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Our master closet looks great and so does our daughter's room. The organizing has been very therapeutic. We are all excited about our new spaces. 


- P. H., Homeowner






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June 2014

2014 is flying by. Those New Year's resolutions may be a blur in the rearview mirror, but if eliminating clutter was among the promises to yourself, it's not too late. I've got some tips for you.
       My first article is an excerpt from a blog post that I was honored to write for StyleBlueprint Atlanta, an online publication. But, you can click on it and read the entire post and see the before and after photos.
       Also, a guest expert shares tips for protecting your vital documents in the event of an emergency.
       It's all here in this month's Organize Atlanta newsletter!
Weed Out the Clutter
(from Laura's StyleBlueprint Atlanta Blog Post)


We often spend time in the spring beautifying our yards and pulling up weeds. Now, take the analogy of weeding your garden to clearing your clutter.  

       I'm working right now with an artist who loves to garden. She gave me the phrase "weeding out the clutter." She says organizing and getting rid of the clutter frees her up to be more creative and think more clearly.  

       Unlike garden weeds, clutter "weeds" did not appear overnight. Though I'm not a gardener, I understand weeds are not good and can be distracting and destructive. Just like clutter. But, where to begin?

       I recommend starting your Spring organizing with the spaces you see every morning: the kitchen, pantry, master closet, bathroom and garage. These areas can help set the tone for the day, so make them both beautiful and functional.

       (Read more and see before and after photos at

Laura and fellow organizers
Laura (bottom right) with fellow organizers
Laura's Latest

Aiding a Local Foster
Care Agency 

As President of the Georgia chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers, I was proud to introduce some fellow organizers to the Foster Cares Support Foundation in Roswell, Ga. We spent a half day at the agency helping sort, categorize, and organize clothing and other donated items. Foster Cares gives clothing, infant equipment and toys to Georgia's foster care families for free.
       So far this year I've brought 2 van fulls of items to Foster Cares. It's not hard to do when you have willing clients cleaning out their kid stuff and wanting to send it to a good home!
Prepare for Emergencies by Scanning Vital Documents

by David McDonough, guest writer and owner of Modern Image Scanning 


Many people store their valuable personal papers and photos in places that are exposed to possible damage from fire, water or weather. It doesn't take much to cause an interruption at home or at the office.  

       The Gartner Group reports that 78 percent of businesses who experience a "disaster" will not re-open within 3 years, if they do not have a recovery plan. The amazing part of the survey was that only 5 percent are related to natural disaster. The majority are hardware and software failure (62 percent) and human error (30 percent).         

        Personally, imagine taking your dog on vacation and there is an injury. Most veterinary clinics require immunization records to treat the pet. So you may be facing re-immunizing your pet, in order to receive urgent care. It is important to have vital documents available by scanning them. Below is a list of vital documents to scan and store electronically: 


Business Records

  • Incorporation Documents
  • IRS Documents
  • State and Federal Tax Filings
  • Copyright / Trademark Records
  • Business Insurance Documents
  • Intellectual Property / Non-Compete Agreements
  • Accounting Records
  • Personal Timesheet and Expense Records
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Employee Files (Contracts, Reviews, Benefits, Compensation Agreements, Separation Records)
  • Employee Manuals
  • Bank Records and Cancelled Checks
  • Job Descriptions / Applications
  • Client Files
  • OSHA Files / MSDS Files

Personal Papers

  • Photographs - organized and shared, via cloud storage
  • Social Security Cards / Passports
  • Drivers Licenses / Photo IDs
  • Mortgage Papers / Land Deeds
  • Appraisals / Titles
  • Rental Agreements
  • Life / Health / Auto Insurance Policies and ID Cards
  • Car Titles and Registrations
  • Major Purchase Receipts (along with photos of items)
  • Major Donation Receipts
  • Financial Records (Stocks, Bonds, Investments)
  • Tax Returns
  • Wills, Trusts, Guardianship, Power of Attorney
  • Medical Records (Health History, Immunization Records)
  • Pet / Vet Records
  • School Transcripts
  • Birth / Death Certificates
  • Marriage / Partnership Certificates
  • Employment Contracts
  • Military / Intelligence Clearance Documents
  • Major Life Event Certificates (Baby Naming, Confirmations, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs)
  • Legal Records
  • Loan / Banking Records 

Laura's Organizing Favorites
A great resource for scanning is Modern Image, a local document and photograph scanning company. I know David McDonough, the Atlanta scanning center owner. David says:  "All work is performed locally in our secure scanning facility. We require a background check for all of our employees to ensure confidentiality. We have worked with businesses, lawyers, doctors, schools, churches, non-profits and neighborhood associations."
       David can be reached at 404-835-7239.     
Thank you for taking the time to read this month's issue of Organize Atlanta. I hope you've found some tips and ideas that will help you save time, reduce clutter and simplify your life.
Laura Ray
Laura Ray Organizing, LLC
Helping busy people organize their homes and offices

President, National Association of Professional Organizers -
Georgia Chapter

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