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BF Newsletter - Spring 2014
Issue Date: March 20, 2014
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Point-of-Purchase Signage
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Curves Add a New Dimension to Sign Frames
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Lowering the number of pulse firings per inch, particularly when laser engraving larger text or objects, will help keep the material cooler, minimizing warp. Setting your PPI at 400 for photo engraving helps to minimize the 'banding effect' often experienced with this fabrication process.

Did you know?

If you stand at the equator on the first day of spring, you will see the sun pass directly over head. This is only true two times a year; the first day of spring and the first day of Autumn.  


BF Staff Member Newsletter Recipe!

Jeremy, Warehouse, shares his

Grilled Salmon Sandwiches!   

You can make it in minutes, and it will keep for several days, well covered, in your refrigerator. Use it as a cold sandwich spread or make grilled sandwiches, cooking until the cheese melts.


Prep Time: 5 minutes 

Cook Time: 5 minutes 

Total Time: 10 minutes 


Yield: Serves 6  


1 (14-ounce) can salmon, drained, skin and bones removed if desired

3/4 cup mayonnaise

1 Granny Smith apple, chopped

1-1/2 cups shredded Swiss or Gruyere cheese

16 slices whole grain bread

3 tablespoons butter



In medium bowl, combine all ingredients except for bread and mix gently to combine. You can serve this as a cold sandwich spread, or put about 1/3 cup between two slices of bread, butter the outsides of the bread, and grill salmon sandwiches on a dual contact grill for about 5 minutes, or on the stove.


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2011-2012 BF Plastics Catalog
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Spring 2014

Dear Friends,


Finally, Spring is here!  It was a very rough Winter for most of us in the US.  It's good to finally have a break from harsh weather.  


We hope you find our newsletters enjoyable and informative.  Have a good rest of the Spring season and happy engraving!


The Staff at B.F. Plastics, Inc. 

Let your Creativity Stand Out!   

Are you looking for new ways to make your signage or awards stand out from the crowd?

Here's a simple idea. Combining an ordinary wood plaque with the Stand-Off mounting system can provide a sophisticated look that's certain to leave a lasting impression.

This BF Woods plaque is enhanced by a Cast Acrylic front plate mounted with the JRS Stand-Off's system providing a floating effect
that looks stylish.

We offer a wide variety of different ways to make creative looking signs and awards in custom shapes and colors. Combining our Laserable wood plaques, Cast Acrylics and the JRS Stand-Off System is just one way to make something unique and stylish.

Point-of-Purchase Signage  

70% of all brand purchase decisions are made in-store. Point-of-Purchase signs are normally placed next to the merchandise it is promoting. These items are generally located at the checkout area or other locations where the purchase decision is made. They engage and encourage an "impulse purchase," which in turn increases revenue and establishes your "Brand Awareness."

This Point-of-Purchase sign was created with Rowmark LaserMax´┐Ż and LaserMark Reverse laser engraving materials.

We offer a wide variety of materials to make that perfect POP sign!

New Digital Catalog Coming Soon   

We are excited to announce we will be issuing a new 2014-2015 BF Digital Catalog within the next few weeks!  This new catalog includes new products along with a wide variety of engraving materials and supplies.

We will make an announcement once the new catalog becomes available for viewing.


Enhance your Wood Projects 

Enhance your wood projects by raster engraving the material with custom designs, text or logos. To achieve a deep, rich color effect and sharper contrast, raster laser engrave your project with a low-tack paper masking on and airbrush the exposed areas of the material with your desired paint color. Finish the wood with any lacquer or wood finishing product to protect the surface and let its natural beauty shine.

Rowmark has recently introduced a new line of all natural, quality constructed laserable wood laminates that meet a wide variety of application needs, from architectural, craft and artistry projects to awards and recognition pieces, custom gifts and promotional products.


Go here to view Rowmark's
Hardwood Collection



We offer a wide variety of laserable wood products that are suitable for both business and home office settings.  Our BF Woods are manufactured from premium solid Maple, Cherry and Walnut with a catalyzed varnish finish which makes them great for lasering.  BF Woods are proudly made in the USA and set a high standard of quality.


Go here to view BF Woods

Getting to Know the Engraving Icon Symbols   
Engraving material icon symbols were designed to provide quick and easy fabrication identification.

The following symbols were developed to help engravers and sign makers identify key fabrication and weatherability properties/features of specific engravable materials.

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Curves Add a New Dimension to Sign Frames 


JRS Curves 1

JRS Curves are an innovative and cost effective way to add finesse to traditional sign frames and holders.


Curves have many applications including personnel signs, room identification and direction wayfinding signs. Curves can be mounted to a wall or partition, hung from the ceiling with fixed bracket or wire, flag mounted or used as a desk sign holder. Available in 9 anodized colors.


Go here for more info on Curves!


Friendly Reminder: Sale items at our Garage Sale!
B.F. Plastics Garage Sale


BF Select 3/32 Material 

The laser and rotary engravable material BF Select 3/32" thickness is discontinued.  We are running a sale on all of these items while supplies last.


Sale Pricing 

Regular price is $80.00 per full sheet.


$44.00 per full sheet;

$22.00 per half sheet;

$11.00 per quarter sheet


View these sale items! 



Plastic Metallic Engraving Material 

These metallic plastic engraving materials have a core of laserable solid DR Acrylic plastic, which is a modified plastic that is known for its lasering capabilities.  We will be running a sale on all of these items while supplies last.   


View these sale items!   


These items are first come first serve and available on a limited basis.  Go ahead and browse around our web garage sale...you may find something you like!

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  • Get tips & tricks with laser engraving
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  • Learn about industry trends 
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  • Tell us your experiences with our products
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