Educate your clients about "clean" dietary choices that give energy, warn of the sugars and needless bad carbohydrates that can cause sluggishness, sleepiness, high and low glucose levels, excess water weight, bloating and weight gain. This is a great time of year to promote the detoxifying, healing, metabolic boosting mechanisms of YOUR SudaTonic™ Infrared System. 

Market your SudaTonic™  Infrared Sessions to the different needs of clients. 
Think of the healthy yoga client that goes out of bounds and eats a little naughty -they can keep themselves on track by doing a small series. Or perhaps there is the slightly overweight arthritic client whose bones and muscles ache from the cold. Then there is the "Bad Timing" client that wants to jump start a diet in the middle of "cookies, fruitcakes and egg nog festivities " who should take advantage of the treatment before Thanksgiving and Christmas so the process is already in action.   

Delight your clients as you help them to detox and de-stress with the SudaTonic™ Infrared System! 
Empty calories and alcoholic beverages do add up to feeling just plain awful. The SudaTonic™ Infrared System is an amazing hangover remedy as well as a detoxifying plus for all the forbidden evil foods that dance in front of us, ending up in our tummies and off to thigh foreverland. The time frame between Thanksgiving and Christmas and between Christmas and New Year are both excellent times to send out your "Post Holiday" cellulite and toxin remedy, and the Pre -Winter Cruise Vacation Prep Sessions.       

Many individuals vacation to warmer climates in middle to late winter. Hiding excess pounds is easy with that bulky winter sweater and jeans, but what happens when you go to palm tree islands and cannot have it to conceal the body? Get them swimsuit ready with SudaTonic™! There are so many ways to promote this amazing multi-faceted Infrared System!  Get creative and reap the rewards of happy, energized, healthy clients during this coming fall and winter.

Donna is a licensed esthetician in New England and Florida.  She began working with Sudatonic™ USA as an educator/ Lecturer/ Trainer after introducing the Sudatonic™ treatment to her Day Spa.  
Donna is a frequent guest on Health Talk Radio and shares her 20 years of researching alternatives and holistic medicine for animals and humans. She frequently lectures on woman's health issues, anti-aging through esthetics and nutrition. Her articles can be seen in various trade publications in the skin and spa industry and her educational webinars can be heard on Universal Company's educational website.  

Christine Wokowsky 
by Christine Wokowsky 

One of my favorite season changes is summer-to-autumn. The morning shadows lengthen, the air has a completely different feel to it. The sultriness of summer turns into the freshness of fall and we seem to have a new-found vitality and focus. Kids are back in school, vacations are over, schedules are defined and purposes are planned. With the change in the temperatures and the shifting weather it is important that we are armed internally in our immune system to keep strong through the fall and winter. Some of the surprising immune building foods are lean beef (preferably grass-fed or bison), wild salmon, legumes, mushrooms and pumpkin.

    *    Lean Beef or Bison: it's full of iron and zinc, two nutrients that help protect against infection by bacteria, viruses and parasites. Beef and bison are also an excellent source of the antioxidant selenium, which defend and repair immune cells. The leaner the cuts the better.
    *    Legumes: like beef, beans and peas are a good source of immune-building iron and zinc. They are also loaded with vitamin B6, which helps create infection-fighting white blood cells called lymphocytes. You can double the amount of iron you absorb from legumes by combining them with as little as 25 mg of vitamin C - the amount in 1/4 cup of broccoli.
    *    Mushrooms: Asian mushrooms - including Shiitakes and oyster mushrooms contain beta-glucans, carbohydrates that can spur the production of virus-attacking white blood cells. White button mushrooms are a rich source of selenium and riboflavin (vitamin B2), which help ward off bacterial infections.
    *    Pumpkin: this seasonal favorite is full of beta-carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A - and that helps create white blood cells that fight infection. Both the pulp and the seeds protect against infection.
    *    Wild Salmon: it's a fine source of vitamin D, which your immune system needs to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Eat fish twice a week at least, if not more

food chart
Christine Wokowsky
Nutritionist, Wellness Coach
Bus: 702-545-8111
Fax: 702-856-3264
E-mail: mycompletenutritionist@gmail.com
Website: www.mycompletenutritionist.com
"To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in matters that are not of this world."

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In the middle of  difficulty lies opportunity.
--Albert Einstein

Donna on The Beauty Beast Radio Program
http: //TheBeautyBeastRadioShow.com 
A few great points made by the panel during the discussion on The Beauty Beast Show;

1. A reminder for all of us to stay true to ourselves as a "compass" to guide us on our path through this life.

2. If we stay focused, "know our game" by knowing our service.... knowing our product.... knowing our nitch.... then we won't spin out of control in different directions which only tends to weaken our message.

3. Only two ways to grow a business;
            1. To get more customers
            2. To sell more to our existing customers

There was a lot more, but you'll have to catch the re-run! (Available on The Beauty Beast's Video Library). I can truly say that I was entertained, encouraged and informed! Kudos Donna!

Adieu Mon Amie!