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Welcome to the archives of articles available to Selacia's contacts!  This archive includes recent articles by Selacia emailed to Selacia's contact list. 
In these articles, Selacia addresses these unique times of pivotal changes and also informs readers of the latest news and events offered worldwide. Each article, with its grounded spiritual perspective, helps you to move into your divine changemaker role. 
All content in these articles is copyright by Selacia.  You are welcome to share this material with others -- and we invite you to post articles to your blog or website -- as long as you include the full article, Selacia's byline and her website - - with each posting.  
An intuitive healer with an international following, Selacia is author of "Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years." In this book, she provides clarity about the Earth's pivotal years, our future, and your role as a divine changemaker. Selacia is known for her writing in sixty-four countries around the world.
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