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Get more tips and see "Before & After" photos from finished client projects.
  • 2015 November
  • Before & after: Fabulous closet makeover, decking the walls with storage.
    Taming your e-mail.
  • 2015 July
  • Before & after:Fridge/freezer revamp.
    Help for compulsive buying.
    Artisan Custom Closets.
  • 2014 November
  • Before & after:Manly closet makeover.
    Protect your email inbox and get through email faster.
  • 2014 June
  • Weed out the clutter.
    Prepare for Emergencies by scanning vital documents
  • 2014 January
  • Setting up shop: Start the year with a calm, efficient home office.
  • 2013 August/September
  • Before & after: Corporate Storage. Laura revamps company's storage area to find needed space.
    Identify Clutter in Three Easy Steps.
  • 2013 June/July
  • Before & after: New Season of Life Brings Changing Needs. Mother Needs Revitalized Home Office Space.
    Five steps to organizing your digital photo "shoe box".
  • 2013 February
  • Before & after: Preserve and Protect: Photo Storage Makeover. Mother of Four Sons Tackles Four Times the Photos.
    Stop Procrastinating by Breaking Your To-Do List Down.
  • 2012 July
  • Before & after: A closet transformation. Busy mom and lawyer's closet swallowed time and energy.
    Laura's Productivity Tip: Do the Hardest Thing First.
  • 2011 December
  • Thoughtful re-gifting
  • 2011 August/September
  • Before & after: Create a multi-function home office.
    Increase your productivity: Test yourself!
  • 2011 April
  • Before & After: 5 Steps to parking in the garage.
    5 tips to sell a house: De-cluttering is key.
  • 2011 January
  • Tips to help reduce holiday clutter in the New Year.
  • 2010 November
  • Before & After: Catering facility overhaul nets 10 percent labor savings in Operations Dept.
    Stop procrastinating tips.
  • 2010 August/September
  • Before & After: Creating more closet space with a simple and affordable solution.
    Dreaming of an accessories closet?
  • 2010 July
  • Before & after: Streamline files, save time!
    "How long should I keep documents?" - a guide to residential record keeping.
  • 2010 April
  • Before & after: Kitchen pantry re-do saves time and money.
    Getting tax-time papers under control.
  • 2009 November
  • Before & after: Home-based business office makeover and tips.
    Creating a functional home office to love.
  • 2009 August/September
  • Before & after: dramatic basement transformation and tips.
    Organize your car.
  • 2009 June/July
  • Before & after: Save time on e-mail, Office covered in old documents.
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