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  • Recent newsletters
  • New release of BEASY Fatigue & Crack Growth Simulation Software
  • BEASY is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the BEASY Fatigue & Crack Growth software.

    The primary benefits of this new release are that it provides a further enhancement of the software's automatic crack growth capabilities and major improvements in the over simulation times. Please read on for more information.
  • News from NACE Corrosion 2016
  • BEASY attended the NACE Corrosion Conference in Vancouver where we were active at the exhibition as well as presenting and participating in the technical sessions and exchange groups. Please read on for information on some of the papers presented.
  • Fracture News Round Up
  • We share some of our news from 2015
  • Corrosion & CP News Round Up
  • A recap of news stories from 2015
  • New BEASY Technical Paper
  • In this newsletter we discuss a paper recently presented by BEASY at an international conference in Finland. The paper is interesting as it demonstrates how BEASY modelling technology can be integrated to predict the relationship between corrosion and crack growth in structures.
  • Simulation of Corrosion & Fracture Damage
  • BEASY news from ICAF 2015
  • BEASY attend ICAF 2015 and news from AA&S
  • BEASY will once again be attending the annual ICAF Conference, and we follow up on the recent Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment conference.
  • BEASY attend NACE Corrosion 2015
  • BEASY will once again be attending the annual NACE Corrosion Conference, and will be active in both the conference program and exhibit hall showing our corrosion modelling services and software.
  • BEASY attend Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference
  • BEASY will be attending the Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference where we will be presenting our corrosion and fracture mechanics simulation solutions for aerospace structures
  • Corrosion Modeling 2014 News Round Up
  • 2014 has been an exciting year and in this newsletter, we recap on some of the news stories we think you will find of interest.
  • CP Design For Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations
  • The newsletter outlines details from an article in the September 2014 NACE Materials Performance magazine. The article presents design considerations and some of the challenges a corrosion engineer encounters while designing a cathodic protection (CP) system for offshore wind turbine foundations.
  • BEASY Launch New Release of Fracture & Crack Growth Simulation Software
  • BEASY Fracture & Crack Growth 10.0r16 provides a great number of new and advanced features that enable engineers to improve fracture analysis and crack growth simulations and provide deeper design insight.

    The new release incorporates improvements and enhancements to the core BEASY Fracture & Crack Growth software, allowing more crack growth simulations to be run automatically (such as analyses where only part of the crack is growing) and reducing the need for user intervention.
  • News from NACE 2014
  • BEASY participated in a very busy NACE Corrosion Conference in San Antonio in March 2014. There were a number of papers presented during the Technical Program which featured some engineering projects carried out by the BEASY engineering services team and by customers.
  • Aircraft Airworthiness & Substainability newsletter
  • BEASY will be exhibiting at the Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainability Conference in Baltimore in April 2014.
  • BEASY 2013 News Round-Up
  • BEASY Corrosion & Fracture Simulation 2013 newsletter highlights.
  • Corrosion Newsletter October 2013
  • BEASY is featured in MP magazine, business and the BEASY team grow, plus signature modelling at MARELEC 2013.
  • Fracture Newsletter October 2013
  • Recent developments in BEASY crack growth simulation technology & services, including residual stresses and crack growth analysis.
  • Corrosion Newsletter July 2013
  • Featuring work being undertaken at the Czech Republic Aerospace Research and Test Establishment using BEASY Corrosion Manager software, and details of the new BEASY Corrosion Software releases.
  • Corrosion Newsletter May 2013
  • We highlight two presentations from NACE Corrosion 2013 on the benefits of modelling for corrosion control in structures and ballast tanks.
  • Fracture Newsletter February 2013
  • In Damage Tolerant Design the assumption that cracks already exist can lead to overly heavy designs without the consideration of surface and near surface stress distributions.
  • CP For Buried Piping, Structures & Tanks
  • The design verification of CP systems applied to underground facilities including storage tanks, buried piping, equipment bases, grounding systems, reinforced concrete and other underground structures is a complex challenge.
  • Corrosion Newsletter January 2013
  • BEASY to showcase latest technology at NACE Corrosion 2013 & contribute to a new book on the modelling and simulation of corrosion in aircraft structures.
  • Corrosion & Fracture Newsletter December 2012
  • BEASY launches new website plus corrosion and fracture news from 2012
  • Autumn 2012 course dates announced
  • BEASY offers hands-on courses in the UK and USA to maximise the benefits of its corrosion and fracture software products.
  • Corrosion Newsletter June 2012
  • Verifying Model Predictions - An integral part of any corrosion modeling study is the verification of the model assumptions and input data used. Two recent studies have used different strategies, and have enabled BEASY to expand the services we offer and develop new technology for interpreting survey data.
  • Corrosion Newsletter May 2012
  • BEASY participated in a very busy NACE Corrosion Conference in Salt Lake City recently, and was active in both the conference program and exhibition hall, highlighting its corrosion modeling services and software.
  • Fracture Newsletter May 2012
  • BEASY attended and exhibited at the recent 2012 Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainability Conference, presenting the latest BEASY Software and Services for Crack Growth Simulation and Corrosion Management in Aircraft Structures.
  • Fracture Newsletter March 2012
  • Coming up AA&S plus Crack Growth Simulation With Residual Stresses & Aircraft Corrosion.
  • Corrosion Newsletter February 2012
  • An overview of BEASY's papers to be presented at NACE 2012: Using Modeling to Interpret and Expand CP Survey Data, General Consideration About Current Distribution And Potential Attenuation Based On Storage Tank Bottom Modeling Study & Jacket SACP System Design And Optimization Using Simulation.
  • Fracture Newsletter February 2012
  • Predicting galvanic corrosion in aircraft and vehicle structures.
  • Corrosion Newsletter December 2011
  • Overview of 2011's most popular corrosion newsletter downloads.
  • Fracture Newsletter December 2011
  • Experimental Test and Crack Growth Simulation of FML Full Scale Aeronautic Panel under Multiaxial Fatigue, Analysis of an Extrusion Press Fatigue Failure and 3D Non-linear Multiple Site Damage (MSD) Crack Growth For A Riveted Aeronautic Reinforcement.
  • Corrosion Newsletter October 2011
  • Corrosion conference round-up including papers: Modelling of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Anode Arrangements for Storage Tank Bottoms and Optimising a SACP System using Simulation, to Achieve Uniform Anode Life and Protection Potential.
  • Corrosion Newsletter August 2011
  • Integrating Corrosion Modelling into the Design Cycle, Corrosion Related Signature Prediction and BEM for Modelling Cathodic Protection Systems in Multi-Layer Electrolytes.
  • Fracture Newsletter August 2011
  • Predicting the impact of Residual Stresses on Crack Growth and other fracture and information about BEASY's integration with industry leading Finite Element (FEM) software packages such as PATRAN, ABAQUS and ANSYS to enable more rapid model building.
  • Corrosion Newsletter June 2011
  • Modelling Galvanic Corrosion Protection Of Aircraft Structures, NACE 2011 follow up and looking ahead to MARELEC.
  • Fracture Newsletter June 2011
  • BEASY attend ICAF and Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainability Conference follow up.
  • Fracture Newsletter April 2011
  • Looking ahead to attending the Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainability conference.
  • Corrosion Newsletter March 2011
  • BEASY CP Modelling Showcases at NACE Corrosion 2011 in Houston.
  • Joint Fracture & Corrosion Newsletter February 2011
  • NEW BEASY Fracture product capabilities, BEASY Defect Scanner and looking ahead to NACE 2011.


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