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Valvoline Goes Green with "NextGen"    

Although rumors have been rampant for several months, Valvoline officially went green today with it's "NextGen" engine oil. According to Valvoline, NextGen is a breakthrough formula that delivers 100% Valvoline protection from 50% recycled oil.   


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JobbersWorld sees this as an interesting move on Valvoline's part since Valvoline does not have captive supply of base oil like other majors. As such, it may be in better position than other majors who typically try to soak up as much of their own base oil as possible before turning to the merchant market (external sources) for supply. Because of this, it could be challenging for other majors to justify purchasing rerefined base oil to compete with Valvoline in the event Valvoline proves green oil brings in the green.   


But at the end of day, one has to wonder if there is currently enough rerefined base oil available on the merchant market if Valvoline were to capture a significant share of the engine oil business with a "green" product.

Pugh Lubricants Named "Top Flight Marketer"

Pugh Lubricants has achieved TOP FLIGHT Marketer status as a preferred source for Phillips 66 Aviation lubricants.  According to Gary Balzhiser, Manager of Commercial Lubricants, this recognition is awarded to a select number of ConocoPhillips Lubricants distributors who have guaranteed inventory of the top aviation SKU's and deeper resources to help support the general aviation community.  Pugh Lubricants, a 64-year-old company, is a TOP FLIGHT Phillips 66 brand distributor offering the entire line of Phillips 66 Aviation lubricants to customers in select regions of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.


"We are very proud to have Pugh Lubricants on our team and greatly respect the exceptional work they do for their customers," said Balzhiser.  "TOP FLIGHT Marketer status signals to buyers that they will have access to a broad range of high quality Phillips 66 Aviation lubricants through a preferred source.  Pugh Lubricants has earned this unique status after proving their knowledge of the ConocoPhillips Lubricants aviation offerings and their loyalty to the brand."


The TOP FLIGHT Program, which officially launched in November 2010, was introduced to ConocoPhillips Lubricants Marketers as part of a greater initiative to provide pilots, Fixed Base Operators (FBO's) and aviation mechanics with the best possible experience in acquiring the company's popular line of aviation lubricants, featuring Phillips 66 X/C multigrade aviation piston engine oils-the industry's first-ever aviation multigrade engine oil.


"We are honored to attain TOP FLIGHT status for our dedication to providing superior aviation products along with excellent service," said Ron Pugh, president of Pugh Lubricants.  "Our company has been successfully helping many customers in this industry, but we are excited to put ourselves in a position to help out many more thanks to this new designation that we've achieved."


In addition to carrying inventory of the top Phillips 66Aviation SKUs, ConocoPhillips Lubricants Marketers must also commit to bring in other Phillips 66 Aviation products/packages as requested by consumers in order to be eligible for TOP FLIGHT status consideration.  

Valley Pacific Petroleum Services Brings on NOxBlue DEF

CoreFluids, LLC made an announcement at the World Ag Expo this week that  "Its NOxBLUE diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) will be distributed throughout California's Central Valley and Central Coast by Stockton-based Valley Pacific Petroleum Services, Inc. (VPPS), Chevron's largest distributor in California."


NOxBLUE is CoreFluids' brand of diesel exhaust fluid for use with EPA 2010 compliant diesel engines. Certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API), NOxBLUE is compatible with all types of diesel engines utilizing SCR technology.


The partnership between CoreFluids and Valley Pacific greatly expands NOxBLUE's presence on the West Coast. Additionally, NOxBLUE DEF was named a 2011 World Ag Expo Top Ten New Product.  "With NOxBLUE's recognition as a 2011 World Ag Expo Top Ten New Product, there is no better venue to announce CoreFluids' distribution partnership with Valley Pacific," said Stig Uhlen, vice president of business development at CoreFluids. "Our Company is pleased to work with Valley Pacific to bring the Central Valley and Central Coast high quality NOxBLUE DEF. As both companies are based in the Central Valley, a great synergy exists between our two companies, harnessing NOxBLUE's expertise in distribution and equipment as well as Valley Pacific's large customer base in agricultural and transport markets."


"We selected NOxBLUE DEF from CoreFluids because of their proven expertise with DEF, local ownership, knowledge and experience in the AG industry, local headquarters with their production facility in Hanford, as well as their extensive experience in the fuel and lubricants industries," said Dan Elmer, President at Valley Pacific. "CoreFluids was the clear choice for Valley Pacific due to their rich heritage in the AG and transportation industries and commitment to quality and integrity."

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