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From Sofia Winter2013.jpg
Hello Friends,

Years ago the great Nat King Cole would sing out to us from radios all season long that during the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer we should take some time to enjoy the finer things of life.  Things like soda, pretzels, beer, the sun, the moon, girls in bikinis, romantic movies and lovers kissing.

Life today seems to be a bit more hectic and complicated than those unspoiled, charming days Mr. Cole sang about. Seasons seem to fly by without the time to savor simple moments which make up a life. I can't count the times I've said to myself or to a friend, "Where did the Summer (Fall, Winter, Spring) go!  And it's no wonder especially now with smart phones, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, texting, email, marketing our businesses, or being "marketed" to. It's a constant bombardment that drowns out the truly finer things...you know; soda, pretzels, the sun, the moon, children, lovers...

The point of all this is just a gentle reminder that no matter how busy we get with our our lives and businesses, please take time to just "be" and remind those who are important to you... that they are just that.

I was reminded of this song as I sat down to write and realized how busy we've been all Summer long.  We have added many new clients to our growing list of SudaTonic™ enthusiasts and have worked hard to provide great customer service. We showcased our SudaTonic™ Infrared System at two trade shows in Las Vegas; IESCS for the Spa, Salon and Wellness industries and the West Coast Tanning Expo for Tan Salons.  The turnout at both shows was far beyond what we've seen in the last few years, and we met wonderful people! Also this summer the TV commercial we shot with a local station was a success in bringing in clients to our SudaTonic™ Body Care Center.  The commercial is on our YouTube channel for anyone interested.

This Summer we also had to make a very hard decision. After much thought and consideration we have decided not to host a 4th Annual SudaTonic™ Conference in Las Vegas this October.  The conferences have been so much fun, particularly because they gave us the opportunity to get acquainted with so many of you.  We have appreciated hearing how valuable you found the time spent with us and how the training you received has helped in your overall skill and confidence as you provide the SudaTonic™ Infrared System to your clients. We may do conferences again in the future, but for now we'll have to meet with you on an individual basis via the phone, or in our travels or yours. We love showing off our new Headquarters so if you are ever in the Las Vegas area please stop by to see us!

For those interested in training on the SudaTonic™ Infrared System we offer a Hands On Training and Certification Course here at our Headquarters in Henderson.  Whether you are new to SudaTonic™ or if you would like a refresher course, please give us a call at 702-724-9898.  The course covers personalized hands-on training and certification, business protocol, procedures, marketing and any questions you may have. And, it's been designed to pack all that vital training into six hours for just $250. The cost also includes a nutritious lunch with refreshments available throughout the day. If you're planning a short trip to Vegas and would like to fit a training course in which will greatly enhance your business, then give us a call. We're flexible and can accommodate almost any schedule with some advanced notice. Sunset Station Hotel in Henderson isn't far from us if you need a place to stay nearby. Sunset Station has reasonable rates and good reviews.

To our friends in the South, this November we'll be at the Smart Tan Downtown Convention and Trade Show held at the Nashville Convention Center. SudaTonic™ will be in Booth #134 on Saturday and Sunday November 9th and 10th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.  We'd love to see you while we're there. 

One more item of business to share with you... our new website store at www.sudatonicusa.com will be completely up and running by the the first of September. Just go to the landing page and either sign up as a "Spa & Wellness" client, or a "Tan" client.  You will be able to buy our products directly from the site and as always, if you have any questions just give us a call.

Every so often in the coming months, as the Fall and Winter Holidays begin with all the preparations and excitement (...and stress),  take a mini vacation in your mind.  Go back for a few "carefree" minutes to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer 2013. Remember the warmth of friendships, the brightness of your loved ones smile, the aroma of the earth, the brisk smell of the ocean, or your hair being tossed in a light breeze on the lake. . . or. . . soda, and pretzels and beer!  Also, please remember that you are important to us.  Thank you for helping to making our business possible.

Talk to you soon,

Sofia Higgins
Founder/Managing Director
Sudatonic™ USA, LLC
Office:  702-724-9898

West Coast Tanning Expo for Tan Salons  
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
Tan TradeShowColl.jpg
Cindy & Craig Kelly
SudaTonic's Tan Experts!
While at the trade show Craig went "on-stage" to give away a
SudaTonic™ System as a promotion! Someone's lucky day for sure.


Disposable Body Suit 
New Packaging! New Pricing!
Cindy Kelly modeling the Body Suit 


$9.25 for 5 Disposable Body Suits in Pack ($1.85 each)

For Special Pricing ($1.75 each) on 20 or more 5 packs,  


Please Call 760-519-0971 or email craigkemail@gmail.com


Christine Wokowsky 
Autumn Detox for a Healthy Flu Season
Excerpt from Christine's Article

Often we think of the Spring as a good time for detox, or January - purging ourselves of all the holiday excesses.  However in my mind there is no better time than the Fall to detox.  The perfect time to armor oneself against colds and flu's through a healthy, well-functioning immune system.  I often marvel that each season with it's particular bounty is replete with an abundance of what we need for that particular time of year.  The autumnal season is rich with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seasonal fish, fowl and game that are particularly high in immune protecting nutrients; gut protecting enzymes and detoxifying powerhouses.

Detoxifying is a highly individualized ritual, discipline, protocol - whatever you want to call it.  It is dependent upon your present, individual health, dietary habits, and willingness to perform it.  You can detox with simple activities you do everyday, or it can be a more conscientious, focused  program that has a beginning and an end.

Here are some basic detoxification activities you can do that are very powerful:

  • A Healthy Diet - this is a great foundational element to begin the detox journey.  Remove processed foods such as boxed cereals, crackers, desserts, sugary drinks and industrial fats such as vegetable oils, fake butter and other artificial fats from your diet.  Eat organic and sustainable as much as possible.  Try soaking and sprouting grains, buy and eat grass-fed meats, organic omega-3 eggs and diary from pasture-raised sources.
  • Lemon juice in hot water, first thing in the morning -  I have known people in my life that swear by this; Italian women (from the old country) that have done this all their life and have beautiful, thin, petite bodies and are healthy as a horse.  In any case, I have done this off and on for many years and know of it's great benefits.  What it does: it helps to bring minerals into the body and removes toxins from tissues.
  • Unsweetened organic cranberry juice, not from concentrate added to your daily water intake - you should be drinking  at least 64 ounces of water daily. Add 8 ounces daily, splitting it up between 2 32-ounce containers. Cranberry juice cleanses your lymphatic system to help your body naturally eliminate toxins and bacteria and fight infection.  It has the added benefit of cleansing the kidneys, preventing gall bladder infection and reducing plaque by cleaning out mouth bacteria.
  • Probiotics and fermented (cultured) foods - I cannot stress enough how important the quality of your gut flora is!  We need to populate our gut with healthy, friendly bacteria - it is essential to maintaining health and is the foundation of wellness.  You can buy probiotics as a supplement, but make sure it's a good quality.  Good brands are BioKult, Advanced Naturals, Prescript-Assist and Biotics Research.  Fermented foods should have a huge place in your diet.  I love to drink kefir - Lifeway is the brand I buy as it has many strains of bacteria. Eat fermented veggies - pickles, kimchi, pickled veggies, - I usually always make sure I have a jar of veggies I have lightly pickled in my fridge - recipe to follow!
  • Omega-3, 6, 7 & 9 essential fatty acids, and important vitamins like A, D, E, & K from real food - these essential acids and vitamins are vital for health and detoxification alike.  They are fundamental immune boosters and assist in prevention of disease and illness.
  • Juicing - I will now sing the praises of juicing!  I have been juicing for years, decades really.  And it never ceases to amaze me how energetic and full of life I feel after I drink my glass of juice.  I go between two juices just for regular daily health and vitality:   Green Lemonade: 1 head romaine, 1 bunch kale, 4 apples (I like  fuji), 1 lemon - skin removed but white pith intact and 1/1 inch piece ginger - .  After juicing and placing it in a container I squirt about a teaspoon of Flaxseed oil in as it enhances the bioavailability of the nutrients.  Orange/Red Delight - a bunch of carrots, 4 apples, a 1/2 inch  piece of ginger and several beets (if you bought them with the greens attached, either save the greens to do with the green juice or throw them in!  More nutritional value - though it will turn the color more purplish and may impart a slight bitter flavor.  

           To read the entire article on Autumn Detox go to www.mycompletenutritionist.com 


If you are interested in a more in-depth and comprehensive program, or desire assistance in any area of nutrition or well-being, please give Christine a call at 702-724-9898.  

Christine Wokowsky
Nutritionist, Wellness Coach
Bus: 702-724-9898
Fax: 702-856-3264
E-mail: mycompletenutritionist@gmail.com
Website: www.mycompletenutritionist.com

"To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in matters that are not of this world."


New Clients List
Welcome to the Sudatonic™ Family!
Spas, Salons & Wellness Centers 
New Clients List 
Welcome to the Sudatonic™ Family!
Tan Salons & Fitness Centers 

Q. How many sessions can I give from the initial set of creams in the starter kit? Do I have to buy a full set each time? How much product will each session cost me?

You can provide about 40 - 50 treatments from the original set of creams in the starter set, depending on the size of clients that you treat. You can buy creams individually as you need to replace them and don't have to buy a full set. Regarding creams costs, it will run about 3 to 4 dollars per treatment for the average size client.

SudaTone Creams
So pure they have been given the USP's
Gold standard for purity!

SudaToneCreams & USP.jpg
Donna-augNewLtr.jpg (
Just a few weeks ago Donna Dodier was a featured guest on wwnnradio.com 1470 AM The Health and Wealth Talk Radio Station. This is the south Florida listening area but everyone can listen live on the website by clicking the listen live icon.

Donna spoke about how infrared effects the body and the mind, helps with detoxification and many health goals. She also explained how business owners all over the globe are reaping the benefit of creating a separate stream of profit while truly assisting clients in feeling and looking fabulous.

Please watch your email or our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out when Donna will be on-air again.  You can also email her with any questions regarding infrared technology.

D o n n a R. D o d i e r
Esthetician, Educator, Consultant

Q u a s a r B i o T e c h I n c.
C l e a r R a y z
Award Winning Pioneers In Retail Light Therapy

S u d a t o n i c™  U S A  LLC
Infrared Body Treatment
5 6 1 - 8 8 6 - 8 4 2 7
by Donna Dodier
We ran this short article by Donna last year and
decided it was so good we should run it again!  Enjoy!

Why Should You Juice? Because, it's one of the best ways to get the recommended nutrients from fruit and vegetables daily, and juicing makes it easier for your body to absorb those nutrients!

Here are a few of the things that work well for me, so have fun with it and ... start juicing!
*  Watch all the high sugars
    Use cucumbers...celery.....for the base, and add spinach and ginger apple and carrots.... but use the celery and cucumber as water base so sugars not so high.
*  Always use organic.
    I buy $35 a week in organic produce and keeps me juicing a bit every day.
    I buy 2 bunches celery, 4 cucumbers, bag of carrots, ginger, apples, cantelopue, parsley, beet...comes to about $30-$35 and I have sometimes leftover beet ginger and celery into the next week.
*  Find a Great Juicer
   The Nutirbullet is amazing.....got mine for $80 at Bed Bath and Beyond. 
   A good juicer will keep the fiber in the drink, not just extract the juice only.

Then sit back and enjoy the "fruits" (& vegetables) of your labor!  YUM!

Click the following link for an article by Donna on "Cleansing the Mind and Body" by using SudaTonic's Infrared System.

Donna Dodier
Licensed Esthetician, Educator, Trainer, Writer
Donna is a frequent guest on Health Talk Radio and shares her 20 years of researching alternatives and holistic medicine. She frequently lectures on woman's health issues, anti-aging through esthetics and nutrition. Her articles can be seen in various trade publications in the skin and spa industry and her educational webinars can be heard on Universal Company's educational website.

Lease Option Now Available!
SudaTonic™ is now working with a Leasing Company
for SudaTonic™ Lease Financing!
If you're interested in adding another System or know someone who is, SudaTonic™ is happy to announce that we are now working with a leasing company on purchases of complete SudaTonic™ Packages.

Call 702-724-9898 for details
 "We now accept American Express for payment!"
SudaTonic™ now accepts American Express,
along with Visa, Master Card and Discover!
4 credit cards.jpg  

'Til Next Time... C'est Fini!