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Release date: July 31, 2012    
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Cost savings for laser engraving
What can you do with a sheet of plastic?
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BF Woods Plaque Paint Fill
When painting or color filling wood plaques, mask the whole plaque first and engrave through the masking so you can paint/color fill. Then simply pull off the masking and you have a finished plaque with precise color fill.

Did you know?


Blackberries have the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food and strawberries have more Vitamin C than oranges.


BF Staff Member Newsletter Recipe!

Karla, Customer Service Rep, shares her


Rotel Salsa with Cilantro! 



1-can black beans (drained and rinsed)


2-cans rotel diced tomatoes & green chilies


1-bunch of green onions diced


1-bunch fresh cilantro (chopped)


1-cup Zesty Italian salad dressing





Mix all ingredients together & let chill for several hours before serving.



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Summer 2012

Dear Friends,


Summer is always a fun and exciting time of year. Which is why we are thrilled about the new products we've recently introduced. In this issue, we will touch base on these new products and what you can achieve with them. Our goal is to constantly provide you with innovative, interesting and exhilarating new products in order for you to impress your customers. Your feedback is always appreciated, so if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know.


Have a good rest of the summer season and happy engraving!


The Staff at B.F. Plastics, Inc. 


It's time to upgrade using simple & cost effective solutions

By: Ben Fichter


Have you ever had to visit an office building for Office Hallwaywork, for a doctor visit, to visit a friend or whatever the reason may be and notice that the interior signage is bland? There have been numerous occasions where my wife and I will be strolling through the halls of a building and I always stop to look at the directional signage and make comments to her. The comments are usually repetitive and consist of "Wow, that sign is poorly designed" or "Those signs sure need to be more colorful and creative". At times she gets irritated with me because we will run late due to me stopping to make comments.  I'm sure this sounds familiar to most people in this industry. 


One time we were sitting in a waiting room at a doctor's office and I brought up this conversation again after seeing some boring and ordinary signage out in the hallway. I asked her what she thought about it just to pass time. She replied "I suppose it is kind of dull and boring". I made a comment that if they had a more colorful and uniquely designed sign that it would affect people's mood before they Acrylic Sign came in the office. Then I asked her what she would think if they used our new transparent acrylic material using Stand-Off's to improve the design and how would it affect her mood. She replied "You know if there was a more colorful sign out front I suppose I would be more excited to come in."  


Think about it, what difference would it really make using a really good looking sign? If you walk through any mall, you will notice that every store you go in has a different feel. They use colors and d�cor to set the mood. My point is that signs have this same impact on people. The flashier the appearance using signage on the inside and outside gives the consumer a more exciting feeling.As a consumer this promotes a desire to be more associated with what you're trying to advertise. The flashier the d�cor on the inside and outside of the building creates an inviting atmosphere.


Most engraver's customers will demand an economical sign, often making it difficult to use creative and fun products due to high costs. We are really excited about our new laser engravable transparent cast acrylic material. With our new transparent acrylic sheet materials you can create a sign that is both colorful and at a low cost.  This material is very elegant and can be incorporated into a sign to display innovativeness.  We are also seeing more and more of the Stand-Off's being used to create signage.  These low cost and elegant sign supports are becoming a new trend in signage.  It is such an easy way to add elegance to any sign.  The Stand-Off sign system works very well with transparent acrylics. 

 BF Woods Desk Holder Maple

Also, consider using our new BF Woods Desk Holders with a business card insert to change things up in the office. With these desk holders you can easily display a creative message or logo on any desk or counter.

Cost savings for laser engraving

BF Select Exterior Signs Laser engraving materials are becoming more and more popular for all types of projects.  The majority of engravers are looking for a laser engravable material that is attractive, durable, easy to laser and most importantly cost effective.  Laserable materials often are higher priced than the traditional rotary engravable materials.  The cost of laserable plastics has kept some engravers hesitant from switching from rotary.  With rotary plastics, you are limited in the creative part of engraving.  With a laser engraver, you are able to really stretch the limitations of creative design.  


BF Select Interior Signs

While our BF Select material offers the standard preferred attributes such as laser friendly, attractive colors, durability, etc., it is also cost effective as well.  Compared to the standard foil surfaced materials, BF Select has a unique .002" non-foiled solid plastic cap layer allows fine, detailed engraving and is extremely durable.  BF Select is UV stable and outdoor weatherable, making it suitable for any outdoor application.  The .020" thickness is great for trophies and awards due to its flexibility.    


We are offering free samples of this product for you to try.  Once you try it, you may never use anything else! 


Go to BF Select!


What can you do with a sheet of plastic?
Article reproduced courtesy of The Engravers Journal
Plastic samplesThink about it. Engraving plastic-it's found in some form or another in virtually every shop in the recognition and identification industry. Or maybe you don't think about it. We use it all the time for different purposes, but have you ever stopped to ponder what you can actually do with a sheet of plastic? In that commonplace commodity, there is a world of creativity to be realized and, in some cases, a ton of money to be made.


Pink plastics can go a long way! Rowmark Ribbon Pink


The color Pink is the color of universal love and provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and acceptance. Rowmark's new Ribbon Pink is the newest color addition to the LaserMax�, Mattes and Reverse LaserMark� product lines! The color "Ribbon Pink" was developed due to an increase in customer requests for a pink engravable sheet stock and in light of the popularity of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure� Breast Cancer Pink.  Ribbon Pink has been formulated to suit a variety of signage and award applications beyond projects for Susan G. Komen for the Cure�.  It's great for special gifts, promotions, awards and recognition designs for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or the spring season.  This new color is in stock and is ready for order. 

Show us your work!

Rowmark LaserMax Contemp Wood  

Want to show off your engraving and signage projects? Feel free to post your photos on our Facebook page or send us an e-mail!  We would love to see your work! 


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New items at the Garage Sale!
B.F. Plastics Garage Sale


After some warehouse cleaning, we have found several overstocked JRS plastic and aluminum holders and frames. We are selling these items at a great price.  All of these items are first come first serve and available on a limited basis.  Go ahead and browse around our web garage sale...you may find something you like!


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