Imagine not putting anything away for a whole month. The disorder would create confusion, discord and dysfunction. The same disorder occurs inside each of us when attention to the internal mental and emotional chaos is not addressed through the practices of yoga.

What is helpful on this "internal housekeeping journey" is a map of consciousness. The yogis provide this map as a system referred to as the Koshas or sheaths of consciousness starting with the anamaya - the body sheath addressed with yoga postures.

Here is a video clip by Ram Das talking about his journey seeking a map consciouness when he met Neem Karoli Baba.

Great Indian Yogi: Neem karoli baba
Great Indian Yogi: Neem karoli baba

Join me in class for a little housecleaning deep inside.

Jai bhagwan (I bow to the light in you)


Ken McRae ERYT500


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