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Chevron is the First Major to Move

Chevron announced a general price increase to be effective January 24, 2011. This increase will raise the price of all Chevron lubricating oils, gear lubes and greases by 5%. Chevron says the increase is driven by the recent rise in base oil and additive costs.

More Price Increases!


Advanced Lubrication Specialties announced price increase of approximately $0.40 a gallon on lubricants and $0.05 a pound for grease. The increase is effective January 3, 2011. ALS says the increase is due to higher base stock, additive, and transportation costs. In addition to announcing the increase, ALS says it will complete the conversion of its remaining GF-3/SL products and all of its GF-4/SM products to GF-5/SN. And from this point on, the company will only offer GF-5/SN. 


CAM2 announced it will increase the price on all bulk  and packaged lubricants by $0.40 a gallon. The increase on bulk is effective for orders placed after December 24, 2010. The packaged lubricant price increase is effective on orders placed after January 1, 2011.  The company also announced an increase of $0.05 a pound on grease, and $0.60 a gallon for break fluid.


Chemlube announced it will increase the price of its lubricants by $0.40 a gallon. This increase will be effective after December 24, 2010. As with others, Chemlube says this increase is necessary due to the continued increases in base oil, and performance additives. Unlike others, however, they also attribute higher operational blending costs as another reason for the increase.


Smitty's Supply announce a price increase on Super S, Sureguard, TriStar, Custom Plus and all other private label brands.  The price of all bulk lubricants will increase by $0.40 a gallon effective January 3, 2011.


TrueSouth Oil advised its customers of a $0.30 a gallon increase on bulk, and a $0.35 a gallon increase on packaged product. This increase is effective January 10, 2011.The company says the increase is necessary due to "yet another increase in the cost of paraffinic base oils and additives."



The following is a complete list of price increases by independent lubricant manufacturers that JobbersWorld has reported on over the last two weeks.


Warren Oil: Up $0.30/gal on January 10, 2011

Cross Oil: Up 10 to 15%, bulk effective Dec 17, 2010. Packaged increase effective January 14, 2011.

USLubricantsChalet (Amalie): Up $0.40 a gallon effective January 3, 2011

Advanced Lubrication Specialties: Up $0.40 a gallon effective January 3, 2011

TrueSouth Oil: Up $0.30 a gallon on bulk, and $0.35 a gallon on packaged effective January 10, 2011

Chemlube: Up $0.40 a gallon effective December 24, 2010

CAM2 International: $0.40 a gallon effective Dec 25 for bulk, and Jan 7, 2011 for packaged

Smitty's Supply: Up $0.40 a gallon for bulk and packaged on January 3, 2011



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