Understanding the 11/11 Gateway
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You & The Earth on 11/11
You & The Earth on 11/11


Understanding the 11/11 Gateway   

Selacia's Council of 12 Message  


On 11/11 you and humanity are entering an energy gateway. It is one of a number of gateways you will experience in the coming times. What do these gateways really mean and how can you prepare?

People across the planet are waking up. As this awakening occurs, light shines on things that were previously in the dark. This is a natural process. You as a divine changemaker are an integral part of this process.

Your energy is crucial to what unfolds next - impacting your own spiritual evolution and the shifting of the Earth. Since your energy is such a pivotal factor, it is helpful to understand evolutionary cycles and gateways like 11/11.

The awakening now under way has been in progress over time, gathering momentum as more people evolved spiritually. This process is faster now, in part because of humanity's evolutionary development over the decades and also due to the acceleration of time.

The changes you are seeing now did not happen overnight - they have been unfolding, bit by bit. Change during the unfolding process can appear in such a subtle way that it is beyond mundane detection. It takes discernment, training, and practice to learn to decode the subtle elements of existence.

A Knowing in Your DNA

Throughout the ages, symbolism has been attached to images and numbers and dates. You have recorded in your DNA a knowing of these things. In another time and place, you may have had an understanding of numerology, astronomy, or other esoteric studies involving energy cycles and dates. In your studies you may have learned about the symbolic communications of the spirit world.

The numbers 11/11 have long been associated with the idea of synchronicity, showing up on a clock or even within the mind's eye as a kind of wake up call. It is like your inner being is reminding you that you are divine. When you see 11/11 flash on a clock as you go about your day, it is like spirit wants to bring attention to your divine self. You are, after all, divine! As you connect with that idea, your entire being is energized, you have a greater potential to progress spiritually, and therefore you can move into greater harmony and joy.

The number 11 is one of the master numbers and is related to spirituality, illumination, and a balancing of opposites. Examples of opposites include male and female, active and passive, love and fear. Adding an 11 to 11 for the date 11/11 creates a powerful opening for spiritual growth and awakening. To experience the 11/11 during the year 2011 adds to this potency, in part because of the 2 in 2011 being connected to duality. Joining the 11/11 with 2011, therefore, helps to illuminate duality.

What does it mean to illuminate duality and how does this impact you and everyone you love?

The mega crisis you and the planet now face involves waking up to the destructive force of old paradigm approaches involving fear. Only when you can see the dysfunctional structures and ways of being for what they are can you change them. Anything that's fear based is the polar opposite of what's needed to create the love-fueled world you seek to inhabit.

Duality Must Become Visible

You must be able to see the dysfunction in order to know that it's something you don't want. The duality must become visible in order for you to address it. For you to see it clearly and fully, the unworkable must be illuminated. That illumination is happening right now all across the planet - showing you what's not working in relationships, in business, in politics, in religion, and more. This unveiling is happening for you personally, for those you love, and for humanity at large.

The 11/11 on 2011 is like a magnification of the illumination effect that has been under way for some time. It therefore is a gateway - an opportunity for you to join with others across the planet to focus on love and light-filled ways of being.

Doing so on 11/11 and on other dates like solstice will allow you powerful opportunities to shine your light - in ways that can catapult you and humanity into a more loving configuration. Each time you focus your energies in this way you are contributing significantly to the shift in consciousness.

To supplement that, you add to these positive energies by how you live your daily life. Each time you make a choice to be more loving and more kind, you raise your frequency and contribute to creation of a new type of reality based on love. Consider what you can do today to add to this momentum - this is the perfect moment to begin.

False Notions about 11/11

False notions about 11/11 and other upcoming dates include a number of ideas based on prophecy, superstition, and wishful thinking. Learn to be mindful and discerning of media messages about dates such as the 11/11 of 2011. The Internet is full of articles linking 11/11 with outcomes that cannot be substantiated.

Here are a few examples of false notions to question:
  • Everyone on the path of light will ascend on 11/11.
  • When you ascend you leave behind loved ones who are not yet ready.
  • You will be united with your twin flame on 11/11.
  • All of your work is done - the 11/11 is the culmination of your mission.

Get into the habit of questioning more deeply what you hear and what you read. Do you really think that everyone on the planet, including those who have yet learned to love themselves, will automatically be united with a twin flame on 11/11? This is nonsense.

Also, there is no automatic ascension. The great shift now in process is a gradual one and does not happen on a single day. Each person has his or her own spiritual path. You can help others and show the way but from a higher spiritual perspective you are not responsible for how quickly they develop spiritually. No one is left beyond - each person has a divine spark and it is his or her eventual destiny to remember that and to live as soul.

You Are Not in a Race

You are not in a race. There is a divine timing for everything and for each person's path. As you open to your own inner wisdom and act on it, you connect with your own divine timing. This is what you want to focus on now and in the times to come.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2011 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved


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Dear friends,
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Wishing you a wonderful day!
love and light, Selacia

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