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Raw food recipes can make meal time the best time of the day. Raw Food Made Easy, my monthly newsletter, is your 'golden ticket' to a world of fast, easy, delicious meal preparation using nothing but fresh, wholesome ingredients. No meat, no dairy, no processed flour or refined sugar....even in decadently delicious raw food desserts. 
My newsletters features 'breaking' raw food news, my favorite recipes, raw food event invitations, educational opportunities, and food preparation tips.  It even includes a 'best of the blog' section that's your gateway to even more free raw food information online, including recipes, videos, tips, and product suggestions, as well as  links to other sites and stories of interest.

  • January 2013 - Resolutions and Raw Chocolate Goodies
  • In this issue, I invite readers to step into the New Year with me, resolved to make it a healthy one. I’m focusing on simple, practical things that you can all do each day so that when 2014 rolls around, you’ll feel just as terrific...or even better...than you do today. Recipes in this issue include: Flourless Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Green Smoothie.
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  • December 2012 - Raw Holiday Treats!
  • In this year-end issue, Jenny continues her celebration of the gift-giving season with contests, giveaways, and marvelous recipes that will add flavor, flair, and good health to your holiday table. Recipes in this issue include: Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Candy Cups.
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  • November 2012 - Raw Food Thanksgiving Favorites
  • In this issue, Jenny updates readers on her Giving Thanks contest, shares her raw interpretation of a Thanksgiving favorite (whipped cream), and explores ways to turn leftovers from Turkey Day into raw food delights. Recipes in this issue include: Citrus Sunshine Juice, Cashew Cream, and Walnut Pate.
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  • October 2012 - Stalk Vegetables
  • You’re invited to spring into Fall with this October issue that focuses on stalk vegetables, the in-season produce of the moment. Learn how to choose ‘em, how to use ‘em, and how to enjoy them in a variety of raw food dishes. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Swiss Chard and Apple Soup, and Green Salad with Fennel and Cherry Tomatoes. Raw food tips in this issue include: How to select Swiss chard and how to select, store, and slice fennel.
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  • September 2012 - Back to School with Raw Foods
  • In this back-to-school issue, Jenny focuses on the three F’s of raw food education: fast, foolproof, and fun. She shares kid-friendly snack recipes that you can make in a jiffy that will keep youngsters nourished and happy until dinnertime. (They’re great for grown-ups, too!) Plus you’ll get a peek into Jenny’s tool drawer for a look at her favorite gadgets.
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  • August 2012 - Staying Cool with Raw Food Meals
  • This end-of-summer issue is devoted to staying cool. I focus on quick and easy raw food recipes that require no cooking whatsoever. I’ve got every part of the day covered, from frosty breakfast drinks that kids think are ‘cool’ because of their bright green color to the complete menu for a raw food dinner-party-on-the-beach. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Tomato Stacks, Cream of Cucumber Soup, Pineapple Green Smoothie, and Non-Sweet Green Smoothie. Raw food tips in this issue include: how to choose a ripe tomato and how to spot an over-ripe avocado.
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  • July 2012 - Raw Food Freedom
  • In the spirit of Independence Day, this month’s newsletter is devoted to the subject of freedom with tips, techniques, and lots of wonderful recipes that will free you from the drudgery of preparing meals the old-fashioned way. And because you can’t spell ‘freedom’ without FREE, it also contains information about how to get a complimentary copy of a recipe book filled with Green Smoothies. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Tomato Stacks, Raw Food Marinara, and California Rolls. Raw food tips in this issue include: How to choose a ripe tomato and ideas for using zucchini ‘pasta’ in soups and main dishes.
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  • June 2012 - Raw Food Book News
  • I’ve got plenty of hot-off-the-presses news to share in this issue, devoted to the release of Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People Revised. The stories will satisfy your appetite for new recipes, add new tips and techniques to your culinary repertoire, and ensure that you can enjoy eating well and eating raw all summer long. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Pasta Avocado, Zucchini Noodles, and Chocolate Green Smoothie. Raw food tips in this issue include: How to use a spiral slicer to create zucchini pasta.
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  • May 2012 - Raw Foods Salute the Letter M
  • Were you a fan of Sesame Street growing up? If so, then you may remember that each episode was sponsored by a different letter of the alphabet. So with a nod to Jim Henson, this month's newsletter is devoted to the letter 'M' as in May, mother, Memorial Day, mandoline...and Muppets! I share marvelous, magnificent, and mouthwatering recipes that give a nod to warm weather eating, indoors and out. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Stuffed Mushrooms, Vanilla Cashew Cream and Mayberries, and Mango Carpaccio with Strawberries and Kiwi. Raw food tips in this issue include: A guide to mandolines and slicers and how to make a fresh fruit gift arrangement
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  • April 2012 - Energizing Raw Food
  • In this month's newsletter, you'll find a bouquet of Springtime-fresh recipes that make embracing a raw food lifestyle easy and interesting. They use fresh on-your-grocer's-shelves-now ingredients that help keep your energy up when the April showers are pouring down. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Classic Vinaigrette, Tri-Color Salad, Spinach Apple Soup, and Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding). Raw food tips in this issue include: Great raw mustards and honeys you can enjoy, food combining, and how to blanch asparagus.
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  • March 2012 - Welcoming Spring with Raw Food
  • Kiss winter good-bye! In this issue, I'll show you how to bring some of Spring’s bright, cheerful color to your meals and snacks with recipes that focus on in-season produce and never-out-of-season kitchen staples. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Caesar Salad, Ranch Dressing, and Pineapple Green Smoothie. Raw food tips in this issue include: How to peel and cut a pineapple and how to use a salad spinner.
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  • February 2012 - Romance is in the Air
  • Romance is in the air! And this month's newsletter is designed to help you fall in love...with raw food! Show your Valentine how much you care by preparing a homemade raw food meal. It’s a loving gesture of affection and a gift of good health that will keep your Valentine's heart (and yours, too) in the mood for love. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Stuffed Mushrooms, Mediterranean Kale, Thai Salad, and Leafy Green ‘Mocktail. Raw food tips in this issue include: Working with kale and how to cut cabbage.
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  • January 2012 - Raw Food Savings for 2012
  • If you were extravagant this past holiday season and inflated your spending as well as your caloric intake, this newsletter is just what you need to get back into shape. It's filled with tips that demonstrate how raw food can help you trim food costs and enjoy delicious meals that will get you on track for a healthy, happy new year. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Banana Grape Green Smoothie, Super Green Juice, and Frosty Banana Apple Smoothie. Raw food tips in this issue include: how to choose ripe produce (pears, bananas, avocados) and selecting the right juicer for your kitchen.
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  • December 2011 - Raw Food Soups
  • When the weather outside is frightful, nourishing raw food is delightful. In this issue, Jennifer talks about ways to take the chill out of winter with nourishing soups you can prepare in no time. • Raw food recipes in this issue include: Cream of Tomato Soup and Blended Vegetable Soup with Ranch Dressing. • Raw food tips in this issue include: adding ‘warmth’ to raw food without raising the temperature and selecting the right blender for your kitchen.
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  • November 2011 - Giving Thanks for Raw Food
  • Appropriate to the month of November, this issue 'gives thanks' for all the ways that fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other healthful raw ingredients to make holiday entertaining easy from Thanksgiving to New Years. • Raw food recipes include: Stuffed Dates in Marinara Sauce and Mock Sour Cream and Chive Dip. • Raw food tips include: how to maintain your healthy diet during the holidays and processing nuts into creamy dips.
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  • October 2011 - Root Vegetables
  • As farmers harvest the last of their seasonal crops, I get to the 'root of the matter' with articles about delicious and readily available root vegetables. You'll learn how to pick 'em, how to prep' em, and how to use them in all kinds of tasty raw food recipe favorites. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Carrot-Celery-Beet Juice, Apple Vinaigrette, ‘Magical’ Pumpkin-Free Pumpkin Pie, and Vanilla Cashew Cream. Raw food tips in this issue include: Using a mandoline, and keeping radishes fresh and crisp.
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  • September 2011 - Going Nuts for Raw Food
  • This month--I'm GOING NUTS with a look at raw nuts and nut butters that you can use in satisfying salads, crave-worthy cookies, and all your favorite meals recipes. Raw food recipes in this issue include: Harvest Salad, Lemon-Cranberry Pistachio Cookies, and Apple Sandwiches. Raw food tips in this issue include: How to enjoy nuts in moderation, and protein you can keep in your pocket
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  • August 2011 - Be A Fan and Get a Freebie
  • After a brief hiatus, my raw food newsletter came back bigger and better than ever in August 2011. To welcome old and new subscribers alike, the newsletter is filled with the things my raw food readers like best: recipes, freebies, and tips for preparing dishes that would make a professional chef green with envy! Raw food recipes in this issue include: No-Fail Chocolate Cake with Fudge Frosting and California Rolls. Raw food tips in this issue include: mastering the art of the sushi roll.
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