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Petroleum Quality Institute of America

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Safety-Kleen Announces Increase on Lubricants

Safety-Kleen announced it will increase the price on all of its finished lubricants. With the exception of hydraulic fluids, all other lubricants prices will increase by $0.60 a gallon. Hydraulic fluids will increase by $0.80 a gallon. The increase is effective March 20, 2011.

Shell Increases Coolant Prices         

Shell announced it will increase the price of its line of antifreeze/coolants effective March 21, 2011. Shell branded and unbranded ethylene and propylene glycol based antifreeze/coolant and heat transfer fluids will increase by $1.00 a gallon. Concentrate for pre-diluted products will increase by $0.50 a gallon.


Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) Issues Another Consumer Alert on Motor Oil

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America issued another Consumer Alert for a passenger car motor oil currently on the market. The oil is Everclear 5W-30 Motor Oil.

PQIA's test results show this product clearly is not a 5W-30, and does not meet any recognized specifications for motor oil.  The 100C viscosity for this oil is nearly 30% below where it should be for a 5W-30, and the -30C viscosity is 2.5 times the maximum allowed.  In addition, this oil lacks the critical additives needed to meet original equipment manufacturer's requirements to protect automobiles currently on the road.  Further, the product tested contains high levels of copper and silicon.


According to PQIA, the sample tested shows an oil that should not be used in an automobile engine as it could cause serious engine damage.


Click here for PQIA Consumer Alert 

Valvoline's  "NextGen" is on the Shelves 

 As reported in the February 8th issue of JobbersWorld, Valvoline introduced a new product last month marketed as "NextGen." According to Valvoline, NextGen is a breakthrough formula that delivers 100% Valvoline protection from 50% recycled oil.


Well the product is now on the shelves at some Walmarts. Five quart jugs are priced at $20.00.   Click here the NextGen webpage

Ferrell Oil Brings on Doster as VP of Sales and Marketing  

Farrell Oil Co., Inc. Announces the Hiring of Michael Doster as VP of Sales and Marketing


Michael Doster

Farrell Oil Co., Inc. with locations in Wilton and West Hurley, New York is proud to announce the hiring of Michael Doster, a long time lubricant industry player.


For 32 years, Michael Doster had been associated with Kendall Motor Oil in various roles that have included, Branch Manager, Sales Manager and Marketer Sales Manager.


Mr. Doster was a sales representative with ConocoPhillips since 1999 and the rep for Farrell Oil prior to being hired in his current role.   Mike has proven that he possesses the sound business, marketing and sales direction, that owner Chris Farrell is looking for.  "We could not be more excited to have someone like Mike come to work for this company.  His honesty, integrity and overall industry knowledge will assist us in our journey to excellence," says Chris Farrell.

Click here for Ferrell Oil website  

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