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Welcome to the archives for Compass! With each quarterly newsletter you will get relationship tips, ideas to keep your life sane and balanced, parenting help, book and movie highlights, and much more. Add Compass to your reading and get the encouragement and support you need to keep heading in the right direction.
  • Summer/Fall 2012 Compass
  • A Confession, New Faces, and Renovation...
    * New Faces: Welcome Mark, Marjorie and Carl! *TED Talk: Brené Brown on the Power of Vulnerability *Kaiser's Valuable Giveaway & How to Meditate In a Moment *
    Cool Gadget of the Month: 1Password
  • Summer/Fall 2011 Compass
  • Sundance Film "Buck" - The horse movie with lessons for parents in power struggles * "Relaxation response" changes brain structure and gene activity, new reports from Harvard Health say * Watch this and you will look at yourself differently * PEP - The Parent Encouragement Program
  • Winter/Spring 2011 Compass
  • New Mindfulness Course Starts in Bethesda * Featured in the Washington Post: New Year's Romance Resolutions * Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Talk About Using IFS * Featured by NBCWashington.com: The Health Benefits of Relationships * Fun Photos You've Never Seen of the Brain
  • Fall 2010 Compass
  • Meet Tessa * Alice Dancing Under the Gallows * Flirting: Do You Cross the Line? * Out of the Box: How to get the most out of your sessions by cross-learning about IFS therapy
  • Summer 2010 Compass
  • New Counseling Associate to Join My Practice for Evening Appointments * New Bethesda Office Location * Today's Lesson on Intimacy Brought to You By...NCAA Men's Basketball * Happy 72nd Anniversary, Dear * Health & Wellness Immersion at Utah Spa * Next "Managing Moods Without Medication" Seminar: September 11

  • January 2010 Compass
  • Do You Have Enough Emotional Intelligence? * Television Interview About Emotional Intelligence * Not a Gold Mine, a Web Mine...for Parents * Survey Says! (Wanted: Your Feedback) * Rules of Marriage - As Described by Kids
  • November 2009 Compass
  • Movie Review: Where the Wild Things Are * Fort Hood: Right Place for a Tragedy? * Sorry for the Genocide...pass the cranberry sauce * 67 Cheap Date Ideas for the Recession-Era Romantic
  • September 2009 Compass
  • My Appearance on Let's Talk Live * On Again! My next T.V. Appearance this Wednesday 9/16 * Quotes of the Month * Michael Jackson and 15 Proven Tips for Insomnia * Cool Photo of the Month: The Impossible at Niagara Falls
  • July 2009 Compass
  • Free Video: Five Antidotes For Infidelity * Can Psychotherapy Erase Bad Memories? * Why Would I Pay You to Read This Book? * Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
  • May 2009 Compass
  • Talk Your Heart Out Forum Makes a Bang * Prescriptions for Sexual Frustration * Comedian David Granirer in Alexandria * Patrick Kennedy: Crash Turned Mental Health Crusade * New Video: C.A.R.E. to Prevent Suicide and Tragic Violence
  • March 2009 Compass
  • The New "Talk Your Heart Out Forum * The Biology of Belief * Awareness Test * Software for Journaling
  • January 2009 Compass
  • Music Videos: David Wilcox Gets It Right * The Story of Stuff Hike & Talk Therapeutic Adventure in Arizona * Hurry...Openings in Couplehood As A Spiritual Path
  • Compass November 2008
  • Free Audio Relationship Tips * New Course for Premarital Training: Start Right, Connected * Six-Week Course for Couples: Couplehood As A Spiritual Path * Quotes to Inspire Your Marriage
  • Compass September 2008
  • Calming the Storm Within * Poetry of the Month: The Guest House * Cool Website of the Month: www.iusedtobelieve.com *
    Quote of the Month from Thich Nhact Hahn
  • Compass July 2008
  • FREE MP3 Audio Download: How to End All Forms of Criticism * Better Than Prozac * Getting Yourself to Exercise Regularly * The Secret of Bamboo
  • Compass May 2008
  • Why It's Hard to Admit to Being Wrong * How to Fight * I Will Not Die an Unlived Live
  • Compass March 2008
  • How to Beat Depression * Keith Featured in the Washington Post * YouTube As Inspiration * Nelson Mandela on why you should show off your stuff
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