Easing the tough conversations 
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E-News:  Easing the Tough Conversations
Our newsletters provides user-friendly information about elder mediation.  We include
 relevant articles, books, upcoming presentations and other resources about elder mediation.  
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  • August/September 2011 newsletter
  • Aging in Place - A Place for Mediation; Disputes Involving Persons with Diminished Capacity - the Mediator's Role; Little Things can Cause Big Fights:When a Relative Dies; Mediators Help Families Settle Care Dispute
  • June 2011 newsletter
  • Colorado has the MOST; Mean Girls in Assisted Living; Could you be Guilty of Ageism; and Our Webinars
  • February 2011 neswsletter
  • 5 Reasons Families Choose NOT to have the Tough Conversations about Elder Care; Grandparent Rights and Fights: A Referee for Family Disputes
  • December 2010 newsletter
  • A tip for reducing conflict, Introducing our new Intern, Washington Post article "Mediators increasingly try to help families resolve conflict over aging parents"; NY Times Old Age Blog article - They Can't Go Home Again - about children of older adults
  • September 2010 e-newsletter
  • Helping Families Find Harmony, Colorado Designated Beneficiary Act, Book Review - The Magic of Conflict, Update on Voluntary Mediation in Denver Probate Court and Save the Date for October 15th Conflict Management Skills Training
  • March 2010 e-newsletter
  • WSJ article about Elder Mediation, Why Facilitative Mediation Works, Save the Date for Before the Mourning Series, POA: A Double-Edged Sword, Interview with Paul Sauer, Homewatch Caregivers, 30-year anniversary, Training for Eldercare Staff
  • January 2010 newsletter
  • Do You Have a Conflict Resolution Plan?; Save the Date for March 5th Conflict Management Skills Training for Professionals; and Training for Staff/Paraprofessionals; Book Review - Nasty, Brutish and Long: Adventures in Old Age and the World of Eldercare
  • November 2009 newsletter
  • Facilitation and Conflict Coaching, Who is the Right Professional to Call?, Conflict Management Training for Organizations and New York Times Blog article "Mom Always Liked You Best"
  • September 2009 newsletter
  • New York Times Blog article about caring & coping; information about our Conflict Skills Workshop (9/30/09) and presentation to Tattered Cover, Conflict Resolution Month and Good Read - A Whole New Mind
  • July 2009 e-newsletter
  • Articles titled "What do you think will happen if you don't do anything?", and Common Family tensions, Announcement of Workshop on Conflict Management Skills Training and information about Conflict Resolution Month
  • April 2009 e-Newsletter
  • Articles about family disagreements and caregiving, mediation vs. facilitation, upcoming Alzheimer's Association programs (Education Symposium & Early Stage Forum), a link to a recent NPR piece about elder mediation and information about HB 1196 using Civil Monetary Penalty monies to improve nursing homes
  • February 2009 e-Newsletter
  • Articles about the voluntary nature of mediation; how to divide up property without angering family members and a scenario about an older couple seeking financial assistance from their children.
Easing the tough conversations 
John Rymers * Debbie Reinberg 
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